Monday, December 17, 2007

MIC in Ops 'Claw Back'

Malaysiakini reported that some Indian NGOs called upon the government to Form Non-Muslim Affairs Dept.

I disagree on principle (to be discussed at the concluding part of this post - so please read on).

The title 'Indian NGOs' is such a generalized term so let’s see who has come out with this ….. (adjective to be filled in after you've completed reading the post) … idea

The coalition of 13 Indian NGOs suggested the formation of the Department after it
met PM AAB on Friday in a session. Unfortunately but predictably the meeting excluded the main players who raised the H-storm about the continuing marginalisation of Indian Malaysians, as well as the series of brutal destruction of Indian temples that provided an alarming picture of a seeming deliberate, incremental and oppressive erasure of Indian religion-culture (perhaps this was the 'genoicide' that Hindraf meant?).

If not for Hindraf, would this meeting have eventuate? So, Datuk, how BIG are your ears really?

Typical of such people to come into play only after the hard yards had been done at considerable sacrifice by the main players, indeed including the readiness to be detained under the draconian ISA.

I have met a few too many such clever people in my career – Johnnies-and-Ginny’s-come-lately who in the first place would be conspicuously noticeable by their kia chenghu* silence and/or absence, but who would subsequently step into shoes far too large for them after the main battle had terminated.

* scared of the government

Malaysian Indian Youth Council (MIYC) president Rajaretnam seemed to be their spokesman. He explained to the press that the NGOs decided to get together (yea, but only after Hindraf had raised the plight of the Indians in dramatic fashion and at great sacrifice) to formulate a strategic action plan to tackle the problems faced by the Indian community (hahaha, where were these people for the last few decades?). They intend to submit the plan to our dear PM.

Here’s the obligatory and expected ampuan tuan ku – he said the NGOs were grateful that the premier had engaged them in a discussion. Yes, to save the MIC’s hide!

Now, this is the part where the NGOs showed their true colour - Rajaretnam said that the strategic action plan will be submitted to the PM via the official channel, MIC president S Samy Vellu.

He whimpered: "We are willing to receive feedback from all quarters in order to work as a team on this issue. But they must agree to go through the proper channel.”

‘Proper channel’ and ‘MIC president S Samy Vellu’???

Hey, I thought they were NGOs? And since when has there been an 'Indian Department' that constitutes an official channel for Indians to submit their problems to?

And what happens if those Indians refuse to process their 'feedback' through Samy Vellu? Will their 'feedback' then be cast aside?

Maybe this nonsense explains why the Indian Malaysians have been right royally screwed for the last five decades of independence.

But the more important point which these so-called NGOs have missed completely, hardly surprising, is that government ministries and departments, other than those for Islamic matters, should not be religion related, and should serve the general public irrespective of the public member’s religious affiliation.

While the Constitution states that Islam is the official religion of secular Malaysia, it is only appropriate that there should be a department or departments (even ministry) for Islamic affairs.

But that’s that! Why the hell do we need a Non-Muslim Affairs Department that’s more suited to Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Iran?

But of course those NGOs said words to please the Big Ears of our dear pseudo-Sultan and more likely, to salvage the terribly battered image of the MIC which is currently and completely at sea with the unexpected H-force of unhappy Indian Malaysians. The MIC knows it has been blasted by Hindraf into irrelevance - this is its Ops Claw Back.


  1. MIC is currently just a laughing stock among the Indians. This non muslim affairs thing is also a joke.
    If they set it up, then there is no need for that Council for Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and Sikhs. Now that semi value`s fellatio expert S.Vaithilingam who sits on that council has to get a new job.

  2. Btw it seems semi value`s car had stones thrown at his car when he went to Rimba Jaya. Can`t locate the video clip, but it was there.
    When the idiot asked the toyol MB of S`gor to have the temple demolition halted, the toyol told him nothing could be done as there was a court order out. Semi value and MIC have been castrated.

  3. Every time some reference is made to Islam, it is always described as the "official" religion of Malaysia, implying that that is how it is stated in the Malaysian Consitution.

    The relevant article is Article 3, which states that "Islam is the religion of the Federation". Nowhere is the word "official" appended to Islam. I am no expert on constitutional law but I remember reading somewhere that the exclusion of the word "official' was deliberate. Otherwise, there would have been far greater consequences on Malaysians, especially non-Muslims, and we would have been in the same boat as Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, etc.

  4. go thru samy vellu. any toll charges, thambi?

  5. Time for Indian to wake-up. All this organizations claiming representaing the Indians are MIC sponsored front-line idiots. They have no moral standing to claim there are representing the Indians. They are the traitors of this community. Where were they when the temples were destroyed? Where were they when the Indians were crying for assistance? They trying to make name now on the back of HINDRAF. Shameful dogs.

  6. "Form Non-Muslim Affairs Dept" - this betray a despicable mentality... muslim and non-Muslim.
    Why can Malaysain thinks themselves as Malaysia and demands justice that is due to each one as Malaysian.

  7. In the Star:
    PORT DICKSON: Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor said an individual who was among those behind the illegal rally in Kuala Lumpur last month had once applied for British citizenship.

    The damn fool UMNO top brass does not know the difference between seeking amnesty and applying for citizenship.
    Looking forward to a legal suit on this.

  8. ‘Don’t support opposition to voice your grouses’ - Star

    Me: Yeah: Wong Chun Wai the new God saves all.

  9. Btw if this new non muslim affairs thingy is set up in PM`s dept can we look forward to the prophet Bdawi in a dhothi performing prayers in Sanskrit at Thaipusam - Vel, Vel.

  10. The Malaysian Indians will continue to be marginalised, with Semi-Value continuing to act as the primary communications conduit into the government.
    Semi-Value hasn't been castrated - he lost his err...nuts..a long time ago.

    Non-Muslim affairs department is a step into Dhimmi-hood. Instead of being fully fledged citizens with full Constitutional rights of religious freedom, the non-Muslims would be relegated a controlled minority. Remember the Department of Orang Asli affairs ?

  11. Surprise, surprise, see who actually proposed the non-muslim affairs dept in Parliament?