Saturday, September 29, 2018

PD by-election - what confronts Anwar Ibrahim

MM Online - Anwar in Port Dickson scrum piques interest (extracts):

Mahathir and Azmin - are they likely to determine Anwar's chances in PD ... I mean 'support', wakakaka

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 29 — Although voter fatigue may be settling in after three by-elections since the May 9 general election, analysts said the crowded Port Dickson race featuring Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim may turn out interesting.

PAS is fielding a military veteran in the the Port Dickson by-election that will also be contested by former Negri Sembilan Mentri Besar Tan Sri Isa Samad as an independent, former Anwar aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, Parti Rakyat Malaysia, and independent Stevie Chan

FMT - I’m the victim not Anwar, Saiful tells Mahathir (extracts):

The man at the centre of the sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim today questioned Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s about-turn in sympathising with the jailed PKR leader, after the former prime minister joined calls for Anwar’s release. [...]

“In October 2014, Tun Mahathir had expressed his sympathy towards me as a victim when I visited him at his Yayasan Perdana office, with my wife and my newborn son

“How easily one can forgo principles and meaning of justice when it serves a desperate political objective,” Saiful, 32, said in his FB post earlier today [...]

Saiful said Mahathir, who now chairs the four-party Pakatan Harapan coalition, was blinded by “power and ambition”

“It is definitely the most interesting one out of all four we had since May 9,” Universiti Sains Malaysia analyst Prof Dr Sivamurugan Pandian told Malay Mail.

“In one corner we have a PM-in-waiting, we also have an embattled former mentri besar who doesn’t have any machinery at the moment, a PAS man who is a military veteran and other independent candidates. It is exciting to see how things will pan out.” [...]

With his illustrious political career, Anwar now has his eyes set on the bigger prize. But this does not mean that his rivals are to be treated with contempt.

They are former Umno leader Isa; PAS candidate Lt Col (Rtd) Mohd Nazari Mokhtar, who is a 57-year-old Royal Malaysian Air Force retiree; former PKR Kapar Youth chief Ahmad Kamarudin, who will be representing Parti Rakyat Malaysia; Saiful Bukhari, who was allegedly sodomised by Anwar; and independent candidate Chan, who is a Twitter personality with over 8,000 followers.

Isa Samad 

The October 13 poll will be Anwar’s golden opportunity for a strong political comeback, thus paving his way to succeed Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the eighth prime minister.

Isa, particularly, is no stranger to politics and Negri Sembilan. He had previously administered the state for 22 years.

In a bold move, the former Umno vice president recently quit the party to face Anwar on his very own homeground

The title of the MM Online article delightfully uses-includes the word 'scrum' (as in rugby scrum) to appropriately describe the amazing number of independent candidates, apart from PAS and PRM, contesting in the PD by-election.


Make you wonder, don't they? Wakakaka.

In my yesterday's post Odds against Anwar Ibrahim in PD? I mentioned 'musuh dalam selimut' but omitted mentioning that included Pakatan, not just PKR. I plain forgot, wakakaka.

I'll be a monkey's uncle if at least two of Anwar's competition in PD aren't "financed" by 'musuh dalam selimut' from both PKR and Pakatan Harapan.

One of them doesn't act on altruistic reason while the other can hardly afford to throw away money on a useless (questionable symbolic) gesture apart from attracting undesired attention on his notoriety, victim or otherwise. The latter's participation is mainly to embarrass Anwar and cost the latter votes - undoubtedly the wish of his 'musuh dalam selimut'.

As I asked in my previous post, how then will Anwar fare in PD? The man pictured below can tell, wakakaka.

and the winner of the PD by-election is ........



  1. Wakakakakakakaka

    Finally the list of candidates is known to challenge DSAI in the PD by-election.

    Among the candidate vying to be MP besides DSAI are:

    1. One who can't even protect himself from being sodomised as alledged by him and expect PD voters to vote him in to serve? What can he do besides offering his back?

    2. An ex-UMNO MB who was found guilty by his party of corruption and with still charges of corruption at FELDA awaiting to be investigated? Does he think PD voters are as corrupted as he is?

    3. An ex-RMAF Lt. Col representing PAS who thinks he can win just because the previous MP was also an ex-military man and so will win the votes of those military personnel and their families? Have they forgotten that the ex- MP was supported by many Veterans Associations which were pro-PKR and ensured his support among the military and their families? And he was also supported by many other NGOs and religious bodies which are not restricted to only one religion even though he is a Moslem?

    4. An ex-PKR Youth Chief representing PRM with the main agenda of only seeking higher wages and a seat in Parliament as MP. What else can he do besides also seeking higher wages for himself?

    5. An independent candidate who got over his head thinking that the numbers of Twitter followers he has will easily translate also to votes from PD voters? What else can he do besides twittering everyday and seeking glamour in cyberspace?

    With such a list of contenders, DSAI PKR President and PH does not even need to do any election campaigning but just sit quietly and let the voters of PD go about enjoying the goodies and fun entertainment thrown by the contenders and after all that remain sober to just tick and vote in their new MP who will be also the next PM of New Malaysia.

    Perhaps just hire a few vans with loudspeakers blaring "REFORMASI" going around PD will be enough to jolt more voters to come out to vote again giving DSAI an even bigger majority than the previous MP.


  2. Many Malaysian politicians unfortunately look down at voters as stupid.
    Of course, the fear that many had, which led them to support corrupt politicians and Kleptocrats for decades tends to reinforce that image.

    Ordinary voters are neither stupid nor are nor are they like bleeding hearts who are now against Anwar.

    I fully expect all the Independents to lose their deposit.
    The PAS candidate will get his fair share of votes from PAS loyalists, but that is all.

    Anwar will win comfortably.

    1. 7 candidates eh. I think it will be the day of the underdog. Someone who is mesra rakyat, turun padang, peramah, prihatin dan senyum selalu akan menang.


    PM 5's physical condition deteriorating rapidly.
    As I mentioned before, elderly people who appear well can develop health issues rapidly, and find it difficult or impossible to recover, even with the best medical care.

    So the young cikus who keep repeating that Anwar should wait his turn, and not even get himself elected as MP , I say, the nation cannot afford a leadership vacuum, if the worst unfortunately happens to PM 7.

    1. Very true on both points....most greatly aged would suddenly develop illness that rapidly deteriorate without any hope of recovery even with the best medical care.

      The other point...any rational observer would agree that Anwar must be an MP officially NOW so as to be able to immediately take the seat of the PM when it suddenly become vacant....there's too many vultures hovering around for comfort at this point in time.

  4. If Anwar loses, he will just find another fool who will give up his seat for a cool Rm20million like the army guy.

    1. Fitnah! Di mana bukti?

      Are you a Moslem? The ex-MP is also a Moslem in case you do not know.

      Even non-Moslems fear to slander else they end up being sued in court.

      Or is slandering anyone a part of your culture, upbringing and political tools of trade?

    2. john oh john....jangan jaga tepi kain orang..go selesai the cool Rm90 million walloped by your unholy bunch...let's get hold of the audio recording of that Abduh Boduh, hehehehe.