Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Johor UMNO's Neo-Judaistic 'Super-Race'

Yesterday I posted Johor UMNO: 'Bangsa Malaysia unacceptable!' where I expressed concerns over Abdul Ghani Othman’s (Johor UMNO chief) use of racist terms favoured by Nazis and Israelis as in their superior Aryan-race-ideology and Chosen People - same thing!.

Abdul Ghani had rejected the unifying Bangsa Malaysia concept and would only accept it if it is acknowledged that the Malays must be the ‘pivotal race'.

The term ‘pivotal race’ is a threatening insult and an obscenity to non-Malay Malaysians. It is another version of The Chosen People, a racist term we should leave to the Jews.

I wasn't alone in my observation of Abdul Ghani's neo-Judaistic inclination, because Malaysiakini has just reported the outraged response of a BN minister, as follows:

Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Bernard Dompok today expressed his concerns over the rejection of the Bangsa Malaysia concept by the Johor Menteri Besar.

“In crafting Vision 2020, serious considerations have been given to the roles for all the races in this country,” said Dompok, who is also Sabah's Upko president, in a statement.

Dompok added that he was also alarmed by the emergence of a new terminology - 'a pivotal race' - arising from Abdul Ghani Othman’s policy speech at the Johor Umno convention on Sunday.

“For a 'super' race to emerge at this stage is an affront to the integrity of the Barisan Nasional as a party and government,” said Dompok.

The Sabah politician said that the unity among the races in the country has been long touted as one of the cornerstones of achieving Vision 2020.

“If accepted this present proposal is tantamount to scraping of one of the nine strategic challenges of Vision 2020. Thus by definition itself, Vision 2020 can never be achieved.”


  1. You sure seem to bang the Jews a lot. Any particular reason?

  2. Not so much the Jews per se (I actualy have Jewish friends) but the Israelis and Zionists, who have been oppressive of the Palestinies. I can't accept bullying, especially when the Israelis and Zionists unconscionably and unscrupulously exploit the tragedy of their unfortunate predeccesors, the victims of the Holocaust, to persecute Palestinians in the way their predeccesors were by the Nazis - read The Holocaust Industry!

    It's the ultimate insult and dishonour to the victims of the Holocaust, when their 'children' turned into nasty neo-Nazis.

  3. well, i don't mind them being the pivotal race, i would gladly call anybody tuan, if they can lead the country forward, bring progress, make advancement in science and technology, discover new knowledge, until then.. they're really nobody..but a jaguh kampung who blows hot air..

  4. They shoot and blow up Palestinians, and pretty much anyone who gets in their way of that small strip of land they call Israel today. But you know, Jews have had it hard for so long, that I think that the foremost of them said, "Every where we go, we're persecuted and killed all the time, so fuck this. Let's just kill everyone who gets in our way from now on." At least, that's what I would think they're feeling right now. They've been given so much trouble from Babylon to Rome to the Crusades to the Holocaust to even from 1948 onwards. It seems that no one would leave them in peace, even if it means having their own country. Though I wouldn't agree with their methods, then again, I wouldn't exactly say the same of their neighbours, who have been anything but reasonable. How can one's people be reasonable, when you'd have to face up to suicide bombings, gun battles and et cetera on a daily basis, actions of which are supported by nations who feel that the only course of action would be to wipe the poor bastards off the face of the earth.

    In this, I sympathize with them. It's a cycle, really. They've never gotten a real reprieve throughout history, so why should their enemies?

  5. The Malays are even bigger racial bigots than the Jews. Not only are they the 'chosen people/pivotal race' they also have the gall to justify the exploitation of other races with their NEP/Bumiputra bullshit.

    Since Malays must also be Muslims,
    people like Ghani are also giving the religion which they supposedly cherish a bad name.

    The Jews should learn from the Malays how to create legal fictions to justify their f***ing racial/religious supremacist ideology

    I hope the Malays now understand why many non-Muslims see the US and Israeli killings of Muslims as not only jutifiable but also neccessary. Neccessary because of people like Ghani and his comrade in arms Osama.