Tuesday, March 06, 2007

AAB lacks political gonads?

Over at BolehTalk I posted AAB ignores concept of 'Standing Aside'.

It’s an indictment of either AAB’s ignorance or deliberate ignoring of public service propriety, where he, the PM, allows, even condones his minister and his Head of the Anti-Corruption Agency to continue in their respective positions, even after each has been accused of alleged corruption.

No one is asking for those two to be sacked or to resign. But until they are cleared of the accusations, they may not continue in their appointments. They must STAND ASIDE.

AAB is an utter disgrace as a PM. Why does he condone those two? He gives the impression of a weak PM where he seems scared of them, just as he had demonstrated in the case of Cyclops in Monkey House.


  1. What about Rafidah? Pak Lah is afraid of her too. Malaysians have short memories, eh.

    Yeah, I bet she is working self-lessly hard to rejuvenate Malaysian industries as is her duty, that's why you never hear about her in the papers any more. *cough* Oh wait.. this is Malaysia. So is she busy giving away APs to nieces and nephews?

    Samy should take her lead, just keep quiet instead making himself seem less and less credible (if that is even possible).

  2. Obviously this country doesn't practise good ethics.