Monday, March 05, 2007

Brutusaharom received SMS: "PM & DPM doing immoral things?"

OK, we have all (I hope all readers do read the papers) heard of allegations pertaining to a minister who allegedly released three criminals held under the Emergency Ordinance (EO) for humongous ang pows, running into millions of ringgit.

The police are investigating, the DPM and PM (in that order) have both made motherhood statements about corruption, crime and the law … yawnnn.

The concerned minister’s first counter-attack was against the police. He accused the police of not following standard operating procedures when carrying out investigations on EO cases. Those mata-mata had failed to investigate the cases properly. Thus, there was lack of evidence to detain the prisoners, forcing the dear law-abiding democratic-loving minister to release the detainees.

This means that he acknowledges releasing some prisoners held under the EO, but of course it was the police shonky procedures that had 'compelled' him to do so. Indeed he went as far as to aver that the police of late have been found not to be following the 'standard operating procedure' in carrying out investigations on EO cases.

But Federal CID director Christopher Wan Soo Kee riposted:
“What weaknesses do we have? If there is anything (weaknesses), the (internal security) ministry will get back to us [...] We (the police) are under the ministry, so if there is anything, we shall wait for the ministry to inform us.”

1st round: minister – 0 : police - 1

Ho hum, all that’s pretty lame stuff …….. but but BUT

… this was what malaysiakini reported that minister being toasted as saying:

... that he too received numerous SMS containing allegations and defamatory claims against other leaders - including the prime minister and deputy premier - of doing ‘immoral things’ .....

What! ... noooOOOOO! It can’t be …

I wonder …….. nah, KTemoc is being silly imaging that he’s … nah … it can’t be … er ... he wouldn’t dare … nah … they are No 1 and 2 … er … would he? Nah, he’s very loyal …

Don’t worry about the above short snippet of no major consequence from malaysiakini – I am sure it’s all rumours – why don’t you read some of my old postings of loyalty etc instead:

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  1. Another big shot being accused of bribery... Time for ACA to do their job. Oups...their own director is under investigation now...

  2. It's like karma only funnier. :)

  3. If he really received such SMS's on the PM & DPM shouldn't he follow the advice they all give to us :
    "Don't believe the rumours MAKE A POLICE REPORT"