Thursday, September 03, 2020

Old Man sings same racist song a la "Chinese owns virtually all the cities"


M'sian solutions don't work for 'economically-backward' Malays - Pejuang


Dr Mahathir Mohamad said forming his new party Pejuang was necessary, as the country needs people who can come up with solutions to help Malays, whom he described as "economically-backwards".

The pro-tem Pejuang chairperson also warned that wealth disparity, mixed with an ethnic factor, could lead to racial conflict.

However, the accuracy of the former prime minister's assessment is in question, as an analysis of government data on income by race indicates that while some 932 thousand bumiputera households were earning less than RM3,000 a month, almost as many bumiputera households were earning more than RM10,000 a month.

Speaking at a press conference in Putrajaya, Mahathir spent almost an hour justifying the setting up of Pejuang before taking questions.

Besides fighting corruption, Umno, and Bersatu, one of the repeated reasons was that Malays needed champions who understood what they were going through.

"Malays have more problems compared to other races. A solution that applies to all races can't be applied to Malays.

"We are not fighting non-Malays, but problems faced by Malays can only be solved by Malays," he added.

Mahathir said one of the key problems was that Malays were still lagging behind economically.

"Malays are economically backwards, we have to accept that," he said, adding that businesspeople like Syed Mokhtar Albukhary and SM Nasimuddin SM Amin (Naza) were among the few who benefitted from the New Economic Policy.

Mahathir added that Malays were often complacent with their lot in life economically.

However, he also warned that wealth inequality could lead to racial tensions.

Citing the May 13, 1969 riots as an example, he said: "Malays thought they can go into the city, burn houses and burn motorcars because they belong to the Chinese."

However, the former premier said Malays can't do that now because they also own properties and cars in urban areas.

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Citing the May 13, 1969 riots as an example, he said: "Malays thought they can go into the city, burn houses and burn motorcars because they belong to the Chinese."

However, the former premier said Malays can't do that now because they also own properties and cars in urban areas.

"So we want to ensure that (racial wealth) disparity is less, which is why we formed a Malay party, to help Malays overcome their weaknesses," Mahathir said.

Last month, The Edge analysed the government's 2018 household income survey and estimated that 932,600 or 71.6 percent of the 1.3 million households that earn less than RM3,000 a month last year were bumiputera.

However, 53.5 percent or 918,400 households that earned at least RM10,000 a month were also bumiputera, more than Chinese (38.2 percent), Indians (8.4 percent), and others (0.48 percent).

Meanwhile, of households that earned more than RM15,000 a month, 345,600 households or 47.5 percent were bumiputera, compared to Chinese (43.5 percent), and Indians (nine percent).

As for the 2.5 million households earning between RM5,000 and RM9,999, bumiputera stands at 66 percent.

Mahathir said that pro-Malay policies had contributed to better education levels among the community, adding that now about 40 percent of doctors were Malays.

However, he also lamented that Malays appear to have normalised corruption and said there was a need to restore a sense of shame in that aspect.

He said Pejuang will ensure that its members did not join the party simply to become election candidates or to become ministers.


  1. berjuang demi negara dan bangsa melayu yang bukan pencuri, bukan perombak, bukan pengkhianat, bukan pintu belakang dan bukan ular? i tetap sokong.

  2. I wish long life and success to Toonsie and his Parti Kacau Bilau, hope they get 13% of all Malay votes in GE15...ha ha ha...

    1. conman is our third force, may the forces be with our conman, use the force, ah con....

  3. Imagine if Singapore has a policy of protecting the Chinese the way Mahathir thinks the Malays need to be protected in Malaysia, Mahathir would be the first to foam at the mouth decrying the treatment of Malays in Singapore.

    1. Lee Kuan Yew is of another league compare with Mahathir is like comparing cina tulin with the OCBCs of the Blind-Mice Club with Banana complex, hehehe

  4. Mahathir was the PM for 22 years during the BN rule and another 22 months during PH. What in hell did he do during all those years? Masturbating his old cock? Why did he need another party to do all that now? What a lame excuse!

  5. This old man is becoming a nuisance now. The time has come for the nation to ignore his antics and disregard his statements. Sounding like a broken record with same old rubbish. Enough is enough Tun. People are cursing you now with every action you took. Just sick and tired with your kind of politics which Laureate Shahnon Ahmad regard as 'SHIT'

  6. He has no relevance in politics now. People should ignore him totally. He's just showing his arrogance and sway good existing initiatives to destruction. Not good for the country. People should not blindly associate with anything that has to do with him now.

  7. Wakakakakaka…

    Karma indeed!

    Biting the hand that fed them.

    Soon, the cycle repeats for these meme-ed rent-seekers.

  8. Bumiputras' economies are stolen by dirty politians!

  9. Tun is a broken record..been saying the same thing since the 60s.
    He did nothing at all if he claims Malays are still backwards
    Sure enough his kids ares perfect example of a backward Malay

    Add his modern Malay cucu girl in the pack too

    Utter racist thinking from a half Malay & Jekf Mamak
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