Sunday, October 21, 2007

PPP a Disgrace - Denied Datukship, Denied Dignity

A thousand Phew for Kayveas because, according to Malaysiakini, Mr Slow Motion has finally come out (after an agonising long and humiliating week for Kayveas and the PPP), no, not to rebuke Ali Rustam for his gross discourtesy as the guest of honour at the PPP Malacca annual assembly (how can, UMNO is never wrong), but to say a wee sweet words at the PPP KL party assembly.

AAB stated:
"People don't like to see brothers quarrelling among themselves. They would say the family is not stable. We must always be reasonable and that should be our prime effort. People who fight and oppose us want to see us split.”

My dear PM, the bloke who wanted to see the BN split, by rudely shouting at the PPP to get the hell out of the BN, and mind you, at the PPP Malacca party assembly where he was 'guest of honour', had been none other than the No 1 UMNO man there, Ali Rustam. Ali Rustam's conduct had been against the hallowed institution of Malay traditional charm and courtesy.

Did I say ‘hallowed institution of renown Malay traditional charm and courtesy’?

Yes, I did, which brings to mind a Malay saying “Biar mati anak, jangan mati adat” (Better your children should die than your traditions), indicating uncompromising Malay pride in their traditions, where courtesy has been the hallmark of Malay culture – well, of most Malays because there has been one who had recently displayed his uncouth behaviour, and in that process, disgraced his ethnic culture.

Mind you, instead of rebuking Ali Rustam, AAB instead chided Kayveas for stating (earlier) what has been and still is the truth, that the BN should not descend into a government "of the few, by the few, for the few". Very few people ever agree with Kayveas but in that statement of his, most would unhesitatingly.

Another Kayveas faux pas in the eyes of AAB was his (Kayveas) assertion that the BN was formed after the Perikatan (Alliance, the original coalition of UMNO, MCA and MIC) had failed. That's another Kayveas' truth which would now be given a quiet burial, at least within the BN.

But AAB restored some face to Kayveas when he said: "He (Kayveas) said he has sent the request for more seats to the central committee. I say, since he has sent the request, then we would consider it."

The PPP assembly, in funeral and semi-seppuku mood since Monday after the Ali Rustam unmitigated humiliating insult, grasped at this straw and went so ballistic with their cheering that even Sheik Muszaphar Shukor could hear the cries of sheer delight relief in space.

Of course those PPP people conveniently ignored the fact that AAB merely stated that he would ‘consider’ the request, meaning buggerall in real terms, but when one is drowning, a straw is like Bifröst, the Rainbow Bridge to Asgard.

Now I had often blogged on why Kayveas need to watch who he has been riling - well, virtually everyone in the BN, but most of all Humpty Dumpty and Lim Keng Yaik of Gerakan, the latter because of the stoush over the Taiping parliamentary seat.

Dei Aneh, African saying, ‘don’t rile Mother Crocodile when you haven’t crossed the river yet’ ;-)

Now it seems that Kayveas had riled Ali Rustam before. According to sweetie Joceline Tan of Star Online, in July this year Kayveas attacked Ali Rustam ‘for not appreciating the PPP’s role’ and then, get this,
‘slammed the state government for not giving the state PPP chairman a Datukship.’

Didn’t I just advise Kayveas of the African saying, ‘don’t rile Mother Crocodile when you haven’t crossed the river yet’ ;-)

In a way, Kayveas asked for it, and in another, he was stupid enough to ask Ali Rustam to be the PPP’s guest of honour after teasing the ‘Mother Crocodile’ ;-)

As for the Malacca Datukship, which every Tan, Daud and Jeannie have been receiving, it must be frustratingly galling for the PPP and Kayveas to see its Malacca chairman remaining an ordinary Encik, being deliberately snubbed by Ali Rustam.

Look, in the recent Malacca orgy of Datukship-fest (leaving big timers like Najib & ministerial company aside), the minor politicians who received Datukship (Darjah Mulia Seri Melaka), were blokes like MIC information chief M. Saravanan, Pegoh MCA’s Mong Kwang Liang, Lembah Pantai MCA’s Dr Lim Chee Shin, Bukit Katil MCA division treasurer Ong Teng Chai and Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party advisory bureau chairman Wong Ching Weoh.

Yes, even a Sarawak party’s advisory bureau chairman received one that the PPP has been craving for its Malacca Chairman, and still can go on craving.

Hasn’t the PPP’s omission from the easiest to obtain Datukship in Malaysia been a dire warning of worse to come – and indeed it came with Ali Rustam's rude, crude and brutal FO to the PPP.


  1. PPP has been a disgrace for a long time, something the Kavi goat does not understand, or to put it mildly, he behaves as if everybody owes him a living, and possibly BN may even lose the election without PPP or without him. He is an insignificant person, and that goes for his party as well. The earlier he realizes it, the better for him and it would make him sleep well. Alternatively, he can fight and be washed out without a trace. He is having too many enemies in BN. Sami is waiting to clobber him without mercy. PPP was relevant earlier but no more now.

    What dignity he has got, ahem, has he, is best left as it is without further damage. Reminds me of a joke read long ago, of an old prostitute, having lost her youth, figure etc fighting with the younger ones for her share totally ignorant she had it once but now no more. Come Kavi give it a thought!

    When has AAB ever chastised any of the UMNO guys – even the ex railway gateman of Klang with his mansion could ignore his boss. And here you have Rustam a heavyweight, AAB wants him. Yes, AAB will read the report of Kavi after the elections.

    It is a good thing they cheered. As I see it, it is a time of mourning and it is better they mourn now then to wait for a reply which will not be there even after the cows come home.

    So Mr Kavi you decide.

  2. KT and Dave,
    Well said both of you. As a politician Kavi has failed miserably. He played his card wrongly and his offensive stance has earned the wrath of many people supposedly to be on his side to the chagrin of his own boss the sleepy PM.
    What is there for his members under the present situation? Nothing.

  3. Some people want to be sailors but just never learn how to read the way the wind is blowing.

  4. whatever, this kavi fella will just have to stomach the hammering. else, there goes his ministerial position. to echo Tun Hamid, " who is going to compensate me if I....". the rest is history.

  5. Hi, Kt, I think the party should be dissolved, in order not to disgrace the late DR Seenivasagam who was a great politician.

    Pls read my post : peoples' interest more important than seats at

  6. Dato Kayveas, what are you waiting for? The humiliation you and your party suffered so long has to stop NOW. Get out of BN and lend a hand to the opposition. Give Malaysians a stronger reason to vote the other way. Your party, and your fight is truly for ALL MALAYSIANS. Don't give up and don't give in. PPP can be better off without BN. Leave the Titanic now!!