Friday, September 28, 2018

Odds against Anwar Ibrahim in PD?

Malaysiakini - What will happen if Anwar loses in PD? by Zan Azlee (extracts):

I had written in a previous instalment of my column on how the public has the perception that Anwar is just too impatient in wanting to be the prime minister ...

We all know that even before the general election last May, the Pakatan Harapan coalition already had in its plan for Anwar to succeed Dr Mahathir Mohamed as prime minister if they were to win the election. It was one of their campaign promises.

The only problem right now is that many people feel Anwar should just sit tight and wait his turn. This is not the right time for him to start pushing himself into government, the cabinet and eventually the prime ministership. [...]

Civil society has been vocal about this. Stevie Chan @youtiup @tapaimalaya has quite a following on Twitter and regular comments on local politics and social issues. He has decided to run as an independent candidate in PD to send that message to Anwar.

To date, several online surveys have already shown that Chan is leading in the popularity contest against Anwar. Other civil society groups have also expressed concern and displeasure, such as army veterans, and more recently, the “super liberals”.

Of course, everyone acknowledges his struggle and many Malaysians are very thankful for what he has done to bring change. For all those who voted for Harapan, they agree that he needed to be pardoned and released - and which he already has - immediately after Harapan’s win.

Anwar’s struggle ever since he was sacked as deputy prime minister in 1998 has been a long one. Twenty years to be exact. As much as he is a good political leader that has managed to rally the people together, he never could match what Mahathir has done - win the general election.

This is not to say that his struggle has played no role in Harapan finally winning. It definitely played a major role. But after 20 years, maybe his role was just that - to start the wheel rolling, make sure it keeps rolling, and when it has arrived at the destination, his role ends

Is that it? That Pakatan having achieved majority rule, it should be the end of Anwar's role and his Reformasi in Pakatan?

Thus, is it "Anwar, thank you & fck off"?

I look at Anwar's current dicey by-election in Port Dickson (PD), when by logic it should be a guaranteed win with a huge majority. The possible deviation from a sure win for Anwar is a result of the hostilities of 3 groups who are out to deny, sabotage and fCk him up kaukau one way or another, wakakaka.

These 3 groups are (listed as follows not in any particularly order of severity of their hostility):

(1) pro-Mahathir guppies, to wit, people especially young immature generally clueless brats who fail to realise it was Anwar's 20 years of struggle against Mahathir that have culminated-resulted in Pakatan Rakyat's victories in 2008 and 2013 and as a momentum follow-through, in 2018. Earlier (2008 & to a lesser extent, 2013) t'was only obscene gerrymandering that denied him the government. 

Only Anwar and Anwar alone could have merged PKR, DAP and PAS in a form to frighten the sh*ts out of BN (or more correctly UMNO). He bequeathed that coalition-legacy, the art of working together for ideological foes, thus the 2018 Pakatan was/is a mere consequence of his earlier efforts of doing the impossible, that of bringing ideologically disparate parties together.

Of course timing and circumstances were important and in 2013 to 2018 when political sentiments were becoming overwhelmingly anti-BN rather than pro Pakatan, Mahathir walked gnam gnam into Pakatan and benefited from Anwar's earlier hard yards.

Today these clueless pro Mahathir guppies are propagating smear campaigns against Anwar by highlighting, criticising, condemning and cursing his previous sodomy trials and his alleged sleazy slimy shenanigans, without being aware of how draconian and oppressive their now-beloved Mahathir had been for 22 years and that, ironically, it was a Mahathir's earlier (4th Reich) government that first incarcerated Anwar. The whole world had then condemned Mahathir.

The funny thing or pathetic excuse the guppies have resorted to is an appeal to critics of Mahathir to forget and forgive Mahathir's past scandals, sins and schemes, but strangely (though not so strange after all, wakakaka) not those of Anwar or Najib (wakakaka) or Zaid Ibrahim or Tan Seng Giaw or Lee Lam Thye or anyone, say, like Sangeet Kaur (daughter of Karpal Singh who was against collaborating with Mahathir), wakakaka again, as if the so-called 'sins' of Zaid, TSG or LLT, Sangeet, etc could even be a milli-fraction of those of the Big Bad Boss.

Let me quote what a Malaysiakini reader 'Not convinced' commented in the news portal interactive comment section, as follows:

Indeed, if Anwar critics are willing to accept Mahathir when he was the source of the rot in our institutions, then why not Anwar.

Anwar took the hard road of setting up a multiracial party, unlike Mahathir who belatedly joined the then opposition together with his Malay-only party.

Anwar's detractors are digging up all the things which he had done wrong when he was in Umno. The same, perhaps even more, can be dug up about Mahathir.

I’m willing to accept Mahathir despite his blemished record when he was serving in his first stint as PM. I, too, am willing to accept Anwar as I believe that new Malaysia is about everyone putting shoulder to the wheel.

goofy gullible guppies 

Yes, suck deeply on that, you goofy gullible guppies - what's good for the goose (Mahathir) should by right, logic and fairness be also good for the gander (Anwar).

(2) The second group hostile to Anwar and his prospects in the PD by-election is within PKR itself. I needn't comment on this more than to highlight the presence and reality of Anwar's 'musuh dalam selimut'.

See also FMT - PKR man repeats claims of anti-Anwar sabotage, says Isa part of conspiracy.

There cannot be more than One Tiger on a Mountain, a Chinese saying indicating there can only be One TOP Leader in one realm (be he or she the absolute ruler, President of a republic or PM of Malaysia).

Mind you, there have been dual kingship or Diarchy since ancient times, where the most famous was found in ancient Sparta and ancient Carthage (suffets or elected Judges in the latter).

The dual-Kings of Sparta or Archagetai were selected from two royal lines, the Agiads and Eurypontids who were the descendants of the twins Eurystenes and Procles, great-great-great-grandson of the legendary Heracles (Hercules to Romans). We are told the twins conquered Sparta two generations after the Trojan War.

Sorry I digress again but let's say those Spartans or Carthaginians were not Chinese hence they hadn't heard of 'There cannot be more than One Tiger on a Mountain', wakakaka.

(3) The third group are people like me who have never like Anwar from long ago mainly because of his non-reformasi character when he was in UMNO for a jolly 16 years.

However, in the present circumstance I have forgiven him (as guppies have forgiven Maddy, wakakaka) on two grounds, (a) he has suffered enough for 20 years after his UMNO expulsion and (b) there will be greater danger if someone else in Pakatan were to be selected as the next PM, wakakaka.

How then will Anwar fare in PD? Like Zan Azlee I leave the answer to you, wakakaka.


  1. I’m thinking Zaid Ibrahim for PM9.

  2. i thot anwar to be pm in 2 years is part of the deal, which is clearly convey to all msian b4 the election, so what all tis cbmf wan?

  3. The signs of Mahathirists making a comeback again are all there. The aim chiefly is power, cronism and upholding in disguise Ketuanan Melayu and his political dynasty in his home base of Kedah. Kedahans formed the majority of Mahathirists in Govt. and corporate sectors.

    While TDM himself has abandoned any hopes of reviving his rule of Mahathirism which is toxic to Reformasi, his vast following have never given up hope and dream back of the days when everyone has to follow the Mahathirism ways of governing and doing business.

    DSAI ways of Reformasi if established will see the end of Mahathirists, Bersatu, UMNO and PAS ad the beginning of a New Malaysia where a Unity Govt. means all races, religions, regions and their parties will share power.

    Mahathirists are generally opportunistic power brokers who saw the shift in power before GE14 and urge their Ceasar to go for it and claim the throne. Honestly, were Mahathirists as eager as the public trying to save the country in their fervour?

    Anyway, DSAI traded his kingship to TDM for 2 years by making the pact to save the country besides the opportunity to finally topple the behemoth UMNO.

    Who is the real saviour and always asked to sacrifice for the good of the Nation?

    How much more must DSAI sacrifice again and again to achieve his aim to reform the country and create a New Malaysia for everyone?

    Hasn't DSAI done enough compared to TDM or anyone else?

  4. Just think about it..from Anwar Ibrahim to Zaid Ibrahim...from A to Z.

    But Zaid and DAP have to play their cards right.

  5. Stevie Chan will lose his deposit.

    1. Agreed! He is living in his delusional world. I have had followed his arguments put forward in the last few days and can conclude his intelligence level is lower than any toddler.

  6. Has been agreed that pak syeikh wud succeed bapak penswastaan and to become a pm the former must be a member of parliament (this is the key) & ini bukan rahsia. So, when should he go for it merely to hold the key if not now. Stand by or contingent 'liability' maybe.

  7. Huh! Saiful will be contesting in PD too? really got butts man. Granted.

  8. "No One Is Behind Me".....ha ha good one Saiful...Good Luck.

    NB: Lots of Army folks in PD.

    Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, the man at the centre of the sodomy charge against Anwar Ibrahim that sent the PKR leader to jail three years ago, is the latest addition to a long list of individuals who have expressed their intention to contest the Port Dickson by-election.

    The former aide to the PKR president-elect confirmed to FMT that he would be filing his nomination papers for the Oct 13 by-election in Port Dickson, seen as a launchpad for Anwar’s return to Parliament.

    “I will be contesting as an independent,” he told FMT when contacted, adding that the decision was his own.

    “No one is behind me. I just want to represent the people and celebrate democracy,” he said.

    1. So Saiful finally told the truth by admitting "No One Is Behind Me". AI was wrongfully adjudged to have committed the "man to man" act....... wakakakaka

    2. Jibby gave Shitful a 'scholarship' prior to this shitman who later did not defecate for two full days, hehehehe. Look like he got another 'scholarship' now from the Man-with-deep-deep-pockets ( at least 100 billion deep )since Anwar refused to layan Jibby who in his desperation on 10th May called up Anwar twice, hehehehe.

      For his own sake, Shitful should avoid perkataan yang amat sensitif....belakang, back, behind....semua tak boleh di no no no...for the rest of his shitful life !

  9. Shitful will lose his deposit as well.