Saturday, November 04, 2006

Khir Toyo's No to Demolishing Zakaria Deros' Palace

The Selangor State Menteri Besar (MB) has virtually said he WON’T demolish Zakaria Deros’ illegally constructed Istana Idaman. Eat your poverty-stricken hearts out, you peasant squatters!

And here’s his amazing reason for his new-found ‘compassion’.

Dr Mohamad Khir Toyo said that while there had been many calls for Zakaria's mansion to be demolished, he was worried about the flow-on implications of demolishing Zakaria’s house, as many structures in the state might also have to be brought down.

He gave examples of many Indian and Chinese temples, and political parties premises that were built without such approvals, naming the PAS headquarters in Taman Melawar was one of them. He also said he has given his own councillors including Mazlynoor Abdul Latiff (probably the real area of Toyo's concerns) two months to ensure their unauthorised residences or buildings are legally approved before he would crack the demolition whip.

I won't be surprised if further 'extensions' to the 2 months may be approved, but only for the councillors of course). Afterall, this is Malaysia Boleh, and Selangor is Boleh-est!

When pressed if Zakaria's palace (still under construction) would be torn down, Dr Mohamad Khir did the nifty joget when he said: "The law allows us to do that, but will the people of Selangor accept it if I do the same to all the other buildings (that also don't have similar approvals). It will lead to nowhere."

What (new found) compassion! But WTF! Didn’t his administration demolish Hindu temples and squatter houses so mercilessly before the Zakaria Deros’ scandal?

He continued shamelessly: "As long as these do not threaten public safety and as a people-friendly government, we will not take any action that is drastic, because then we will be labelled a cruel government."

"It's not that we do not want to take action, I don't want us to be accused of being inconsiderate. As such, I hope the people will understand the situation."

Meaning, Zakaria Deros’ mansion WON’T be demolished, but in fact swiftly approved, as it would with the 2 months allocated! But once Zakaria and the other councillors have sorted out their paperwork, his 'compassion' and 'fairplay' will automatically disappear.

As we all know, there’s a different set of law for UMNO bigwigs and the normal one for others.


  1. I don't see the Toyol being as compassionate when they demolish temples and other ppl's homes. Infact he thumb his nose when ppl ask where are his 'humanity' and 'saneness'.

    The Toyol is an abomination of Cronyism and plain Thuggery. This is definately the Glokal they've been dreaming of.

  2. 1000's of houses,shops & factories in PJ,Sunang Jaya,Ampang,Ceras etc... pun bikin itu extension without plan & permit.

    So Toyo got a pont there KT!!!

  3. And who brought in the Toyol and put him on the pedestal? Isn't it the dearly beloved Tun Doktor?