Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Australia a big Hypocrite on human rights

As a schoolkid in MBS (Penang of course, wakakaka), I was taught that "PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES LAH", though during my time the 'lah' was not taught, wakakaka again.

The government (not people) of Australia has shown its disgusting double standards hypocritical behaviour. Read following:

FMT - Australia says it will hold China accountable on human rights.

Australia Marise Payne insists staying quiet on sensitive issues is not in Australia’s national interests (Reuters pic) 

SYDNEY: Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said Canberra will hold China to account on issues such as human rights, insisting that staying quiet on sensitive issues is not in Australia’s national interests.

Relations between Canberra and its most important trading partner have deteriorated in recent years amid accusations that China is meddling in Australian domestic affairs. Canberra also fears China is seeking undue influence in the Pacific region.

Souring relations have strained bilateral trade, prompting some business executives to call on Australia’s conservative government to prioritise economic policy above social advocacy.

However, Payne said late yesterday Australia would not be silenced.

“We must respect each other’s sovereignty, but we will consistently continue to raise issues such as human rights, including, as I have said, with China,” she said in a foreign policy speech in Sydney.

“Turning a blind eye to all human rights violations means an acceptance of behaviour that undermines the foundations of international peace and stability. Where there is no challenge, there is no progress,” Payne said.

China’s embassy in Canberra did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

China has been widely condemned for setting up complexes in remote Xinjiang that it describes as “vocational training centres” to stamp out extremism and give people new skills. The United Nations says at least 1 million ethnic Uighurs and other Muslims have been detained.


SBS - Australia has ignored the UN's request to release the Tamil family from Christmas Island.

The family of four are currently the only people detained on Christmas Island. Source: Supplied 

The United Nation’s Human Rights Committee asked the Australian government to release the family from detention within 30 days. That time limit has now passed.

Priya and Nadesalingam and their two children Kopika, four, and Tharnicaa, two, who were both born in Australia, have been fighting deportation to Sri Lanka since March 2018 when they were placed in a Melbourne detention centre after their parents’ visas expired.

The UN committee, which is tasked with monitoring breaches of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), wrote to the family’s lawyer on 1 October in response to a complaint made on behalf of the family against the government.

The committee said they had requested interim measures to have the family removed from detention within 30 days. That timeframe has since expired.

The family have submitted a complaint to the UN's Human Right Committee alleging a breach of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) 

When asked by SBS News why it had not acted on the committee’s request, despite being a party to the ICCPR, a department of Home Affairs spokesperson declined to comment further and pointed to the departments earlier statement, which said it was aware of the UN's request.

In the statement, published on 2 October, the spokesperson said the family would remain on Christmas Island “whilst the judicial review proceedings are before the court”.

Supporters of Tamil family call for them to be moved off 'jail-like' Christmas Island

the BIG difference between the right wing Aussie government and the caring compassionate Aussie people

Leading international refugee law expert Mary Crock told SBS News it was not surprising the government had not upheld the committee’s request.

“The problem is that for many years now … Australia has taken less and less notice of what UN human rights committees say,” she said.

“At the moment, you have a government that really does not believe in the system at all … they take the view that a complaint to the UN system can work its own course, but it won’t interrupt whatever our domestic immigration procedures are.”

UN urges Australian government to release Tamil family from Christmas Island 

While the committee has the authority to offer recommendations and make rulings on complaints alleging breaches of the ICCPR, the UN cannot force a country to comply.

Professor Crock believes it is likely the committee will find Australia is in breach of its human right obligations but added the ruling would make little practical difference to the family.

“Australia has been found to be in breach of our obligations under the ICCPR so many times now, and under the torture convention, that it doesn’t make any difference,” she said.

"We’re not living in an age where respect for human rights has any currency. That’s the problem. So the poor old UN, all they can do is keep bleating away and hope one day things will be get better.”

The committee said it was unable to comment on the case until a final decision was made, but confirmed a Sri Lankan family held on Christmas Island had submitted a complaint under the ICCPR’s optional protocol, which allows for individuals to make complaints against states.

According to the UN, signatories to the optional protocol recognise the “competence” of the committee to hear complaints from people who “claim to be victims of a violation of that state party of any rights set forth in the covenant [ICCPR]”.

Australia has been a party to the protocol since 1991.

The complaint remains in a preliminary phase, during which the committee may request the government take provisional measures if it considers there is a risk of irreparable harm.

Judge rules Biloela Tamil family can stay in Australia to fight deportation

Lawyers acting on behalf of the family also declined to comment while the complaint was being investigated but said there had been no major updates to their situation.

The family’s future is currently in the hands of the Federal Court after a judge ruled there was enough evidence for Tharnicaa’s bid for asylum to be taken to trial. A date for the trial has not been set but the next hearing will take place on 16 December.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has repeatedly said the family, who had settled in the rural town of Biloela, Queensland, would remain on Christmas Island until the case is finalised, which may take many months.
Professor Crock, who is also a practising migration lawyer, believes the high-profile nature of the case will mean the family have little chance of a quiet resolution or the opportunity to move to a third-party country in the interim.

Last week it was revealed the reopening of the Christmas Island detention centre this year had cost the taxpayer $27 million, despite the family being the only people detained on the island.

Home Affairs Department officials told a Senate estimates committee that more than 100 staff have been on hand at the centre.


  1. Wakakakaka…

    Pandan muka for a demoncratic follower led by uncle Sam!

    1. if given a choice between tis 2 hypo countries, i anytime choose to live in australia like the host did wakaka.

    2. Australia is a good place with generally good generous compassionate people - it's the current govt (with an evil Homes Minister Peter Sutton) which is ultra right wing, to an extent racist and hypocritical

    3. Typically the croaking of a tempurung frog with limited worldview & a meme-ed biasness against things of non-macsalleh!

      Wait till u reside amongst them gweilows then the old wisdom of the greater the expectations, the greater the disappointments applies through & through!

      For many, it's the choice of swallow the pride (more like misjudgement) & suffer in silent!

      Nationalized 'foreigners' have limited says about the true state of the adopted country lah!

      Bear that in mind!

    4. but still better than ccp china where their national hv no says at all.

    5. Fitnah AGAIN!


      How to expect anything new from a diehard CCP hater!

      Must invent everything just to stick his f*cked ego.

      Will till u get yr foreign residency & try out whether what kind of days u can exercise, then u fart lah!

  2. Australia is also hypocritical when it comes to Climate Change. They scold other countries for chopping down trees but they are the world's largest exporter of coal and they have so many farting cows and sheep.

  3. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) is only applicable where the person involved has a credible risk to his life or safety or person due to their beliefs or political opinions.

    Economic migrants don't count.

    Previous Labour Administrations under had very similar stands on this immigration matter, so it's not objective to use this issue to accuse the Liberals of being evil , racist or hypocritical.

  4. Ktemoc's complete lack of sympathy towards the plight of Rohingyas, who really do have a credible fear for their lives, also looks very hypocritical.

    1. Rohingyas have never showed their wish to be Myanmarese nor any loyalty to Myanmar - they should return to Bangladesh; they have been terrorists in Myanmar and prior to that, shown arrogance and ketuanan Rohingyas to local Myanmarese

    2. "Terrorists" include tens of thousands of women ,children and men who have not done anything illegal ?

    3. Be careful how you choose your words, you are almost helping Malay extremists build their accusations against quite a number of Malaysian Chinese

    4. where and when have been the occasions that Chinese Malaysians said they prefer their parts of Malaysia to be merged with China? The Rohingyas said that, that they wanted Arakan to be part of East Pakistan/Bangladash

    5. Hi-yah!

      He means Malaysian Chinese lah. This is different from Chinese Malaysian!

      U kena tipu!

    6. Superman Hew say South China Sea should be merged with China. Malaysia no claim....ha ha ha...

    7. We must understand and accept that as an Islamic country, in any international dispute we must give shelter to, defend and take the side of the Muslim. This is our responsibility.

      Muslim Rohingya vs Buddhist Myanmar
      Muslim Palestine vs Jewish Israel
      Muslim Pakistan vs Hindu India (over Kashmir)
      Muslim Uighur vs communist China
      Muslim Bosnia vs Christian Serb
      Et cetera et cetera et cetera....

    8. While I have always support Palestinians against the Zionist (land robbing) state, I do so on the basis of justice for the Palestinians - I don't support anyone on the basis of religion, race of creed, which has been the bane of Muslim Malaysia.

    9. TS, Superman Hew did not say that, about merging some foreign location (eg. like Arakan) with China. He said the South China Sea belongs to China - a different set of meaning to the Rohingyas wanting to merge with Islamic East Pakistan (on basis of religion)

    10. QUOTE
      While I have always support Palestinians against the Zionist (land robbing) state, I do so on the basis of justice for the Palestinians - I don't support anyone on the basis of religion, race of creed, which has been the bane of Muslim Malaysia.

      But the Zionists don't see it that way. They don't consider themselves land robbers. They are only taking back what was theirs, given by their God, since they were the original indigenous people. It's written in their Holy Book. They consider themselves "bumiputra" and the Palestinians "pendatang" and "not-qualified" to become citizens.

      Just like what was blared recently at the Malay Dignity Congress. The Malay indigenous people are the original people. Non-qualified people were graciously and generously accepted as citizens. This is written in the Constitution. So Chinese, Indian immigrants and their descendants must be forever grateful to the Malays and remain silent second class citizens.

      Surely we Malaysians understand this simple concept. I do.

    11. Your "They are only taking back what was theirs, given by their God, since they were the original indigenous people. It's written in their Holy Book" makes my toes giggle

      (a) given by their god??? my granddad's god gave him Malaya - can take the country or not (or can I claim same as my inheritance?)?

      (b) since they were the original indigenous people??? That's sheer bullshit - there were many others before the Israelites living in Canaan

      (c) It's written in their Holy Book? wakakaka - please cease from your kerbau-ish nonsense, unless you want to read my holy book too

    12. y u live in a country that was robbed from the abroriginas?

    13. as was Malaysia too, and the USA, and South Americas, and Israel

  5. A lot of Rich , "Patriotic" CCP leaders have parked tones of money and assets in hypocritical Australia.

    1. so maybe u r not rich, but u park yrself in hypocritical australia, u r oso patriotic.

    2. I came here because I didn't/couldn't have the job I wanted in M'sia because I was/am Chinese

    3. Wakakakaka…

      A lot of Rich , "Patriotic" melayu elite leaders have parked tones of money and assets in hypocritical Australia too.

      Similarly with those in US, UK, Formosa, RedDot etc etc.

      What's yr point?

      Pick only CCP that u want to target, right?

    4. Australia, US, UK, Taiwan, Singapore are all allies who largely support the same economic values.
      So there is nothing hypocritical In them investing in each other,'s countries.
      Now, CCP leaders which claim to have SOO much more superior system to these "Capitalist Dogs" buying heavily into Australia, that is hypocritical.

    5. Wakakakaka…

      What superior system but TRADES!

      Human nature too!

      Do trade & human nature have political inclinations too?

      So, using yr f*cked logic about largely support the same economic values, what about the treatments of the down&trodden?

      The migrants turn unwanted when the economic situation of the host country goes down?

      Now, those demoncratic leaders which claim to have SOO much more superior system to these "Communist Dogs" buying heavily into China, that is hypocritical. Too!


      Another fart from that orifice that can't show to the sun!

  6. It always amazes me when the West ( and their legion of cohorts right here in Asia, yellow-skinned and all ) keep on harping why shouldn't the Chinese people fight for democracy, and are they really happy with their present government ?

    This reply by one American who had stayed in China for 5 years is noteworthy to say the least :

    "From a historical perspective, since the last days of the Qing dynasty, China has been humiliated and torn apart by foreign powers for over 100 years:

    * First Opium War (1839–1842), leading to the first of the unequal treaties, the Nanking Treaty, which, among other things, the ceding of Hong Kong to the British Empire
    * Second Opium War (1856–1860), leading to the burning down and looting of the Old Summer Palace and the ceding of the Kowloon Peninsula to the British Empire
    * Boxer Rebellion (1899–1901), resulting in the execution of Qing government officials that supported the boxers, provision of foreign troops to be stationed in Beijing and the payment of 450 million taels of silver to the Eight-Nation Alliance comprised of the British Empire, Russia, France, Japan, Germany, US, Italy, Hungary-Austria, Netherlands, Belgium and Spain
    * Invasion of Manchuria (1931) by the Japanese Empire, which established the puppet Manchukuo in northeast China
    * Second Sino-Japanese War (1937–1945), resulting in 17–22 million Chinese civilian deaths

    ( Picture )
    Japanese soldier stabbing a baby during the Second Sino-Japanese War

    ( Picture )
    Japanese bombing of Shanghai in 1937

    (Picture )
    Japanese bombing of Shanghai in 1937

    ( Picture of baby bayonet-ed by Jap soldier )
    Nanjing Massacre (1937–1938)

    ( Picture of mass massacre of Chinese )
    Indonesia Genocide (1965–66)

    Following the end of WWII, China continued to be battered by the Chinese Civil War (1946–1949), Korean War (1950–1953), the Great Chinese Famine (1959–1961) and the Cultural Revolution (1966–1976).

    From one of the most prosperous and most advanced civilizations in the world, China had became one of the poorest countries in the world in the late 19th century to the late 20th century. Many Chinese traveled abroad, often seeking work as laborers, to escape the poverty in China, but were discriminated against (US Chinese Exclusion Act, 1882–1943; Indonesian Genocide 1965–66 - 500,000 to 3 million lives butchered, many of them Chinese, while the world watches in silence).

    Humiliated, burned and butchered by the millions, Chinese were the lowest form of life for almost a century in China and in every continent in the world (except probably Africa).

    With that as the backdrop, the rise of modern China, led by the Chinese Communist Party, enabled billions of Chinese to once again look up in the sky and see hope, to enjoy peace and prosperity, and to have basic human dignity.

    Shanghai Today ( Picture of modern thriving city )

    Xintiandi in Shanghai ( Picture )

    Shenzhen National Day Light Show ( Picture )

    Shenzhen Today ( Picture )

    Hangzhou Today ( Picture )

    This is not to say the Chinese government is without faults. It has many faults. But when those Western powers who humiliated you, looted and burned your country, took away your land and butchered your people by the millions, come and say to the Chinese people one day: “Ditch the evil and oppressive Communist Party and adopt our style of ‘democratic’ governance,” what do you think the reactions of the Chinese people will be? "

    The West like nothing better than to see China to adopt "Democracy" and then promptly break into a few hundred pieces ( deliberate, gross exaggeration here, hehe ). What better way to contain the rise of the dragon ?

    1. any evidence democracy n freedom to the chinese will cause china disintergrated into hundred pieces? didnt umno said malay would hv no more privilege the moment umno lost power, is that true?

      n didnt the chinese adopt the western capitalism which they hv cursed since new china 1951 until 1976, how come now capitalism is a good thing? dun twist like ck did its a socialism when there is market economy n even stock market to accumulate capital.

      one main reason china suffer the 100 years humiliation is because qing emperor want to preserve the polity under a racialist government ie manchu, they care very less even china suffer as long as manchu emperor hold power, hence sun yet sen believe a revolution is the only way out.

      ccp did many good, similar to manchu during their earlier stage from kangxi up to qianlong, roughly 1654 to 1800, n deteriorated from then onwards, the weakness of china become more obvious in term of science tech weapon econ n political system when the western power start to come in. one option to the manchu is to adopt the british way, constitutional monarchy, which was not implemented in a sincere way fearing lost of power, hence both kmt n ccp finally do it the french way.

      if we go thru the contemporary history of china, almost everything is copy from the west, but didnt the west copy from others? the only diff is most western govt believe lost power is part of democracy while ccp believe its a disaster, i agree its a disaster in a authoritarian regime because the people hv no choice, like what happen in hk. however a democracy may alleviate this problem.

      a mainlander response to my query is one of the most convinving why democracy dun work in china NOW, chinese never went thru a renaissance like the west did, the conscious of whats human rights n democracy is pretty low, only when the number increase to a certain level with proper education n living std, democracy will naturally become the people choice.

      so if mainlander r no diff with umno/pas malay, thats fine, its their choice, however is that okay to impose the same value onto hker n taiwanese?

      the west would not sit here n wait for the dragon to play catch up n overtake them, i believe the chinese that enjoy freedom is more formidable than one under a authoritarian regime to face the western power.

    2. With the helps of those democratized & banana-ised k9 cheering on their western masters!

    3. Wakakakaka…

      Keep going on with yr monkeying shows!

      "any evidence democracy n freedom to the chinese will cause china disintergrated into hundred pieces?"

      Now, u have shown yr minute & limited understanding of China history!

      Perhaps, still fart about democracy n freedom have no originality in China?

      "the chinese adopt the western capitalism which they hv cursed since new china 1951 until 1976, how come now capitalism is a good thing?"

      Mfer, marketing economy is not the SOLE right of capitalism. Drilled that into yr blurred understanding of economic theory!

      CCP tried multiple attends to mould their political model only unique to China by 摸石头过河.

      Just admit u know fart about sopo theories lah.

      "one main reason china suffer the 100 years humiliation is because qing emperor want to preserve the polity under a racialist government ie manchu,"

      Yes one of the reasons. & not the most important one too!

      How much u know the rests? Keep going & beware of the traps y set itself, mfer!

      "if we go thru the contemporary history of china, almost everything is copy from the west, but didnt the west copy from others?"

      So yr contemporary China history still sticks within that CCP/Kuomintang conflicts period!

      Mfer, didn't u know that ALL western powers of that time tried isolating CCP China in gaining any social, political & technological advances when CCP took powers. Even Soviet was NOT helping but cheated the resources of China!

      The achievements of the current China ARE the results of self-helps & perseverances of the Chinese via the attitude of 摸石头过河. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Demoncracy is a disaster for China now. That's bcoz Chiba is building up from ground zero in a sopo system of her choice. Not until that system is well entrenched & established, any midway changes r definitely disaster in making.

      Given another 20yrs of humanistic & feature-rich Communism with Chinese characters, NO ONE will give a damn about any of its past failures of growing pains.(maybe mfer, like u, would)

      Unfortunately, as rightly claimed by the knowledgeable CCP elders, that communism with Chinese characters IS NOT exportable! (Eat yr heart out le, mfer)

      "chinese never went thru a renaissance like the west did, the conscious of whats human rights n democracy is pretty low"

      Wow… wow…

      Mfer, u have swept all the philosophies & 5000yrs of Chinese history down the drain!

      Renaissance? Mfer, look deeper into the sopo developments of Tang dynasty lah. & how long ago was that predate the west?

      Small brain clouded with westernised biasness!

      The mainland Chinese r with proper education n living std, NOW. & western demoncracy will never become her people choice bcoz WHY change the sopo system (Communism with Chinese characters) that reinvigorate their prides, culture & living conditions.

      Tempurung frog, true & through. With limited sopo insights & meme-ed western cultural biasness, u SHOULD stay underneath that cozy give of yrs.

      But do keep farting with long comments like this to let the people out there to know how a katak thinks & want to exercise its 'worldviews' of insignificanceness!

    4. So very well rebutted by CK !! So much so that any attempt to add-on would be superfluous. Carry on CK...put on the screws on this clueless OCBC, hehehe

    5. show the evidence instead of tok kok, japan korea taiwan is confucianism based society, show me how democracy n voting ruin them?

      then what is mean by planning economy? what abt banking, stock market, how is china econ operation now diff with capitalism?

      i said one main reason, u can tell us why it is not the main one.

      tang is abt accepting desenting view n freedom to express, nothing to do with human right, luxun said chinese r generally emotionless n lack compassion, i told u not to read only comic.

      ccp export their ideology via obor, a msian stupid with the name superidiothew buy it. the west start to become offensive when they realise obor is not solely abt trade.

      many chinese intellectual never criticised democracy n election unlike u did, see the diff btw u n one that really understand china n chinese?

    6. What has Confucianism gets to do with causing China disintergrated into hundred pieces?

      In fact, Confucius was pro-authoritarian in his teaching. So where did that democracy & voting come in?

      Mfer, keep playing with yr minute understandings of Chinese philosophy lah!

      Planning economy?

      Mfer, AGAIN, planning economy isn't unique to Communism.

      Care to analyze the capitalism of now, as practices by ALL the demoncratic west - ain't that NO planned economy?

      What's QE? What's government with socialistic inputs as proposed by some major Western (especially Scandinavian countries)? What about yr uncle Sam's monetary policies? Yr auntie pommie's big Ben policy?

      Marketing economy entails the services of banking, stock market etc as the tools to move the trading activities. They r NOT the 'patented' inventions of capitalism!

      Indeed, u know nothing about the economic theories & current financial happenstances!

      Yr one of the main reason for China suffered the 100 years humiliation is just that - one of the many!

      I propose u read into the MAIN fact that those western powers were game to bully China bcoz China was easy meat & has vast resources to exploit - in short the masterly colonialism that the west was practicing!

      Who the f*ck is tang?

      "luxun said chinese r generally emotionless n lack compassion,"

      Mfer, 周树人 was the product of his time & his insights about the Chinese then were correct FOR that time. If he would to be reading/seeing the current China, he would rewrite most of his negative comments about the Chinese!

      But, u wouldn't see to that. Bcoz yr thinking is still stuck in that period when Luxun lived!

      "ccp export their ideology"!!!

      Wow… put pay to yr f*cked understanding of prosper-thy-neighbours!

      The west becomes offensive bcoz they kicked themselves for not thinking about the same trade policies!

      I'm NO Chinese intellectual of yr class.

      Democracy has its foundation in elite class protection as formulated by the ancient Greek. It had never catered for the slaves, who serviced these elites, & the womenfolk, who formed a large population of the ancient Greece society. & most of all, democracy works ONLY with population under a critical size, whether in ancient or modern time! Once that critical size is breached, it raised its veiled intention of only the well-to-dos can have demoncratic rights as seen in most of the western outfits & failed banana republics. Voting becomes political game of irrelevancy.

      U DON'T know that, ain't u?

      Write some more lah!

      Let the readers out there know how yr f*cked thinking works it's way.

    7. Sorry, missing paragraphs!

      Who the f*ck is tang dynasty's renaissance for u to fart?

      U r interpreting the sopo cultural developments of Tang dynasty based solely on yr limited understanding of the Chinese culture, despite u been Chinese (claimed!).

      "tang is abt accepting desenting view n freedom to express, nothing to do with human right"??!!

      贞观之治, 唐太宗统治下的治世清明政治。唐太宗继承唐高祖李渊制定的尊祖崇道国策,并进一步将其发扬光大,运用道家思想治国平天下,取得天下大治的理想局面。期间唐太宗能任人廉能,知人善用;广开言路,尊重生命,自我克制,虚心纳谏;并采取了一些以农为本.


      If human right wasn't the main ingredient of such policy then everything went back to zilch. The Tang Renaissance would be a scam, not historical FACT!

      Keep playing with yr silo & limited views of the Chinese culture & history. I believe, many within our f*cked group, would be shaking their heads in shame!

  7. jj, u can only read article in english, mostly written by westerner, whose understanding of china n chinese is not necessarily better than u. learn chinese if u truly want to know more. no condescending, its a fact.

    1. Talking about others!

      U can read Chinese & yet yr understanding of thingies Chinese r miniskirt (intended!) showing. Especially u choose to read those Formosa farts.

      That's DEFINITELY not condescending!

    2. "jj, u can only read article in english, mostly written by westerner, whose understanding of china n chinese is not necessarily better than u. learn chinese if u truly want to know more." never disappoint, hehe, lumping all articles written in English ( presumably, according to you, written mostly by Westerners, to boot ) are infinitely inferior to those written by those written in Chinese. So how would categorize articles written in Chinese BY Westerners ? And these Westerners go to the ground, so to speak, having lived in China for years and have first hand interaction with the Chinese themselves. Or how do you categorize articles written in English BY Chinese in China ?

      Oh, never mind...just get off your deflecting tactics and just discuss the issues at hand.

      More often than not, leaders of democracies often lie to their people and take their people to war. Populist politicians incite hatred to divide the people using race and religion without any qualm. Most democracies cannot deliver what they have promised, and the government shows little respect for public opinion once elected. And worse of all, democracies underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups. So the thinking that democracy is the goal that all countries are seeking is an illusion.

      Democracy is a means, not the goal. For a developing country, the most important goal is to develop its people (which parallels the development of the economy), and China is currently doing quite well in this regard.

      Democracy basically let the people rule themselves, whose effectiveness heavily depends on the quality of the people. If a computer-related analogy is used then we can surmise as such :

      Installing democracy in a country whose people isn't ready for it is like installing Windows 7 on a 486, you do get some benefits of the new system, but the overall user experience would be bad, because the minimum system requirement isn't met.

      So what's the best way to quickly improve the quality of a country's citizens?

      Economic development ! In this regard, the best way for China to have an effective and working democracy as soon as possible, is ironically, for it to not have democracy now. Because the current system is great in developing the Chinese economy, and people.

      Are the Chinese people ready for democracy now?

      It is full of risk, to say the least....there is only one chance to test it, as there is no "save/load". As it's a decision that's so important, it's better safe than sorry. As long as the current system still works and isn't holding back China's development, democracy can wait. Empirical evidence from Taiwan, by the way, doesn't bode very well. And in Hong Kong, the rioters there are the best example of Newspeak : Democracy is doing as we say ! Freedom is to beat up people who disagree with us ! Universal suffrage, unless the vote goes against us !

      The current blind passion for democracy has misled many countries to adopt it prematurely, as if it's a fashion. There are many horror stories and not many successful ones in the past 20 years' huge democratic push to poor countries.

      In the mean time, almost all ( seemingly ) working democracies are rich countries, which unfortunately makes many people to confuse democracy and wealth.