Friday, March 02, 2007

Selling off Johor?

Mr ‘Pivotal Race’ (P-Race) had during the Great Deluge of his State accused the Kiasu government of being responsible for the disaster.

Mr ‘P-Race’ had claimed poor Kota Tinggi was hit not just by heavy rainfall but by the ‘release’ of large quantities of water from a ‘catchment area’ in the surrounding reserve forest. He said that the disposition of the ‘catchment area’ turned Kota Tinggi into a ‘flood trap’ which explains why the whole town was submerged.

Apparently, according to new pivotal information, we have sold off a humongous chunk of real estate to the foreign country, namely the Linggiu reservoir, comprising an area that’s one-third the size of a certain Island, and. located 40 km north of Kota Tinggi.

Could there be another ‘catchment area’ besides Linggiu reservoir? If not, then it’s ... er ...'conclusive', according to the worldviews of someone.

Local activist Zaaba Abdul Samad revealed that Linggiu Reservoi r is completely under the control of a foreign country He also claimed that this 'secret reservoir' played a vital pivotal role in the floods which devastated Kota Tinggi.

Zaaba asked: “In the first place, the location of the reservoir itself is wrong. It poses a danger for the towns and villages along the foot of the area. What I want to know is why the Johor government agreed to build this reservoir here?”

malaysiakini saw some locals fishing in the area, who said that security was tight at the reservoir. They added that the security personnel and people working in the reservoir complex are not locals, but from a certain country.

We learnt that some RM320 million changed hands.

malaysiakini probed around and found that last year, questions were raised at the state assembly meeting about the matter but in Boleh manner, no satisfactory answers were given by the state government. Apparently the towkay had asked for more time to answer questions as he needed information from the relevant state agencies. The towkay’s office made no comment to malaysiakini on the matter.

What else have we sold off?


  1. Hi KT,
    The Linggiu reservoir project is not a secret at all, just that our MSM choses to keep quiet about it for obvious Johor political sensitivities.
    The Singapore PUB website had detailed information on the project while under construction, and last time I looked, it's openly listed as a major source of water for Singapore. Malaysia is still obligated by treaty to supply water to Singapore until 2061. And most likely we will renew the water supply treaty, just that we want to extract more concessions from Singapore.

    All the PUB facilities in Johor are operated by Singaporeans and have tight security by their own security team, of course. Singapore doesn't own the land outright, they were given a lease on the land to operate water catchment and water treatment facilities.

    RM 320 Million for the land is very cheap for the size of that reservoir (IT IS HUGE)

  2. Ah Mr. Pivotal Race is my Horny Ottoman. He's Raja Bodek of the South.Sini cakap anti-Kiasu but receives huge(as huge as the reservoir) kickbacks to give green light for anything Kiasu-land requested.