Saturday, February 29, 2020

8th PM if Malaysia - Moody is his name

MM - Istana Negara: Muhyiddin to be sworn in as Malaysia’s PM tomorrow


  1. Buaya, Ikan Jerung, Ular all coming back to power.

    1. put this behind you.. move on. if you are better than buaya, ikan jerung, ular.. you would win the ge15.

  2. Good times are rolling back again for Ah Mok.

    My prediction- watch how Ah Mok goes silent on UMNO abuses.

  3. Better than the sodomite and DAP gang.

  4. Hopefully Moo appoints all the PAS leaders to helm Finance,Foreign and Trade Ministry..with these half past six people in power for two years plus, the electorate will wake up and never trust UMNO and PAS and Peribumi

  5. I think the Palace lompat meriam. It was too close to call. With due respect the Palace officials are not trained or equipped to carry out this type of investigation. And not in such a short time frame.

    Was the final decision based on the face-to-face or SDs? What was the rush? There was no Parliament sitting on March 2. Harapan were still gathering SDs in light of Toonsie's last minute switch.

    Both sides now claim they have 114 MPs. Meaning total 228. So we have a mysterious 6 extra MPs. Double counting? We know in the past MPs are forced to sign blank sheets of paper in case they decide to lompat pagar. Was there Fraud and Forgery? Wouldn't be the first time. Looks like my signature but it is not? Jibby was using this defence in court.

    Is Jibby's Australian handwriting expert still available? We know he is honest because he confirmed it was Jibby's signatures on the disputed documents. That was why Shafee decided not to call this expert as witness. Sure mati.

    My solution is old school and by that I mean OLD SCHOOL. When I was in Std 6 and we had to elect a class monitor.

    The Agong should get all MPs to be present in the Palace Car Park. Mark attendance, check all ICs to make sure you have the correct 222 MPs.

    Make Toonsie stand at one end of the car park, Muhyiddin at the other. Then all the remaining 220 MPs line up behind their candidate. Ask the press to be present as witness, take pictures, video, live telecast on RTM is good. That should sort it out. Throw all SDs away.

    Do this on Monday.

  6. KT’s blog has been a consistent critic of Harapan/DAP in general, and Guanee/LKS/Toonsie etc in particular.

    KT’s blog very often cross references and quotes from other blogs and opinion writers like Kua Kia Siong, Francis Siah, Capt Thayaparan etc but overwhelmingly only the ones critical of Harapan government are cited.

    While that in itself this is fair and fine, and is KT’s right but there is no balance. There is no mention of credit where credit is due, or mention on the wrongs of the BN government between 2003-2018, as if there was some kind of vacuum where time stood still. Only the wrongs when Toonsie 1.0 was in power are cited ad nauseum.

    Did that help when Anwar as a last resort tried to salvage the Harapan government by graciously offering Toonsie 2.0 the post of PM last night? Readers of this blog would think that Anwar was crazy. But was he? It was the last bullet available to stop the disaster that eventually happened.

    80-90% of the articles posed on this blog puts the Harapan government in bad light. Sometimes 6 or 7 consecutive blog articles mocking and criticizing Toonsie or DAP or Harapan. But no mention of the many positives, like the progress in the court cases against the kleptocrats, but mockery of the new MACC chief and the uniform she wears but not the vast improvement in our Corruption Perception Index.
    And now that the AG has resigned is KT happy? He was always saying the AG was Toonsie's stooge for not prosecuting Azmin over the Sandakan affair. But KT does not credit Tommy for his prosecution of Jibby. I hear Muhammad Shafee is Muhyiddin's candidate for AG. KT should be happy with that.

    And now that the Harapan government is all but lost I am expecting KT to be celebrating. Is this the case? He says he is disgusted with Malaysian politics. Or is he just disgusted with certain politicians?

    If he is not happy with the result (ie Muhyiddin win) then I would be surprised as some of the credit for the re-emergence of kleptocracy and racial politics must be due to the opinions expressed by him on this blog which consistently berates Guanee (bookkeeper, apple polisher), LKS (The Greatest Traitor), Toonsie and other DAP/PKR members in particular and the Harapan government in particular.

    Congratulations. KT must be proud. As Hamid Zahid proclaimed to reporters outside Muhyiddin’s house today:

    “Mission Accomplished”.

    To the democratically elected Harapan government, now opposition, I say:

    “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Don’t Settle.
    (Steve Jobs commencement speech Stanford U, 2005).