Saturday, December 08, 2007

EC: Only one 'regime' capable of running country

Yesterday a news article in Malaysiakini revealed to us what the IGP, a public servant said of Hindraf.

That policeman had the damn nerve to say “Hindraf had made false, baseless and slanderous allegations that the government had marginalized the Indians”.

Who the hell is an IGP, a mere policeman, to make such a political statement?

Whether the Indian Malaysians have been ‘marginalized’ or not is not for him to pronounce his public servant’s opinion on. He should be concentrating on reducing the frightening crime rates instead of butting his nose into an area not meant for the public service to comment on.

And as a so-called professional who has already been a pathetic failure in his performance as the nation’s No 1 law enforcer, he has further shown his lack of professionalism and judgement in making such an unacceptable political statement.

Then today we have another so-called public servant who has the same shameless brazen thick skin to show his political bias.

Malaysiakini published EC chief: No other regime capable of running the country where it states:

Election Commission (EC) chairperson Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman let slip today his views on which ‘regime’ he regards as being capable of running the country, and said those who disagree with him do not realise the ‘critical’ situation the country is in.

“A lot of people are anxious to determine the type of regime that is going to handle Malaysia in the coming years. They are always talking about regimes. I never talk about regimes. There is only one regime in this country that is capable of running (the country),” he said.

“People get angry with me whenever I say this (but) people don’t seem to understand the critical scenario in the country. What is it that can (take) over from the present one given the political scenario we are in?” he asked.

That’s not your bloody business, Abdul Rashid! If you have any decency and are fearful of answering to God, you should resign from the EC and join your favourite regime as a party faithful instead of sitting in the publicly paid job as a supposedly neutral and independent Election Commissioner, when you're obviously not.

The EC should be immediately sacked by the King on the urging of Parliament for his officially declared political bias. But I guess in making this procedurally correct and justified (but bloody silly) call I am just pissing into the wind.

Then he showed his UMNO bias, not that we weren’t aware of that but his daring was staggeringly breath-taking, in speaking out aloud at a seminar on Malaysian political development organised by the political science department of the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) in Kuala Lumpur today.

He has dropped all pretences at being neutral. Malaysiakini published:

Also present at the opening of the seminar was former agriculture minister and current IIUM president Sanusi Junid, whom Abdul Rashid described as ‘a good friend’ with whom he is on ‘the same wave length’ in terms of what the country needs.

Malaysia would be ‘in trouble’ if he as the EC chairperson were in disagreement with politicians such as Sanusi as to what the country needs and doesn’t need, he said.

“I am an administrator, he is a politician. But there are a lot of times (when) we speak the same ‘language’. We go on the same wavelength as far as the country is concerned, (and on) what the country needs does not need. That one, we have to agree (on),” said Abdul Rashid.

“If we don’t agree, then we are in trouble, because I run the elections,” he added.

“…Malaysia would be ‘in trouble’ if he as the EC chairperson were in disagreement with politicians such as Sanusi [from UMNO] as to what the country needs and doesn’t need ...”

Yes, he has abandoned all efforts to be seen as independent. He has admitted to all and sundry that he must agree with politicians like Sanusi Junid, meaning UMNO.

When I blogged on the recent Australian general election in What is 'Wong' with this country? I remarked the Australian EC is so independent that it could even update the (former) PM’s personal seat of Bennelong until it went from being a blue ribbon seat for John Howard to a marginal one, where he (Howard) was defeated by Labour new-comer Maxime McKew.

I stated that by contrast, in Malaysia it's the other way around where there have been allegations of untoward gerrymandering and an unbelievable phenomenal increase in postal voter numbers in Lim Kit Siang's constituency despite the absence of any police or military camp.

Perhaps like the new transparent ballot boxes, the police and military camps are also 'transparent' - that's why you can't see them.

Yes, here in Malaysia, we have a shameless EC telling a university forum that he must agree with politicians like Sanusi Junid from UMNO.

Thus he confirmed the worst fears of Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang for the latter’s Ipoh Timor seat. Also see my post Clear & Present Danger for Lim Kit Siang.

Malaysiakini continued:
Abdul Rashid also alluded to the power he has in determining who holds the reins of power.

“People say that those who hold that power - to run elections - can always determine who is going to be put into power. Of course, that’s a lie, they’re bluffing. But there is also some truth in it.

“The person who holds that power may be able to do a lot of things that help the country. Whatever we do in the Election Commission, the country’s interests are always above everything,” he said.

Now, frighteningly, he has openly moved beyond his role as the Election Commissioner, one who ensures the election system is run independently without fear or favour, to being a determiner of who should win 'for the country’s interests'.

Undoubtedly the same ‘patriotic’ sentiments as shown by the IGP, certain elements in the Judiciary and the Attorney-General. See my post Defeat the new Triad.

AAB's "pantang dicabar" especially in the face of an unexpected but staggering support for Hindraf's rally has certainly brought out all the 'patriots' from the wood work to be counted. Each day it's less of Islam Hadhari and more of the Bush-like "either you're with me or against me".


  1. K Temoc hats off to you for saying what most of us had in our minds.

    You take the workd out of the silent majority.

    What the F*** are 2 public servants butting the nosing in Government business for

  2. kaytee,

    next on the subservient press. the fourth estate? dead and buried in the latest cemetry in kota damansara.
    beware, kaytee some NGOs may lodge police report against you and lo and behold the police with alrcity will call you for an interview.
    thats the IGP and Badawi for you.

  3. So that's why Bedol is going to all the trouble to amend the constitution just to accommodate the fella....He's worth his weight in gold to Bedol..

  4. There are too many of these arse licking ball carrying senior civil servants in Malaysia, e.g. IGP, EC Chairman, AG, the list goes on and on.
    The non independence of the civil service clearly shows what kind of pseudo-democracy do we have?
    The terms Autocratic Governance , Dictatorial Regime, Orwellian Style Rule, are more appropriate terms to describe the Government of Malaysia.

  5. KTemoc, hasn't it been said by the ancient that when men lose they sense of shame, all depravities become possible? Slowly but surely.


  6. Like Chavez, let`s make Bodowi Pm till 2020 and quit wasting money on elections [sarcasm intended].

    Come to think of it there won`t be any need for the election commission either.

  7. Under MM, a culture of shameless opportunists was created. It continues to be fostered under this "Ketuanan Melayu" using the NEP as a tool. If this is the fundamental policy in Umno, then Umno is a neo colonialist/conservatives party. It serves only to perpetuate a class system using the racial bogey myth. See Philippines and Indonesia where the the ruling class makes policies in the interest of sustaining themselves in power and wealth. This is where Malaysia is heading to - with or without the non Malays. except that here they all wish to go one step further and be all powerful sultans or Czars.

    God help Malaysia.

    Vexed Citizen Kane