Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hishamuddin Tun Hussein urged to use his keris

So Hishamuddin Tun Hussein, UMNO Youth chief, famous for his keris waving has unsheathed his keris at the UMNO general assembly once again, waved his keris and kissed his keris.

But UMNO Perlis delegate Hashim Suboh decided that he shouldn't stop there - he ask Hishamuddin when he (Hishamuddin) will be using his keris?

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The New Straits Times reported Hashim Suboh asking Hishamuddin the question yesterday at the end of the debate on economy and education. Apparently Hashim deliberately asked that as an indirect criticism of Hishamuddin’s perceived weakness in dealing with demands from the Chinese schools.

Hashim said “force must be used against those who refused to abide by the social contract.”

Hmmm, very forceful character, wasn't he? Obviously he must have felt that's what a keris is for, to enforce contracts - WTF do we need courts of justice, judges, police or law officers?

Could it be that forces within UMNO are now forcefully plotting against Hishamuddin, to topple him, so that someone else may take his place, as a more forceful personality?

But Karpal Singh of the DAP was mad that the deputy chairperson of the assembly, Amiruldin Badruddin, allowed such a seditious question which proposes unlawful violence against Malaysians in the forum without even asking for its immediate retraction.

Has Karpal forgotten that Amiruldin Badruddin himself made his UMNO mark as an even bigger racist?

In 2004 Amiruldin spoke out strongly in favour of ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy). He stated: "Let no one from the other races ever question the rights of Malays on this land. Don't question the religion, because this is my right on this land.".

He warned those who opposed the NEP policies would be stirring up a hornet's nest, while he waved a book on the May 13 Incident, implying the Malays would go on a rampage again.

Gerakan president Dr Lim Keng Yaik has also been pissed off by the language and racist remarks by some of the UMNO delegates. He seemed to concur with Karpal Singh that some of these comments could be considered seditious, though he didn't not give specific examples.

He retorted to querying reporters: "You all have reported on it (the assembly), you know the ones I mean!"

Gerakan Youth chief Mah Siew Keong reckons the non-Malay communities have also been pissed off by the viciousness of the racist remarks made by UMNO delegates, particularly this year. Mah said their feelings will undoubtedly be reflected in the coming general election.

He lamented: “All this will affect the votes in the next polls. Other communities are not happy.”

Don't hold your breath waiting for AAB to reprimand them, nor the IGP for investigating seditious threats of violence. Hey, it's UMNO general assembly where racist comments and threats of May 13 violence are norms.

Malaysia Boleh, UMNO lebih boleh - apa pun boleh!


  1. Like these bleeding 'tards have been honouring the Social Contract! Thieves and traitors to the People and Country, every last ugly one them.

    They should shove those keris up their own... !

  2. UMNO seem to have forgotten that Malaysia was built as a multi-racial nation. Tunku Abdul Rahman would have turned in his grave to see the antics of these clowns.

    Beyond Msia, lets see how well UMNO fare in demanding their rights from the world community.

  3. yes as i stated in my blog, UMNO GA had now become a platform for bashing of non malays/non muslim.

    they can bring up all sorts of racial and religion threats and that is ok but if MCA or MIC did that, aiya habislah they. 2 rules in malaysia, remember? one for UMNO and one for non UMNO!

    i'll repeat anonymous's last line:
    They should shove those keris up their own... !

  4. And today we mourn the loss of perhaps one of Malaysia's greatest statesman, Khir Johari. It's guys like him that's needed in UMNO, not the testosterone driven morons that we've witnessed of late. What happened at this GA is not going to be easily forgotten, given the extensive coverage that it's gotten. Melayu mudah lupa may be the mantra that uMnO-rons believe in. The reality is that while the uMnO-rons may want us to forget, We won't.

    We - the Malaysians of all walks of life, and of all creeds - are the ones with the real power in our hands to make a real change... And come the next balloting time We surely must... it may just be our last chance for some sanity and reason running the nation for a change. Emotional race-baiting may have had its day this past week, but enough is enough.

    Meanwhile let us all give the late Khir our thoughts and prayers... and to the future Khirs whom I hope exist somewhere out there...

  5. Did it ever occur to these moronic assholes that keris is an outdated weapons and nobody uses keris for fights now ???

  6. Besides waiving the ancient keris, these oversized baboons should emulate the natives back then, Pakai Cawat je and climb coconut trees!

    Tu baru authentic!

  7. The umNO is notorious for all the pessimistic statements and acts. These delegates only want to show their supremacy by frightening away the onter parties from bring up issues they fear would deprive them of their greedy epetite. Whatever it is let alone their statement. We can still vote them out of the chairs given so confortably to them. They are just the ones who forget the roots of their success like Malay saying goes ' kacang pupakan kulit'.

  8. mmmm..., One of reason why Penang and few other states lost to DAP in election 2008.

    Hishamuddin, please resign. You make BN worst even in multi-racial history in Malaysia. Shame you.

  9. Hishamuddin, your words come true... 60% BN win without non-Malay in election 2008.

    But, with worst in Malaysia political history. You create worst even to MCA and Gerakan.