Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lucia Lai & the P-7

My good blogging mate, Lucia Lai, is a strong civic activist who has, as I have mentioned before, impressed me with her contribution in Penang in the aftermath of the Boxing Day tsunami disaster.

But this time she has been a victim of hopeless bureacracy and government non-action. Yes, she has been a long suffering bus commuter on an Island where once the Green, Blue, Yellow and Beige ran smoothly. For explanation of Penang’s once technicoloured bus services (not the non-service it is today), read Raja Bodek of Manchuko takes bus ride.

I have posted The Cry of Lucia Lai over at BolehTalk, where she expressed her frustration of the current bus non-service and hope the announced RapidKL service may solve her commuting woes.

But she also expressed her indignation that the P-7, no, not Italy’s secret society, but the current bus non-service will be allowed to continue their predatory penurious piracy.

I also highlighted a Ong Boon Keong's succinct explanation why we should not allow Raja Bodek to wash his hands a la Pontious Pilate off the sorry state of Penang Pirates affair.


  1. Gerakan ( and MCA, MIC, PPP etc)will never leave the BN coalition-- for the simple reason that it is survivng by cowering under the table, waiting for the crumbs to fall from the umno gang feasting at the table. Should Gerakan leave the BN, there will be no more crumbs since it would not be allowed to cower beneath the table.

  2. whoaa! thanks for dedicating a whole post about me... here and bolehtalk. this is what i commented at bolehtalk:

    thanks for devoting a whole post about me. and my letter published in full too... what more can a girl asked? :)

    anyway the unedited letter of mine is here:

    the star reported had called me and i think this letter of mine might be out in the star too.