Sunday, November 12, 2006

He's sexist, we're sexy!

In Australia recently, the Mufti, Sheik al-Hilaly, had provoked an outpouring of outrage over his alleged remarks that scantily dressed women invited rape for they were like uncovered meat before a prowling cat. The furore over the Sheik’s advice to Lebanese Muslim women was claimed to have been taken out of context, but it certainly was deliberately aggravated/instigated by unscrupulous polls-driven grubby politicians.

Now in Malaysia we have our own version of Sheik Taj el-Din al-Hilaly in the person of Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan, the president of the Penang Municipal Council. This time there's no alleged statement or claims of been quoted out of context.

What had happened was that New Straits Times journalist, sweet 23-year old Melissa Darlyne Chow lodged a police report yesterday, after a fellow reporter spotted the image of a woman’s thighs (Melissa's thighs) on the CCTV monitor in the control room of the municipal council and alerted other journalists. They complained to council secretary Ooi Chin Loo about the guard's unauthorised use of public security apparatus to indulge in intrusive voyeurism.

Abu Bakar Hassan shocked everyone (perhaps except himself) by
blaming the woman reporter rather than the City Hall security officer’s misconduct, where the scoundrel misused the CCTV to zoom in on and ogle at Melissa's thighs instead of maintaining the security watch – a double misdemeanour of improper voyeurism and negligence in his duties.

Abu Bakar in his misogynist statement averred that if Melissa's dress was not sexy, the incident would not have happened. Can you beat such a stupid idiotic moronic statement? I have to repeat the bodoh word thrice because he certainly deserves it. Yes, his was an example of Malaysia Bodoh!

Abu Bakar voiced his unhappiness over the sexy attire worn by some women reporters during council meetings. Melissa Chow said she was surprised by Abu Bakar’s sexist statement.

“He's implying that I was not properly attired and that I deserved the unwanted attention.”

Well, f**k him, Melissa, he is just a ‘lame’ frustrated old man. He may be sexist but we are sexy. Unlike him we love what you wore and don’t you dare stop wearing them. You certainly do not deserve unwanted attention, but let me say you deserve due and admirable attention.


  1. I just posted about this issue too. I so wanna wring his neck! There is not a single remorse over that sort of misbehaviour by his staff and he somemore dare to point fingers pulak. What kind of leader is this?

  2. This post is nothing without pictures.


  3. Overheard in Penang Municipal Council...

    "Meow! Meeeow! Meooow!" - Datuk Abu Bakar Hassan

    Translation : "Yo, homies. Dig this. Fresh Ho...and uncovered! Let's dig in, yo!"

  4. This only some sort of "Cause and Effect". The statement stress that this incident should not happen if she dress decently(???). I believe it just a preventive opinion to avoid this kind of incident again. Of course punitive action along not resolve any issue as it will happen again. He react accordingly about the "cause". also he need to punish his guard as well.

  5. Fuck that mother fucker ! He is a fucking pervert !!!!!

  6. If the guards dont have short-skirted ladies to oogle at through the CCTV, they might just bring in their own film to watch instead of the security of the building.


  7. I just blogged this also in my blog Qualified as Municipal Council President?

    Malaysia is 6 hours ahead me; therefore, a bit late for me to read this news.

    This is an insultation to women. If he is in the country which practice gender equality; he needs to apology in public no matter he is joking or not.

    He said Penang Municipal Council may apply suits guidelines for those attend the council meeting especially female in future. Are Malaysians really not CIVILIZED enough to wear their own suits?

  8. Oh well, some stupid idiot as council president. Stupid gd mf

  9. That's why our Ex-PM said some melayu must change their thinking. He was referring to Datuk Abu Bakar. How to maju if people like him is in authority.

  10. I hope this abu bakar bugger did not wank after reading this post sexy title !

  11. You were right to bring up the comparison with the Australian Mufti's recent remarks.

    Everytime these men open their mouth, they thought they were doing Muslim men a great service but in fact they only show their own dark side.

    As someone has commented elsewhere, if women are 'meat', then all (Muslim) men are ANIMALS. People like Abu Bakar and the Australia Mufti are only slapping their own faces, while dragging the entire Muslim male population down with them.


  12. I had posted about this issue.
    We should stick a signboard outside his office:

  13. what was melissa (or any other such girl for that matter) thinking when she bought the "sexy" dress she was wearing ? That she did not want anyone to see her thighs ? then she shd have bought a cheongsam (without slits). Having bought the short skirt, and sitting in front row with her thighs showing, she is now complaining that this lucky guy at the CCTV controls tried to take a closer look at her thighs. Many men would have liked to be at the controls that day. Dont get me wrong. But men will be boys, and all this poor chap did was look.

  14. He's more than a "‘lame’ frustrated old man", he's an islamist and there's less frivolity and much more serious religiousity with its sinister agenda involved.

    It'll be hard for him to backpeddle and apologise - hence the spin diversion towards the dress code refocus. Watch how certain MSM on his side has aided this.

    He has incensed plenty of ppl although their expression may not necessarily reflect the intensity of that angst. There lots of such assholes in other high places as well.


  15. Really, what was Melissa Darlyne Chow thinking when she wore the skirt, and sat in front row exposing her thighs ? If she did not want anyone to see them, why expose them ? Or did she seriously expect those men catching sight of her thighs to turn away ? And did she expect this poor guy who had the controls of the CCTV zoom button to zoom to the Council Presidnets face , when there were more interesting things to look at (just for 15 minutes la, to break the monotony of the work)? Girls want to look attractive, and dress with much skin exposed, but why do they want to do that ? And always they get worked up when people point this out. And one favorite response is that even small kids, grannys or people in purdah get raped or molested by the perverts. Sometimes i think this is due to a "surrogate" effect ie, after seeing all the provocative dressing, the "pervert" is all fired up, and goes for the next available victim, who could be a child or granny or purdah clad woman. So to me this argument doesnt hold water. Stop provoking the potential "perverts". Cover up.

  16. Lastest Anon, you're really something, trying to blame Melissa or women who dressed in manners perfectly normal but which may not be acceptable to conservative Muslims.

    So, in your worldview, chldren, grannies and women all clad up were raped because they became victims of perverts looking for 'surrogate targets'.

    But your argument serves to illustrate how it is possible to spin anything, though you gave it away by admitting that there are "potential perverts". Now, any theory on how Melissa and her sisters in society had affected normal men in ways which turned them into "potential perverts"?

    Anon on 13 Nov, if you read my posting, you'd find that the Aussie Mufti was "alleged" to have said ... blah blah blah.

    I also mentioned that the PM and his deputy dug their teeth deep into the Mufti for political benefits.

    In fact, the Mufti came back publicly to challenge the government to appoint two High Court judges and two translaters to examine his speech in Lakemba mosque to verify those allegations, which if proven true, the Mufti vowed to resign from his post, tape his mouth shut for 6 months and perform 600 hours of social work for any agency related to women's benefits.

    The Aus government didn't take up his challenge - why would they when they had already secured the desired public response.