Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Leave Lee Lam Thye alone

I wasn’t surprised by the Malaysiakini news informing us that PKR protestors confronted the three-member independent panel set up to verify the authenticity of the VK Lingam video clip.

PKR members are well known for such hi-drama protests since 1998 when then they took to the streets of KL and terrified the nation.

They were led by PKR supreme council member Latheefa Koya.

Latheefa also criticised the appointments of Haidar and Lee Lam Thye. But what annoyed me has been her condemnation of Lee, when she said that it was ironic to have Lee in the investigative panel, considering more than 10 deaths involving national service trainees have yet to be investigated. Lee is of course chairperson of the NS Training Council.

A Malaysiakini reader Yin Ee Kiong also wrote a letter to let us know that Lee Lam Thye is not the
social activist that some has termed him. Yin said that since Lee left politics he has been more a businessman and an establishment figure than someone who will agitate for social change to benefit the masses.

Yin declared: “Except for the short time when he was in opposition politics; when has Lee made any statement contrary to or critical of government policies without first taking the wind directions?”

Citizens are of many ilk – some are establishment people, while some are anti establishment or, in more polite description, opposition personalities. Some are warriors while some are primary school teachers; some are firebrands when some are only quiet but steady plodders. There are all kinds.

Who is of more use to a nation?

I dare say all are of equal use and importance to a country.

Lim Kit Siang is no doubt a firebrand and a confronter. But Lee Lam Thye, even in his heydays as he is now, works quietly and achieves silent but meaningful results for his clients – when he was a DAP politician he was deemed the most successful DAP politician who obtained for the members of his constituency, hawkers and the ordinary KL people, what they wanted, needed and desired.

There was neither high level nor high sounding policy, ideology, philosophy or bull. His forte was looking after his supporters' bread and butter issues, and getting City Hall off the backs of the people, etc. He worked in harmonious relationship with the bureaucracy as he knew that was the only way he could get things done for the benefit of his constituency. And the bureacracy appreciated him.

Then, he was politically invincible, even more popular and respected than the legendary Bao Gong.

But now the man has retired and taken to business – many in the know claimed he left the DAP because he couldn’t get along with Lim Kit Siang.

Be that as it may, the point has been he chose to leave politics. Yet, many resented him for doing so, accusing him as Yin has done, that Lee hasn’t made any statement contrary to or critical of government policies without first taking the wind directions.

Must he?

Has that been his style even when he was at his pinnacle?

F-think carefully before making such an unfair and unworthy comment/criticism, without knowing his history nor understanding Lee's personal style of interaction!

Lee Lam Thye had contributed more to opposition politics than people like PKR’s Latheefa or Yin could dream of ever achieving, even if both of them combine their meagre efforts.

One single hair on Lee's leg speaks of more achievement done for the people, especially those of KL, than Latheefa’s whole crown on her unthinking head. She could merely dream of emulating Lee, and even then, most unsuccessfully.

Leave this man alone – he has done his part, and what a part, so let him enjoy his retirement. If he doesn’t grandstand like a de facto leader, it’s because that’s his way, that of a quiet achiever and certainly none of a noisy boastful but utterly useless and empty non-achiever.


  1. "Leave this man alone – he has done his part, and what a part, so let him enjoy his retirement."

    You speak with hypocrisy.

    There're bigger issues at stake now than just bread and butter issues.

    If he wants to be left alone, it's very easy, he only needs to back out from the panel.

    Since he allowed himself to be on the panel, he should expect to be scrutinised to the fullest.

    This is what democracy is all about. Can't take the heat ? Get out of the kitchen, or in this case, the panel.

  2. Lee Lam Par is the biggest hipocrite and sell-out in this country, his years at opposition is mere fascade for him to jump on the Barisan Najis bandwagon. He even gets a chunk of the 3rd TV which we all know is AMNO's reward for him to shame his former party members.

    You are right in my context, he should be left ALONE and not bother to be a PUBLICITY stunt doll for AMNO's useless 'independent' committee.

  3. wow... i like yr post. first time here. and i agree with u totally. LLT has done his bit for the community. at least he did do something, more than can be said about those who condemns and do nothing.

  4. Really, I like him when he was in late 70s and early 80s but not today.... he is nolonger a human being but a lackey of FG.

    A man with principle will not work for MUDERER !

    You're right..............leave him alone in this part of the world !

  5. Lee Lam Thye is a spineless turncoat who goes with the flow. His past actions have clearly shown he is a "yes-man" and "brown nose" and he is certainly not independent nor trustworthy.The panel is just flannel.
    This is a complete farce.

  6. KT,
    Lee Lam Thye did good work when he was MP for Bukit Bintang. If he had simply retired from politics to pursue his own interests, he would have been well respected. But that is not what happened.

    The ruling regime has need to maintain a stable of "fellow travellers" who are superficially independent of the government or the ruling party, but in reality can be relied upon to speak and act in support of the regime's interest.

    In return for their loyal service, these fellow travellers receive all kinds of manna from heaven.

    That is what Lee Lam Thye has become. And, no, we are not going to leave him alone for doing that.

  7. KT Mok,
    For someone whose blogging has been outstanding and objective, you have suddenly developed a blind spot. If LLT chose to retire and seriously "enjoy his retirement", many of us would have moved on without commenting on his past. But he chose to "descend into the arena",so to speak.And into such an important and controversial issue. Definitely the backgrounds of all the panel members will be put under intense light and scrutiny.His "enjoying his retirement"( the findings and report) will have far-reaching implications on Malaysians, both in the near and far future.Leave him alone? No! He should leave the issue alone. And leave it to a Royal Commission...

  8. i am not concerned with whether LLT is a turncoat or whatever.
    It is his agreeing to be a panel member of the Najib's panel which disturbs me.
    The LLT of BB would not agree to being a member.
    i would like to remember LLT when he was back then.

  9. Everyman has a price so does LLT.

  10. Maybe this can show something of him.

  11. dave, let's forget that Kim Quek is a PKR man, hardly an impartial writer, and we know that PKR has specially targeted Najib, so LLT is just collateral damage - more of that tomorrow ;-)

  12. missing word above - should be "let's NOT forget ..."

  13. He was famous walking around in his consti'cy all the time with a typewriter. Any problem like drain clogged ar..hawker kena scammed ar..big big small small stuffs, he settled it for you there and then.

    How many MPs are like that nowadays?

  14. I was disturbed & disconcerted the first time you posted on LLT last month.

    Now, since you're resurrecting the topic & I'm reading again to reassess, I find that you've been made personal, unwarranted remarks about Latheefa Koya (unless you know something we don't).

    As far as I'm aware, she's a human rights lawyer. I'm not personally acquainted with Latheefa but I can only surmise that she is driven by compassion and a sense of justice to pursue the course that she has done.

    As such, i would say kudos to her for her work in the area of human rights.

  15. quote "... personal, unwarranted remarks about Latheefa Koya ..." unquote

    Please show me in my posting where I made those personal unwarranted remarks against her. Thanks