Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Johor UMNO: 'Bangsa Malaysia unacceptable!'

Here’s the reason why Malaysia will never have a national identity, that of the sanctioned Bangsa Malaysia, a common 'Malaysian race', as a national unifying identity, like say, Australians, Singaporeans, French, Thai, Indonesians or Americans. The principal objective of Bangsa Malaysia is thus to unify the various ethnic groups of Malaysia through a common identity, enhancing the 'us' and eliminating the 'them'.

One of the leaders of the ruling coalition party had rejected it as a threat to his cherished Ketuanan Melayu, or Malay supremacy (or dominance). He sees the vital importance of continuing Malay political dominance.

Johor UMNO chief Abdul Ghani Othman criticised the Bangsa Malaysia concept as totally unacceptable because it meant a rojak (mishmash) of races in the country.
I would have thought that was/is the whole idea of Bangsa Malaysia, to evolve a unified nationality. Besides, we Malaysians know that rojak tastes a whole lot better than its individual constituent components.

We may take it that he wants the races in Malaysia to continue to be different and separated, just the way he prefers them to be. In his value system, races in Malaysia should continue to be ethnic identified, so that the Malays could maintain its ethnic identity intact and unsullied, with all the attendant political and economic benefits.

In fact, he confirmed this by saying the proposed unified national identity of Bangsa Malaysia would represent a threat to the Malays and the special position provided for them in the Constitution.

He warned ominously that the Bangsa Malaysia concept, if subjected to abuse can threaten national stability, but he failed to define what his term ‘abuse’ means.

Ghani would only grudgingly allow use of the Bangsa Malaysia term provided it is only applied in the context of the Malays as the pivotal race of the peoples of Malaysia – essentially upholding the non-negotiability of Ketuanan Melayu which in turn signals the Aryan-like concept of Malay supremacy.

However his values aren’t new nor unique to Malaysia. Previous and various UMNO leaders seeking rapid ascendancy up the party hierarchy, mainly for their own interest, party popularity as an ethnic hero and consequently political promotion, would resort to the age-old tactics of playing up on Agama, Bangsa dan Negara (religion, race and nation or Malay nation) – young Khairy Jamaluddin did it recently.

In fact, when he was blasted by the other component parties of the Barisan Nasional, particularly the Gerakan for his racist proclivity, he quickly put on the tangkal (amulet) of Agama, Bangsa dan Negara, when we noted that he re-defined his anti Bangsa Malaysia statement as: "That is why Johor Umno raises the Malay special rights, status of Islam and bahasa issues which are all enshrined clearly in the Constitution."

Ah, seizing on the three UMNO convenient taboos as his sacred amulet should ward off any critics – see if they dare!!!

The Ketuanan this-and-that, that is, of racial supremacy, had been played in various fashion and interpretation throughout the dark history of mankind, starting from the biblical Hebrews or Israelites who considered themselves as The Chosen People, superior to others. The English and White Anglo-Saxon Americans had also see themselves as some form of inheritors of the Israelite legacy of being The Chosen People at various stages in their history.

The Israelites were totally intolerant of other races and would perpetrate genocide on alien races without any blink of their eyes. Ironically, those Israelites, because of their intolerance, cruel nature, religious fanaticism, arrogance and racism, were in turn annihilated repetitively at various periods in their history by their enemies – firstly, by the Babylonians, then the Romans and recently (in a historical perspective) by the Nazis.

Most of those Aryan-concept adherents have a couple of similarities – (1) racial intolerance and wilful avarice to dominate and suppress others, and (2) the inevitable/eventual act of disappearing from the face of the earth as an identity – Judeans, Nazis, etc.

It’s not a good path to take. Abdul Ghani Othman should think carefully of what he is saying.


  1. This is a preview of what the next GE will be like. It will be the most divisive one in history.

    To me the more curious thing is what the opposition will do. Its a good opportunity but the opposition may not have their act together again. DAP is the real legitimate opposition leader but have no chance of bringing together the opposition. Keadilan is wished by many to be the leader but do not have the credibility or even the leadership skills to do it. PAS is hopeless of course and main stumbling block to a unified opposition.

    The opposition have a chance to make great inroads but the first thing needed is a Keadlian-DAP working relationship. Does Anwar have more than just pretentious intelligence to see the possibilities? I am doubtful.

  2. To Abdul Ghani Othman. Stop eating Rojak. It's bad for you.

  3. Najib reply today that Bangsa Malaysia is a 'mind-set' to me is highly scary. While its likely he is thinking of making a spin to decrease the controversy, he is nevertheless partially endorsing Ghani's view.

    Its clear that UMNO top leadership is castrated when it comes to the likes of their ultras. KJ did not apoligize for his 'Chinese will demand more' remark, Zakaria Deros does not need to be prosecuted, and now this rojak Ghani.

  4. I find his comments on "rojak of races" rather insulting to nonya/baba people, and to eurasians.

  5. In Malaysia, Malays, Chinese, Indians etc are going in different directions. How to have one bangsa? Having different religoins, worshiping different gods, going to different types of schools, eat different type of foods (food that offends the other race) etc. When someone suggest the middle line, No!! all want want to preserve their own identities! Step into any race's practice and a big hoo haa will come up. What is the Malaysian race identity?

    Suggest going to a single type of school, bigots raise up to protect the current system of vernacular schools. School are where we sow seeds of racial harmony and unity to our kids. Can't tackle the schools problem? habis!

    Sigapore doesn't have vernacular schools, and they are doing fine, just like proponents of Malaysian race want. Coming back to Malaysia, ooo! "Vernacular schools must not be touched as it preserves the cultural identity of our race".

    You cannot compare Malaysia to Thailand or Indonesia. In these countries the different races are forced to assimilate. They have to take new names (Thai name or Indonesian name). In the US, France or any European country, almost everyone practice the same religion and the same culture, the kids go to the same type of schools, kid tought the same values..

    I want to ask those who want the Malaysian Race, do they want to give up the vernacular schools? If they don't, then dream on. The Malaysian Race is a state of mind only, a fantasy..angan-angan.

  6. If you go to Thailand you are a Thai so long as you speak the language and have a Thai name. Even a Muslim can command their armed forces. If you are in Singapore the Chinese majority government in Singapore does not force the non-Chinese to study Mandarin. In the US and Europe all public schools follow a non-religious administrative style eventhough Christians form the overwhelming majority in these parts of the world.
    However, in Malaysian public schools are administrated along Islamic lines such as in the food controversy. If the Malays are sensitive to certain foods what about other religions.
    Ah, this is where the Ketuanan Melayu bullshit comes in. All acts of discrimination against non-Muslims/Malays are justified on the grounds that the Muslim religion is somehow 'above' other religions. Since the Malays are legally defined as Muslims in Malaysia the Malay race is by extension of this logic also above the other races.

    This kind of discrimination is also used as a tool by Israel against the Palestinians and Arabs. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    Finally, comes the Bumiputra bullshit. Bumiputraism just like Zionism is legal fiction to justify the economic exploitation of other races. The Jews are the Tok Guru of the Malays in the art of racial supremacy. The Indonesians used to kick the Chinese around in Indonesia using the same tactics employed by the Malays in Malaysia. The Chinese taught them a lesson by pulling most of their capital out of Indonesia and the poor Indon bastards had to pay for it. The Indons have now learned to treat the Chinese with some respect such as allowing the Chinese to retain their Chinese name.

    If the Malays who controls the reins of power insist on discriminating against the non-Muslims/Malays in this country the non-Malays will always insist on their vernacular schools. The power to change the situation rest with the Malays but the non-Malays know the Malays will never do so. The attitude of the Malays towards non-Malays are just like the Jews in Israel who hires Palestinians to work in their orchards but deny the latter their basic rights. The non-Malays know who the Jews are in Malaysia.

  7. They have to answer to GOD. You are good and strong, no need special treatments, protection. We are watching from all over the world.

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