Monday, October 21, 2019

Maszlee's problem with Chinese Malaysians

Personally I have to say I agree with Minister of Education Maszlee Malik in not approving the distribution of 'Superman' Hew's comic book titled "Belt and Road Initiative for Win Winism" to educational institutions including schools.

Apart from the comics' pro China propaganda and insult to Muslims vis-a-vis the Uighurs in NW China, Hew has been an outright embarrassment to Chinese Malaysians for his bizarre pro China views and outrageous comments on and during the Sarawak state elections.

a millstone around the DAP's neck, he's the Rocket Party's equivalent of Zakir Naik 

Problem is no Chinese Malaysia trusts, respects nor likes poor Maszlee Malik, who has not an iota of credibility with the local Chinese community. They would have probably considered ill of the Education Minister's action even when it is correct in this instance.

Not unlike the boy who cried "wolves" too many times, though with quite different scenarios, he is no longer believed nor trusted even when he is right.

This could possibly be the reason or reaction (I'm only speculating) of quite a few DAP members including some ADUNs in showing support for the book (in defiance of & objection to Maszlee's instructions to prohibit distribution of the comics to schools), which the Star Online said might have led to the rakyat’s perception that it was the party’s official stand on the issue.


  1. Hew needs to honestly declare that he is an agent of a foreign government - the People's Republic of China

    1. Then Hadi Ada90 Juta Wang needs to honestly declare that he is an agent of a foreign government - the Saudi Arabia government, with his betrayer of the Malay culture in his push of the sponsored Wahhabism, and the insidious hidden agenda of an islamic Caliphate of the East...showing his hand ahead by demanding that no non Muslims/Malays are allowed to hold ANY government positions in this multiracial country. Podah la...