Friday, December 07, 2007

Hindraf - Flogging shall continue until morale improves

First the police charged some Hindraf supporters for attempted murder of a cop. Then none other than the Attorney General Abdul Gani himself, so conspicuously absent from the far more drastic Altantuyaa Shariibuu case, fronted up to lead the prosecution against the Indians charged.

Bail was refused for those ‘dangerous’ Indians who are deemed a threat to national security - Abdul Gani had alleged that Hindraf had links with Tamil separatist movement Tamil Tigers from Sri Lanka, which reminded me that one high profile bloke, one of the accused in the Mongolian murder case was allowed bail, at least for a short while. Another murderer sentenced to death was pardoned and even rehabilitated, going in and then out of prison with his Datuikship fully intact.

Now, Malaysiakini informs us that the government is piling further pressure on HIndraf by claiming that the movement was linked with terrorist groups. See the Malaysiakini nes article titled
IGP: Hindraf linked to terrorist groups.

The IGP said that Hindraf organiser of the Nov 25 rally in Kuala Lumpur was trying to solicit help and support from terrorist groups.

Now which is which, the AG said Hindraf had links with Tamil separatist movement Tamil Tigers from Sri Lanka, while the IGP contended that the Hindu protest movement was trying to solicit help and support from terrorist groups?

Hindraf organiser Uthayakumar who vehemently rejected the accusations, said:
“I am not surprised he said that. Yesterday in court, the attorney-general linked us with LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) and today this.”

“Can I say that the IGP and AG are soliciting help and support from al-Qaeda? I am sure I will not be allowed to get away with it, but they will (by making the accusations).”

Of course the authorities in Malaysia can get away with all sorts of rubbish, and worse.

The IGP claimed that the police had been monitoring Hindraf since July 28 and in the course of the investigations discovered that the movement was active in fanning racial sentiments among the Indian community by stirring up their anger and arousing hatred against the government

Well, in Malaysia, almost everyone fans racial hatred. Hasn’t former Malacca CM, Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik just recently done that – see my post
Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik's Ketuanan Melayu via machete - case of 'inexperience'?

So IGP, will you be consistent and take action against Abdul Rahim Tamby Chik who was active in fanning racial sentiments among the Malay community by stirring up their anger and arousing hatred against the Indians
, or will he be exempt from your vigilant grasp because of his inexperience?

The IGP added that Hindraf had made 'false, baseless and slanderous' allegations that the government had marginalised the Indians.

Should a public servant, a police officer, be making such a political statement of opinion?

No, don’t answer that – ‘twas only a rhetorical question because we all know the answer!

Then this beats it all – the IGP alleged that Hindraf masterminded the opposition of a group of Indians against a local authority for demolishing Hindu temples built illegally.

WTF is wrong with that – isn’t that part of our cherished national ideology of demi agama? Or is the ideology only applicable to some?

Again no, don’t answer that – ‘twas only a rhetorical question because we all know the answer!

Malaysiakini reported that,
“according to Musa, Hindraf had defied the law and went ahead to stage the Nov 25 street protests because its real motive was to create chaos in the federal capital. But instead they twisted the incident and accused the police of using force on their supporters. They also cheated the Indians who attended the illegal gathering when they did not hand in the petition to the British High Commission despite having the opportunity to do so."

You know, the government can say anything they like, including the sun rising from the west.

The real story has been that, typically the authorities had initially sneered on Hindraf as nothing more than a pathetic fringe group – the standard arrogant and complacent look-down attitude of “hey, they are nothing more than Indians a la MIC, PPP and those various splinter elements of these parties - hahaha, tong tambi bising sangat lah” – but the authorities were caught with their pants down when amazingly, Hindraf could mobilise 30,000 protestors for their campaign march.

But if you look at the long simmering frustration, anger and hopelessness the Indian Malaysians have been suffering all through the decades, you’d understand why the Hindraf march exceeded all expectations, including those of the government.

Now that they have allowed the Indian genie to emerge from the lantern and demand (not offer) his three wishes, the authorities are determined to force the jinn back into the flask, by crushing any such ‘democratic ideas’, to intimidate in draconian fashion if necessary.

Yes, throw a few of those Tamil buggers into ISA detention, an unaccountable piece of legal instrument that is good in each application for two years, and worse, renewable at the whims and fancies of the authority.

The flogging must continue until morale improves.


  1. mental jog

    it's sad lah to learn of all these flogging. doesn't this further shows that the indians are really being discriminated?

  2. The most inhuman part is that the three accused who are sick are not even spared by the Judge when she ruled the “defence also provided vague descriptions and insufficient evidence of the health conditions’
    AFP reported one of them with a “hole in the heart” was there praying at the temple. Another was ranting “his nephew – not joining Hindraf” was also roped in. In one sweep, the police have caught many innocent ones.
    The IGP also accused Hindraf of cheating the Indians when they “did not hand in the petition” For more details & pictures
    Go H E R Ebr/>- the hysterical scene after the Judge announcement

  3. As a Malaysian of indian descent who single professional who works in the software industry for international software company, the feelling digust and loathing to the current goverment.

    It's double standard is odious.

  4. I didn't agree with HINDRAF of Genocide or ethnic cleansing as per my understanding.

    However, when I see AG appearing for bail hearing etc I am unable to think these are selective prosecution.

    Didn't one or two ploice officer got admitted during baru buruk flag burning rally? But no charges of Attempted murder. Why?

    Can't anyone in government and judiciary and AG see the double practice?

    It is really sad.

  5. This is abuse of power to the max!!! This tactic may work 30 years ago but not now....people's disgust and anger will be further fanned with all these high-handed ways to crush the cries for justice.

  6. bla..bla...bla...bla..bla..
    burrrrrrppppppp...... bad

  7. top cop is to ensure security and if wants to eb a politician, then resign and join UMNO. if security is his KPI, he would have gotten a big "F". isnt it ime to sack him then? no, coz the government needs him for their bidding to oppress and suppress.
    Such allegations about terrorist link to scrae the general public may work in the yester years but we all can see thru your lies. Funny, the machinery is spitting out more lies than before. how does this equate to the spin of this government about a freer and fairer society with more democratic space.

  8. The more Musa opens up his filthy hole to fart, the more he revealed hypocrisy to the highest order...MUSA! ALLAH IS WATCHING! IF YOU WANT TO BE A POLITICIAN, TENDER YOUR RESIGNATION AND ****-OFF! Let more capable minds to lead the highly corrupted force...After all, there isn't going to be any change...You and your entire team will LIVE TO ROT and will be certainly be placed in THE DUSTBIN OF HISTORY...JUST LIKE YOUR POLITICAL MASTERS...SHAME ON YOU! YOU ARE A REAL DISGRACE MUSA!!

  9. Uthayakumar said he would write to Musa demanding evidence of the alleged terror links, or face a RM10 million defamation lawsuit.

    "If I am detained today, our struggle will still go on. It may be at a slower pace but others will take up this cause and continue," Uthayakumar said.

  10. More police intimidation:

    Cops to quiz blogger over Al Jazeera interview
    Andrew Ong | Dec 7, 07 6:39pm
    The police will question popular blogger Jeff Ooi on Monday over comments he made in an interview with satellite TV news channel Al Jazeera on the Nov 10 Bersih rally.