Sunday, September 13, 2020

AGC and Universiti Malaysia in cahoots over associate prof's sexual harassment case???


Sexual harassment is a crime and should be treated as such

by Agora Society Malaysia


LETTER | Agora Society of Malaysia finds the
recent decision made by the police following the Attorney-General’s Chamber’s (AGC) advice to not file any charge against an associate professor at the Universiti Malaya for sexual harassment unfathomable.

We also find the reason given to the public absurd. Such a decision has inevitably raised more questions than answers, and we call for both the AGC and the university to be forthcoming with the following questions:

1. Are disciplinary actions taken by the university against the alleged perpetrator equivalent to legal actions against a criminal act? Is it just and legal for law enforcement to be exempted or substituted by disciplinary actions carried out by non-legal institutions such as universities?

2. As the university has asserted that disciplinary actions have been taken, and proclaimed the accused as “the perpetrator”. Does that mean concrete evidence of misconducts have been substantiated? Were the alleged victim and the accused granted a fair hearing? Is the university withholding evidence of sexual misconduct from the police? Why did the university not lodge any police report over such a serious matter?

3. Is the alleged perpetrator a repeat offender, as suggested by the Universiti Malaya Association of New Youth (Umany)?

4. Why can’t the university disclose the specific disciplinary actions taken against the perpetrator when questioned? If disciplinary actions are carried out in the dark, how can the public be aware of impunity or abuse of power? How can disciplinary actions exert a deterring effect if they are not seen executed?

Our society has never been immune to criminal acts such as sexual assaults and sexual harassment. On numerous counts, the public has witnessed incidence of lewd comments targeting at female MPs in the Parliament, sex scandals and even rape that implicated prominent and powerful politicians, harassment of female journalists by politicians during interviews, students or young interns sexually harassed or assaulted at public-funded institutions such as schools and hospitals.

Statistics released by the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) reveals that there is a total of 1,218 cases of sexual harassment between 2013 and 2017, with 79 percent of which involved female victims, while 21 percent involved male victims, many of whom were children.

The statistics on rape in our country during the same period shows an even worse situation, with the annual total number of reported incidents that have never been lower than 1,000 for the last two decades. On average, more than three victims are raped every day. Obviously, our society has not made our public space a safer place for everyone, and it is high time that our society acts decisively.

Sexual harassment is a crime and it should be treated as such. As insufficient as our laws in protecting victims of harassment might be, we still have Penal Code (Act 574), Employment Act 1955 (Act 265), Industrial Relations Act 1967 (Act 177) and Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 (Act 514), which the police can use to investigate the matter. The public deserves a satisfactory explanation from the AGC, the police and the university.

AGORA SOCIETY MALAYSIA (Agora) is a loose network of intellectuals, writers and activists who advance democratic progress in Malaysia through critical analyses and propositions based on the principles of democracy and good governance


  1. Sexual harrassment is not condemned in any way in the Koran or Hadith.

    Therefore, it is just another hangup imported from Western society.

    No need to go overboard punishing anyone or ruining their life over the issue.

    That is a widespread attitude among many Muslim men, and henceforth the attitude of officialdom in Malaysia

  2. nus hv similar case, thank almighty the harasser is a ccp cahoot so he is dong alright like our professor, so its not who you harass, its whose ass you choose to lick, most professor hv high iq n agile tongue.

    1. The service of that prof has been terminated by nus!

      That fucker can expect a very nice present if he ever returned to China.

      So what ass is he licking?


    2. Just like with misogynist Isalm, the Commo creed hardly considers sexual harrasmment as any deep wrong.

      So in CCP-land , most allgations of sexual harrassment go unpunished or even uninvestigated.

      The rare cases of serious action arise because the victim herself was well-connected i.e. the perpetrator had stupidly picked the wrong target.

    3. Old moneyed mfer, where r yr supporting farts in yr claims?

      Perhaps, u just recirculating those foul gaseous from that fart filled well!


      Hahahahahahahha... before June 5, 2020, there was no such crime as sexual harrassment under CCP-law.

      What a Bullshit legal code !

    5. Wakakakakaka…

      Get that 犬养mfer to enlighten u what happened to the fates those rapists/sexbots/voyeuristic perverts from ALL levels of the society dibce the established of new China to now.


      U ACTUALLY believe that piece of shit from!

      Trump must then be yr distant uncle le!

    6. as far as i know, if one is anti ccp or emperor xi n do no crime, he would be convicted for engaging prostitution services. however for one that is a ccp cohoot or cocksucker, and committed a crime, he is asked to resign as if nothing happened.

    7. So based on yr f*cking reading from yr CCP China news there were/are sexual harrassment crimes punished under CCP-law since the inception of CCP China!

      Old moneyed mfer, swallows back yr shits lah for been a dickhead in CCP bashing trance.

      The fates of those well connected, there were/are loopholes & political compromises in CCP China - just like anywhere else in the world.

      Some managed to squirm out of the mess. Many got lighter punishments.

      The point is his/her opportunity of whatsoever nature is GONE! The next similar crime he/she committed would see that tempted fate ends in gaol.

    8. One Country , Two Systems.
      One system for those with Strong CCP Social Credit, separate system for this without strong Social Credit.

    9. Ya loh, One Country , Two Systems.

      One system for those with Strong Social Credit, separate system for those without strong Social Credit.

      Old moneyed mfer, looks up how many of those trump has exonerated from crimes committed.

      Ppmmieland too, especially that 3rd classed prince Andrew.

      Oz's too about that racist Hanson.

      Or these cases DON'T exist in yr fart filled well!

  3. Amount of evidence does not meet AGC’s standards. Only got 98.5% chance of conviction.

  4. There was a sexual assault case against a female student in one of the top university in China by a foreign student, who has strong connections.

    The uni & the local police investigation team were trying to suppress the case but to no avail.

    Within a day, the identity of the attacker was known throughout China through social media.

    That was done by the concerned publics via internet search & tracing.

    Due to the huge outcries generated, the uni management team was disciplined & the local police chief demoted by the speedy order of the central govt!

    That student was sacked by the uni & was sentenced in court in accordance to the Chinese laws.

    Benevolent authoritarian governance for the good of the people, right?

  5. This is after all Malaysia, Truly Asia!