Sunday, March 25, 2007

SIL - world's greatest but 'moderate' strategist

In the Machap by-election, the BN (UMNO) has sent in its most powerful and worst-kept secret weapon, the amazing SIL, the world's greatest strategist!

Dear SIL predicted that the evil DAP would be exploiting the Kayveas-Lim KY quarrel to drum up support during the campaign in the by-election.

I suppose the naughty DAP would be saying something along this line: "See what is happening to the once powerful and respected PPP. Once the BN has no further use for those PPP members, it will cast them out to the streets."

And SIL said this would be so for the DAP to hide its own weaknesses. In other words, wash the dirty linen of others to mask one’s own smelly sweaty dirty rotten clothing.

Well, I suppose I have to believe SIL because he’s an expert on this tactic. If we recall, when he was confronted with an unbelievable RM9.2 million loan (for a young 31-year old with no whatsoever collateral required of him) in a dodgy merger involving his FIL’s ministry, he accused the Chinese Malaysian community of attempting to exploit the spat between Dr MM and FIL.

The old Sun Wu strategy of "When you've sh*t in the East, fart towards the West."

Then he said: “We all know that the DAP will contest in Machap, but PKR has announced it will pave the way for DAP to field a candidate in this by-election on condition the PKR is allowed to contest in Machap the next time around.”

“This showed there is no understanding and cooperation among opposition parties while we [have] in the BN although there are some bickering, they’re resolved amicably.”

I wonder whether he was talking about Taiping? But he’s right in a way, about the BN, because after UMNO threatened the other component parties with keris and a “we’re UMNO, we don’t apologise when we fight for agama & bangsa", all problems were immediately solved, full stop.

Remember the scandal of school officials misappropriating maintenance funds, where the MCA deputy minister whistleblower (but not the UMNO minister responsible for the schools) was chastised by the cabinet for revealing the corruption, whilst Datuk UMNO Education Mnister received an apology from the MCA bloke’s boss (minister)?

And talking about apology, did SIL ever apologise to the Chinese community for his insulting words? Of course not, not when agama & bangsa were involved!

Commenting on UMNO Youth’s preparations for the Machap polls, SIL pronounced that several areas in the constituency had already been identified for campaigning. He promised: “We will campaign ‘moderately’ because we want to ensure that this win would be with a bigger majority than before.”

“… campaign moderately …”?

I suppose he’s making some sacrifices, like just waving one keris instead of two.

Hmmm, I wonder whether the shock troops on bikes would be there. Probably they won’t wear their leather jackets but batik shirts instead.


  1. KJ will likely mostly campaign in kampung areas to ensure Malays continue to support. DAP may not be very welcome in the Felda areas. Keadilan probably can help out here if the two can cooperate.

    This is an unusual constituency - a rural area but with Chinese majority population. "Ketuanan Melayu", Calls for 70% Bumiputra equity, krisses will all be kept safely in the closet until after the by-election.

  2. Every cloud has a silver lining-- if BN loses even by a whisker in Machap, Tan Sri KJ will meet his waterloo. And this does not mean just going to the loo and throw water.(buang air)

  3. That Fler always says everyone is 'exploiting' everybody-lah, infact he's the main culprit.

    Rich kid -->Oxfart-->TV poster boy----> SIL of the most sleepy person in Bolehland who're mistaken for a leader.

    So who's Mr. Exploit again?