Sunday, March 04, 2007

SIL's moderate Islam

Here’s a ‘breathtaking’ article in the NST by its favourite pinup idol, the world’s most famous SIL.

As I had discussed the term 'moderate Islam' in
Unforgiven, daringly if I may say against the wishes of Dr Mahathir ;-), SIL has now extolled FIL’s moderate Islam Hadhari. His exact words in the article’s opening paragraph said:

“Thank heavens for moderation. Just when it appeared as though the prime minister’s progressive Islam Hadhari philosophy was once again being hijacked by over-enthusiastic elements, good sense prevailed.”

He was talking about the Terengganu’s snoop squad, the notorious Mat Skoding, those officially authorised
bounty hunters for gatal females. Yes, the state-sanctioned sinister snooping scheme was thrown out of the window.

As an aside, I recall reading something on Malaysia-Today blog that SIL isn’t exactly the favourite buddy of the Terengganu MB, so it’s little wonder SIL is twisting the verbal stiletto in. And of course, we mustn’t forget that the title of Mat this-and-that (eg. Mat Cemerlang) is bloody copyright reserve, intellectual property of Malaysia’s only ‘intellectual’.

He also lambasted the idiotic Langkawi khalwat raid that sent the anxiety (or ‘fear’) meter of an elderly American couple through the roof. Does wonders for VMY 2007 and sent the Tourism Minister cuckoo!

To be fair to SIL on the issue of Mat Skoding, I did also support AAB’s ‘good sense’ in FINALLY (OK, mob1900 mate, note capitalised ‘FINALLY - I read your ire at the inelegant heel-dragging) putting a stop to lusty lascivious leering lewd lecherous puerile pervert prurient predatory prying eyes in my posting
KTemoc apologises to AAB. I had criticised AAB prior to him FINALLY waking up to some decent action.

But read on, ‘cause when I mentioned ‘lusty lascivious leering lewd lecherous puerile pervert prurient predatory prying eyes’, SIL brought out a number of points, one of which was:
“… by encouraging snoop squads, we are inadvertently creating a group of quasi-voyeurs who become obsessed with uncovering sexual trysts while hiding behind a cloak of moral purity.”

Why euphemised the characteristics of sinister state sanctioned peeping toms as of ‘quasi’ status? They are bloody … er … lusty lascivious leering lewd lecherous puerile pervert prurient predatory prying pundee!

He continued:
“It seems we can’t get enough of moral policing, and more specifically invading and violating people’s privacy, in order to exterminate social ills and make this a better Islamic country.”

Say we leave aside the ‘specific’ issue of the (hopefully) moribund* snoop squad, and talk about something more contemporary, for example, the Rosnah Mat (oops, 'Mat' copyright reserve 'kan?) Aris case?

* moribund and not dead yet because we know it can be revived at moment's notice

Well, his article didn’t contain any reference to Rosnah but he did warn about zealots (Yusuf Goat-balls?) misusing FIL’s Islam Hadhari to set moral standards for political reasons. He wrote in his favourite newspaper:

“The prime minister has himself warned against those who use Islam Hadhari as a ‘blank cheque’ to promote their orthodox and conservative views.”

“It is, therefore, so crucial that when we are confronted with small instances of these ‘blank cheques’ being filled in by those who believe that either this is the right thing to do (when it isn’t) or that this will win votes in the Malay heartland (when it doesn’t), there must be courage to take these issues on before people really think that Islam Hadhari is a throwback to literal puritanism.”

Now, I understand why my blogging mate Howsy gave a puke warning for those intending to read SIL’s article.

Here’s a bloke who won’t apologise for badmouthing the Chinese Malaysian community, and who resorted to FIL’s (or rather, UMNO’s) ‘blank cheque’ of agama and bangsa (don’t worry about the unimportant negara), and he’s in thick skin mode, sermonising so in his article.

Read my earlier post on SIL’s racist comments against the Chinese Malaysians:

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Yes, Howsy mate, it’s truly pukish, which was why I had described his article as ‘breathtaking’ – one would be stunned by his sheer hypocrisy that one might not remember to even breath.

But I am a bloke who sees a glass of water as half full rather half empty. Can SIL with his 4th Floor influence get Rosnah Mat (oopsy again, but can’t help it lah when that’s her name) Aris off the hook. Surely, moderate Islam Hadhari has more than enough compassion to accomodate a human error of judgement.

Go on, SIL, be a boy scout for a day and do your good heroic deed instead of pontificating prattlingly on poppycock pharisaist pseudo-poo.


  1. I wonder if he got his arm bandage (as in the Condy protest) from his short stint in the Taliban Afghan. ;)

  2. I noticed that you haven't been saying much on the FTA. SIL has done it. I now pass the baton to you. :P