Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Anthony Loke admits DAP still can’t parry rivals’ claim that party is against Malays - & he should know who did the damage to DAP

MM Online:

Anthony Loke admits DAP still can’t parry rivals’ claim that party is against Malays

Loke reiterated that DAP was not racist or hostile in any way towards the Malay community. — Picture by Saw Siow Feng

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 29 — DAP parliamentary leader Anthony Loke said his party remained vulnerable to rivals’ allegations that it was an enemy of the Malay community as it lacked the grassroots network to dispel such claims.

Loke told Utusan Malaysia in an interview that opponents continue to falsely portray DAP as being against the Malays, which he said was insidious in rural areas.

“This is very effective as we do not have grassroots members in rural areas to counter this perception.

“So, eventually, this becomes the Malay perception of DAP,” he was quoted as saying.

Loke reiterated that DAP was not racist or hostile in any way towards the Malay community, but this was how its rivals have successfully painted the party by using it as a “punching bag” for all their issues.

The former minister said it has been and remains difficult to reform his party’s image among the Malays as a result.

However, he said DAP would not stop trying to approach the Malay community.

“We will keep trying to prove that we are not a racist party, not a party that is hostile towards Malay community,” he said, adding that DAP stood for equality.

Rivals have successfully demonised DAP among significant sections of the country and the political rejection of it was also believed to be a key factor in bringing together competing parties to unseat the Pakatan Harapan government in March.

Mahathir said: "... Orang asing berasa selesa dengan negara kita dan mereka ingin tinggal di sini. Nak tak nak pun, kita terpaksa terima, kalau tidak kita tidak akan mencapai kemerdekaan" 

Above Malay speech translated: The foreigners (Chinese & Indian Malaysians) felt comfortable in this country and wanted to stay. Like it or not, we were forced to accept or we would not have achieved independence


  1. So....don't spook the Malays sounds like good advice...hohohohoho..

  2. Chinese is just over 20% of the population. The chinese at large especially those young Chinese carried out as if they own the country. They could not find anything right with the majority malays.

    Belittling malays and malay leadership are their favourite pastimes. In their eyes there are nothing right about the malays. Look no further. The comments in the KT spaces here are no different.

    The vociferous chinese complains about anything. Even the half past six chinese think they are very supperior. These have touch the heart and mind of the malays, and it is just like a time bomb waiting to explode.

    MalaysiaKini,Malaysia Chronicle, and this KT spaces here for example adalah lahan dan wadah untuk menabur kebencian.

    Only on rare occasions you can see level headed comments and postings

    1. All these farts of yrs, point directly to that one glaring FACT that mfer, like u, doesn't want to admit.

      Inferiority complex!

      Criticisms happen everywhere from everyone. Justified or no, can be easily verified through time lapse & the recurrence of the same issue.

      Mfer, looks at the never ending policy lah. 40+ yrs pass, yet the claimed results r pathetic. Why that consistency through that period? Whose fault? Looks at the continue chants of ketuanan lah. M'sia isn't melayu first. It's M'sians first. Who r the M'sians? Melayu only? Why that continuous claim of melayu first if not bcoz of that inferiority fart meme-ed within melayu masses like u!

      If u r truly level headed & matured in thinking, use that grey matter to recycle those two questions to drill down the REAL causes lah.

    2. they say it takes two to tango, you should go to the 80% malay sites to see for yourself the hatred they spew to the mere insignificant 20%

    3. Any surprises?

      Remembered meme-ed inferiority complex reinforced by zombieic religiosity & feudalistic mindset!

    4. chinese msian never n dun wan to own the country, we r the minority like those in tibet, xinjiang, inner mongolia, hk n twn, we fight for our rights.

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    6. Memang orang melayu tak boleh di tegur...pandai tuduh : sikit-sikit sensitif, sikit-sikit biadap, sikit-sikit insulting, sikit-sikit terlampau...macam macam lagi.

      The problem is greed, sheer greed. They want the best of BOTH worlds...in the material world, they want NEP forever...population of Malays might be hovering around 58% but they want to corner 95% to 100% quota of EVERYTHING. In the afterlife world, they want to be in heaven, only they are entitled to go to heaven after death, so their religion is the Supreme One, others are just idolatry and nonsensical, fit to be burned in hell forever.

      This sort of greed is the cause of the intolerance. This sort of greed made them welcome with open arms an Yindian goat from a foreign land who preached : better to vote for a corrupt and rotten Muslim than an honest upright kafir ! Pandai la tu.

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  3. Look at Singapore. Even though the Chinese are 75% and Malays about 13%, the SG government "protects" the minority races.

    Chinese commentators who say tge wring things about other race or religion have been prosecuted.

    But here in Malaysia, has there been anybody who was brought to task for defaming the minorities?

    Take the PAS idiot with his comment on the Bible. Any action? So far, all very quiet.

    If the reverse was done, imagine the outcry of the "pious" and "allah-fearing" muslims.

    So, Bogbong, think more carefully before you pen anything. You sound like the many malay-muslim bigots here in Malaysia