Saturday, November 04, 2006

Kedah UMNO's Invincible Treachery - Cause?

A couple of visitors, including my blogging buddy walski69, reckoned my analysis of AAB’s position in UMNO had been wrong - what I posited in Dr Mahathir 1 - AAB 0.

Anon reckoned AAB’s intra-party position has been strengthed. He (or she) wrote: Its clear now that the UMNO machinery is wholly behind AAB ….. AAB may be losing support from the public but within UMNO, he is gaining ground and that is what matters most.”

I must admit I do not enjoy the advantage of ‘little birds’ that I envy Jeff Ooi for having, so I won’t argue against Anon’s opinion other than to say, I read ‘between the lines’ of the various media outlets, pro-government and independent, and those tell me that's the way the coin has dropped in UMNO.

I would have to confess I've been idle and seldom read Rocket or Harakat, and only do so when I want to specifically delve into a subject, but only because they would be predictably anti-BN, but that’s not to say they are or have been wrong.

I read the mainstream (pro or owned by BN) newspapers because I want to detect what’s brewing within the coalition – sometimes when they ‘test the public or party waters’ one gets a sense of what’s happening. Mind you, I very much prefer to have ‘little birds’ inside every party.

In my previous posting Dr Mahathir 1 - AAB 0, I suggested that:

AAB also consoled the main instigator for Dr Mahathir’s removal, the Kedah UMNO, saying the council had 'taken note' of Kedah UMNO's 'request'.

The Kedah Mentri Besar, Mahdzir Khalid, had been the main driver of the push to remove Dr Mahathir from those advisory roles, on the surface, as a punishment for launching attacks against AAB after the two leaders had met recently, but in truth, to show that UMNO Kedahans (particularly himself) are ‘loyal’ to AAB, just as they HAD been to Dr Mahathir!

Look, what the MB had proposed was nothing compared to its Youth wing. The Kedah UMNO Youth had even proposed that Dr Mahathir's Umno membership be suspended.

I have been thinking of another possibility why the Kedah mob turned against their famous ‘son’, and in such a dramatic 180-degrees fashion.

Coincidentally, Anon (a new one or the original of the posting?) posted: As for Pak Lah, he gets to concentrate on his job as Prime Minister, and of course be seen by UMNO members as being benevolent to Dr. M, and gets hammered on a daily basis by Ktemoc and RPK in the process. Oh well, I did say it was a win-win situation!”

“… hammered on a daily basis by Ktemoc and RPK …”?

Well, firstly I consider it as a backhanded compliment that Anon even placed me (in an indirect sort of manner) alongside the famous RPK, though I wouldn’t dream of myself as a peer to RPK or Jeff Ooi.

Secondly, ;-) I am still tickled pink over the ‘hammered on a daily basis’ record. But in the spirit of being a ‘hammer’ or ‘hammerer’, returning to my earlier thoughts, I wonder whether the Kedahans’ unusual act of invincible treachery and unmitigated disloyalty was in fact choreographed by Central HQ?

Perhaps somewhere in the inner halls of power, someone could have remarked:
“Better get his own State to hammer* him. It’ll appear more convincing to the general membership that that bloody ole fool is completely out of whack!”

* excuse my borrowing Anon’s rather neat little word ;-)

What about that? Afterall, haven’t I blogged on The real Abdullah Ahmad Badawi before?

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  1. The way UMNO operates is reminiscent of the Communist Party of China. So I am not surprised by Ktemoc's statement that,

    " I wonder whether the Kedahans’ unusual act of invincible treachery and unmitigated disloyalty was in fact choreographed by Central HQ?"