Monday, March 19, 2007

Najib Razak Strikes Back!

My blogging mate wakski69 said that we bloggers shouldn't blog or spread rumours. I agree, but I believe we are entitled to comment on those who did, have done or do.

Thus in my Saturday’s posting Primary Target - Najib Razak! I commented on what another blogger has posted. After reading his postings, past and recent, in conjunction with malaysiakini reported news, I opined that a certain political camp has been sole targeting DPM Najib Razak.

I did wonder why it has been targeting the No 2 man when it would be more logical and easy to target No 1, who represents, both symbolically as well as the responsibility for, the bad policies and dodgy governance of his government.

Selecting No 2 as not only the primary but the sole target for attacks, coupled with comforting ameliorating words for No 1, smells of a subtle sweetheart strategy, as if it was offering Mr Zig Zag’s head as a kind of bunga emas*.

* a tribute to a superior or as a sign of dependence/subordination

You work out what the desired outcome of that strategy is, but there have been rumours that a cosy deal exists between two supposedly enemy camps to rid Mr Zig Zag to make way for ‘someone’, who will subsequently make way for another ‘someone’.

Yes, it has more spin than a gasing Kelantan (Kelantan top) because I suspect that the 'overture' has been what it is, an 'overture' – but no, in this ‘story’ poor PAS is not involved (nor its offer of the Kota Baru parliamentary federal seat to Mr Reformasi taken up).

And the questions the blogger's posting evokes are far more numerous than what a little boy used to ask of me (that I blogged in Was Lilith a Virgin? - unrelated to this posting)

But the Empire DPM strikes back! Najib Razak slashed down (with a laser wrist sabre) those rumours of differences between him and PM AAB - remember the story that AAB told Daim he preferred UMNO VP Muhyiddin Yassin as the DPM?

It’s all just bull, according to Najib - of course he didn’t actually utter that ‘B’ word; it’s just KT blogger’s licence.

Najib asserted he enjoys a close and strong relationship with AAB in steering the country’s development. He urged us: “Don’t listen to the stories in the Internet ... they are all a myth.”

‘Myth’? Given the circumstance, I would have recommended a far more appropriate word like ‘bull’, or at the very least, ‘spin’ - hmmm, I wonder what would be the Malay word for that (‘spin’ I mean) – putar keliru raykat, or rakyat (di)putar (sehingga) keliru?

Najib also released a few hi-energy bolts from his Star Wars’ E-11 blaster rifle at ‘certain groups’ who held ceramah (political talks) in Pekan to discredit him.

Coincidentally (by a probability factor of 1 to several billions), according to malaysiakini, Anwar Ibrahim visited Pekan on 09 March and spoke for an hour at a ceramah.

malaysiakini revealed that in Anwar’s speech, he made reference to Najib when he spoke about several issues including the Altantuya Shariibuu murder trial and the alleged swindling of funds in defence procurement. Amazingly (again, by a probability factor of one-quadrillionth to several quattuordecillion), the murder trial has been what RPK’s article discussed.

Then, even stranger than the (Jewish) biblical tale of Lilith, another coincidence of coincidences (this one has a probability factor of one-septillionth to several trecentrillions), the Pekan seat so happens to be the one held by Najib, who had a frightening experience in the 1999 general election.

OK, will he be facing a possible Rumsfeld-ish 'shock & awe' Baghdad-ish attack this time?

It's the war of Malaysian political 'stars', of movers, shakers and wannabes.

You know how the Star Wars movie series go – at a frantic frenzied furious pace, especially when the Death Star of a general election is fast approaching, and time, tide and voting wait for no man. Another five years of waiting, withering and wilting in the wings as a nobody would mean a demoralising, debilitating, and disastrous (political) death.

George Lucas re-numbered his first movie in the Star Wars series as No 4 after his second trilogy so that that the complete series could be chronologically numbered. He retitled that original (but now No 4) movie as ‘Star Wars – A New Hope’.

Maybe I should have titled my previous posting Primary Target - Najib Razak! as the Malaysian political ‘Star Wars – a New Hope’ (for a ‘someone’)?

… which then makes this one ‘Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back’.

And stand by for the next episode, ‘Star Wars – Return of the Maha... Jedi’.

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  1. If you observe media appearances, Najib seems more assertive and vocal than AAB.

    I think Jeff Ooi posted a telling picture of the 2 of them together during a speech last year. Najib was standing like a stern father or a Mafia enforcer next to AAB, ready to pounce if AAB said the wrong things.