Wednesday, November 22, 2006

PPP = Pathetic Pitiful Party

In September I blogged on PPP - end of the road.

The sad and inevitable ending for the once-mighty PPP has been due to a combination of the loss (death) of its fantastic dynamic Dr Seenivasegam and the antics of his present day successor, the walking joker called M Kayveas.

Firstly, the PPP has proven that (what I wrote)
"in each pre-election, the PPP stood out like a sore thumb for Badawi and previously, Mahathir, when it came to the difficult task of distributing the seats among the major players. They must have found that trying to factor in the PPP was an annoying nuisance. The last election saw Kayveas throwing a tantrum when he was thrown an iffy constituency."

Secondly, Kayveas has offended virtually every non-UMNO BN leader in Peninsula Malaysia In my posting
King Sabo I did warn (Kayveas) that “he’s a bit unwise asking for them [including Gerakan's president] to be sacked [from the cabinet] because his Taiping seat is very much dependent on Gerakan’s goodwill and support."

I also commented that
“… the PPP not adding any value to the BN, with Kayveas unwanted on both sides of the political fence. So I suppose AAB no longer has much use for him or the PPP. I wouldn't be surprised if AAB cuts him loose or ignores him in the next pre-selection, and WTF can the PPP do? The once-powerful PPP is not even a pale shadow of its old self; nowadays it’s just a sore pimple on the BN’s backside.”

Then Kayveas made the silly mistake of declaring he would stand as an independent if the Gerakan demands back the Taiping seat. I wrote on that, saying
“if Kayveas so much as carries out his threat to stand as an independent in Taiping, he’s toast. But then, the poor bloke is virtually dead meat anyway.”

Well, poor Kayveas has seen the writing on the wall and yesterday
proposed that the PPP merge with Gerakan so that the two multiracial parties can speak out in one voice for all Malaysians.

He made the surprise (and desperate) announcement during his speech at the opening of the state PPP convention in, significantly, Penang, and not Ipoh where the heart of the PPP is supposed to be.

He even invited Penang Chief Minister Gerakan Koh Tsu Koon to open the PPP convention.

He made a (plaintive?) appeal to Koh (because Lim Keng Yaik has no time for the clown):
“I’m open to this idea and we can start talking about it after April next year.” (when Dr Koh takes over as party president from Datuk Seri Dr Lim Keng Yaik).

Then he dropped his true motive for the proposed merger with a loud clanging noise.

“But, don’t kacau (disturb) my parliamentary seat in Taiping.”

Dr Koh, who is a master of sweet words and nifty dribbling (among other 'qualifications'), did some tap dancing (to evade Kayveas' appeal), saying he took the suggestion well and added the two parties should co-operate more closely first.

He meandered away from a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ response by stating the obvious: “There will be of course problems like who will be the president of the merged identity.”

And he didn’t give poor Kayveas any relief by adding ominously:
“As for the Taiping parliamentary seat, the two parties can share it.”

With those words from the president-designate of a bigger party like Gerakan, the PPP can ta ta its Taiping seat. Kayveas has made a fool of himself and his party by springing that surprise on Koh and his own members, with no dignified gain. A clown to the end!

After the opening ceremony, Kayveas ate lots of humble pie and said rather pitifully he was not eyeing any posts if the two parties merged:
“I can hold the position of deputy president or vice-president or even take charge of Perak."

“…deputy president or vice-president or even take charge of Perak.”

Isn't it pathetic that the PRESIDENT of a BN component party had to beg to be just the head of a state branch of his proposed Gerakan-PPP merger?

But still, all I can say to Kayveas is 'dream on', because Perak is Lim Keng Yaik’s (Gerakan’s) backyard. The reality is Gerakan, like AAB, sees no use for the PPP. If the PPP members want to transfer across to become Gerakan members, that’s OK, but as I said in September the PPP is finished.

Kayveas knows that and is only fighting for nothing more than his own self.

But Gerakan Wanita chief Tan Lian Hoe, Bukit Gantang MP, obviously less ‘diplomatic’ than Koh TK, said Kayveas should watch his words, as his idea may not be well received by members of both parties.

Indeed, I bet PPP members must have been squirming when they were caught with surprise by Kayveas proposed merger and the subsequent flickoff by Gerakan.

Tan said Kayveas had been making a number of statements lately which were not favourable to the spirit of Barisan. She told him “Please stop talking and instead focus on your work as the MP for Taiping.”

She has basically told Kayveas to PPP (P*ssoff, Pordah, Pund …).

But leaving the clown aside, it’s kind of sad that the party of the late Dr Seenivasegam, a man once crowned as King of Ipoh, is coming to the end of its road.

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  1. are you so sure that Kayveas is so desperate to even remain in politics anymore,he often get frustrated with the whole system all together,the bloke without letting his members down, could be also looking for a simpler way to step down and out,if he does not become full minister after slogging for PPP and surporting BN a man can get pretty tired of the rat race. Whrere every thing is sensitive,big boss and old boss at logger heads, the walk the talk part doesnt really tally up with anyone,unless its bashing others at no ones cost, but self interest not public interest. Men can not be men and speak out to eachother and then work it out after,women are no longer less arrogant surrounding power they are no different. Some of the argument in the cabinet come across utterly childish and wastefull, like what a ministers wife should wear, what men should wear, who can argue infront of a AAB?? IS IT FOR REAL OR SHOULD WE ALL JUST WEAR RUBBER GLOVES when we adress see or come out with statements. Kayveas has a temper he should slow down,but the man opens his mouth and not always with pure rubbish,he is one of the few who also opens his mouth without fear or favour .WHich political party at the moment is perfect for us to choose?