Thursday, October 04, 2007

How do you like your shin shot?

From al Jazeera:

Israeli security forces have opened fire on a crowd of Palestinians waiting for 29 prisoners freed by Israel to cross into the Gaza Strip. Shots were fired into the air when the crowd surged forward to greet the men at the Erez crossing "and when they didn't stop, they fired at their legs," an Israeli military spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Two people, including a Reuters news agency photographer, were reportedly wounded.

Hmmm, couldn't those soldiers have given way instead to the happy and excited crowd who wanted to greet their relatives and colleagues? Oh, wtf, they're just damn Arabs anyway.

40 years ago, in a Cologne court verdict and written judgement regarding the case of "The People vs.Kurt Wiese and Heinz Errelis", two local Gestapo, the following was recorded:

Two of the women had small children: one carried a child in her arms, the other was leading a little girl of four or five years by the hand. The Gestapo members fired salvos with their submachine guns back and forth in a sweeping motion, shooting at the legs of the victims and slowly raising their guns.

Damn bloody 'Gestapo' sure like to fire at victims' legs, and time hasn't affected their sadistic inclination!


  1. If two people were injured, nobody killed, I would say quite a certain level of restraint was exercised by the Israeli soldiers.

    In the Gestapo trial you quoted, at least 18-20 were killed, including witness accounts of injured survivors of the first round being deliberately shot a second time to make sure of their death.

    The situation in the Gaza Strip is ugly, but its trivializing the crimes of the Gestapo to compare the two situations.

  2. The typical apologist response: nothing is as bad as those Nazi's....

    Shot in the leg is shot in the leg - whether people died or not is irrelevant.

    More and more the Israeli actions resemble Germany in the 1930/40's. Liebensraum, ethnic ghettos/prisons, collective punishment, ... the list goes on.

  3. The 'shot in the shin' article only described one of the atrocities committed by the Israeli's soldier against the Palestinian. The response from Kittycat46 trivialized their gross cruelty.

    While the counter attack on public places and civil population by some Palestinian group is despicable, the genocide, massacre, detention and oppression committed by the Israeli soldiers are worst.

  4. Try pretending you are an israeli soldier for once.

    With the paranoia of a possible suicide bomber in every palestinian staring you in the face, what would you do in the face of a surging crowd of palestinian?

    Its ridiculous to demonise a "country" that is virtually living in fear of being erased from the Middleeast.

    Its a natural respond to survival. Try cornering a lion and see what happened!