Tuesday, October 30, 2007

GANG WAR? - but within Police Force

Bloody frightening news by Malaysiakini.

A gang war exists. My only (atheist’s) prayer is that no innocent bystander gets hurt – no, we sure as hell don’t want those Yankee-style nonsensical excuse of ‘collateral damage’.

In an article title
Commercial crime chief: I’m RM27 mil man, Malaysiakini tells us Ramli Yusuff, the director of the Police Commercial Crime Investigation Department (CCID) has been the police officer investigated for amassing RM27 million in undeclared assets.

And Ramli Yusuff himself admitted it.

But the tale he provided reveals that the central figure of a very dodgy gang war has been an alleged underworld kingpin named Goh Cheng Poh @ Tengku.

No, the gang war is not between groups of civilian samsengs. It’s between factions in the Police Force.

According to Ramli, he was ordered to declare his assets after Johari Baharum, the Deputy Internal Security Minister, ordered him to arrest and detain Goh.

Ramli said the ACA and Criminal Investigation Department (CID) - a separate section in the police force - subsequently investigated and cleared Goh. According to Ramli, their investigation
“... certainly did not include the subject matter of CCID’s investigations into Goh’s affairs as directed by the deputy internal security minister.”

So, having been cleared by the CID, Tengku Goh or Goh Tengku applied to the High Court to set aside Johari’s banishment order to send him to Budu-land.

Ramli described as an
“unprecedented stance” -
in other words, he was shocked, gobsmacked, stunned etc – when the Internal Security Ministry’s (note, not Deputy Internal Security Ministry’s) legal advisor - who is an officer of our world’s famous Attorney-General’s Chambers - declined to help the CCID to fight the case.

Malaysiakini continued the story as:

Instead, the legal advisor had ordered Ramli and his officers to prepare by themselves affidavits of the events surrounding their preparation of investigative papers on Goh.

“I was under advice at the time that the AG was under a duty to advise and assist us in the preparation of the said affidavits under Article 145 of the Federal Constitution and the Government Proceedings Act, 1956," he said.

Instead, Ramli said he had to seek legal advice from a private law firm to draft the affidavits.

A case of the Police Force or AG’s office abandoning a police officer on a matter related to police duty. A case of the Police tables being turned on the CCID. Who has been the innocent or the guilty?

Maybe the IGP and AG Abdul Gani Patail can tell us more?

According to Ramli , the ACA then got nasty. It started to investigate his department’s officers for allegedly abusing their powers. Ramli also revealed that the ACA arrested Rosli Dahlan, the lawyer who had helped the CCID to prepare its affidavits. Rosli was subsequently charged in court for failure to declare his assets after he was ordered to do so by ACA.

Ramli lamented
“Within the week, several officers of the CCID were arrested and charged in court for allegedly falsifying evidence concerning the banishment of Goh.”

Then the crunch came – Ramli revealed the most frightening aspect of the sordid internal war within the Interrnal Security Ministry/Police Force.

He said the identities of police informants were obtained in a manner that ignored arrangements to protect those informers. The method used deliberately ignored or circumvent the Inspector General's Standing Orders. He said this blatant disregard of security measures to protect the ID of informers has brought about a clear and present danger to the intelligence gathering ability of the police force and its ability to protect its informants.

Kaytee can only concludes that Ramli has revealed all this in a press conference to go on the offensive against the other ‘gang’ - who knows, perhaps under instruction from his 'boss'.

Now in August I posted
What's AAB up to, extending Musa Hassan's service?

I then wrote:

Since Musa Hassan assumed the position of IGP, the crime rate hasn’t improved. In fact it has become worse. On performance alone, I wonder why the PM/Internal Security Minister has seen fit to extend Musa’s service?

Secondly, it’s known that he can’t get along with Johari Baharum, the Deputy Minister of Internal Security, an unworkable situation in Internal Security, where Malaysiakini has reported the Royal Malaysian Police (RMP) is now divided, with
loyalties of police officers spilt between Johari Baharum and Musa Hassan.

Surely that’s not an acceptable working situation. PM AAB must get rid of one of them to ensure there is unity of command in the RMP. And the PM must also explain why he has not foreseen this impossibly monumental problem.

We cannot afford this gang war within the Internal Security Ministry-Police Force, no, not at a time when the crime rate has soared to a historical high and the security situation is considered to be disgracefully in the pits.

But the man responsible for allowing this to continue is the Minister of Internal Security, none other than the PM, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

We're a 'clean' nation
Corruption allegations - AG more like Defence Attorney?


  1. It is a question of perception, not reality. Besides I am a dreamer. Come. Dream with me, not for me and all worries will disppear

  2. Is this not terrible? The Police, guardian angels of our society, fighting amongst them, for money. What a horrible thing to happen? Is this an omen that Malaysia after 50 years of independence, is sinking into an abyss of self destruction, from which it can never recover. I don't know.

    Who is to be blamed for this sorry state of affairs? The people, the leaders, world trends or Malaysians as a whole casting aside race and religion – whether the public or the leaders. The leaders promise the people this and that, we believe, and when the help of the people is not wanted, leaders go on to fill their pockets without any thought for the future of the country.

    I can go on theorizing on what is wrong with this country, but nothing will change.

    The oft repeated saying that the rot starts with the head can never be wrong. Badawi was never born to be a leader and this has been proven again and again. There were better people than him to hold the reigns after Mahathir. But Mahathir, in his shrewdness wanted a yes man in his place, as the ex PM was not finished with plundering Malaysia with his cronies and friends. He still wanted his say and he thought Badawi, the religious chap, the conventional chap, the chap who never rose high in the in the ranks of Ministers, sometimes in the wrong group, was the right choice. How miserably Mahathir failed. The Islamic scholar, once in power, proved absolute power corrupts, and went on and is still on the rampage to bring this country to nought.

    The Police, the judiciary, corruption everywhere, who cares, I want to make more money, becomes his motto and Badawi is the worst enemy of the country. If he had been the PM like any other leader would Malaysia be faced with calamities we read and see everyday. Badawi, sorry to say, has not performed. There is some problem with the royalty, I read somewhere. Expect more calamities now.

  3. PDRM = Pathetic Dishonourable Revolting Malevolent

    Not to mention corrupted and therefore inefficient.

    Banish corruption from the top to the bottom and Malaysia will shine and everyone will prosper.

    Remember this?
    Jonathan Swift's prose dated 1733, "Great fleas have little fleas upon their backs to bite 'em, And little fleas have lesser fleas, and so ad infinitum."
    Jonathan Swift (1667-1745

  4. the war was revealed by RPK months back and the truth is beginning to unravel.
    war over an alleged kingpin who has a chequerd history. you wonder why some parties are so keen to the extent of roping in the ACA and AG office to do the bidding. goodness gracious after the sordid judiciary meddling affair, the AG and ACA office are now even entangled in this deceit web of corruption?
    having said that, there's a usual malaysian ending. the CCID chief will go for his umrah and retire happily thereafter with the AG announcing that he is cleared. junior CCID officers will be charged while the Goh fella will be free.
    The horse trading has begun. Some fellas will get mightily rich from this.
    Seen too many movies, no?