Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Damn great word 'munafik'. I have been told it means 'hypocrite'. The Bahasa word was derived from the Arabic language.

Cerita lama okay? One day, when working in KL some years back, I was with my department boss, a humorous Malay gentleman, when he rang up one of his subordinates, a section leader (let's just call him X), at around 12.30 pm during the month of Ramadan.

Now, everyone on the department knew X, though generally harmless, was an unmitigated hypocrite, saying one thing to his Muslim subordinates while doing exactly what he warned them against doing, eg. preaching about the sin of gambling while he visited Gentings almost every weekend, wakakaka, and not only that, would on Monday mornings be moaning about his inevitable loss at the cards (but only to his non-Muslim staff members) wakakaka again.

Anyway, while waiting for X to pick up the ringing phone, my boss winked at me and said (words to the effect): "If X doesn't pick up the phone, I'll love to hear what excuse he has for not being present in his office as he doesn't need lunch during Ramadan".

Wakakaka, such was the quirky humour of my old boss.

As would have it, X indeed wasn't around and my boss subsequently had a real gala time teasing him. My boss wasn't punitive, oppressive nor vindictive, seeing only the funny side of sins committed by X and many others, including himself. He was really a humble self-critical bloke and loved to joke. The old gentleman had since left us for better place - al Fatihah - I do miss the kindly man, his humorous views of the world and indeed his jokes, not forgetting his missus' lovely nasi lemak and various kueh-mueh.

Anyway, fast forward to the present, on to the subject of another set of Arabic words, to wit, 'kafir harbi' with which our dear and most remarkable Pahang Mufti had recently labeled those who oppose PAS' proposed amendment bill to increase the quantum of punishments the syariah courts can hukum offenders of Islamic laws.

Yalah, punish punish punish kau kau kau - syioknya!

Kafir harbi are murderous words or words with a murderous intent as they signal to the devout Muslims that those so labelled are belligerent infidels and could be legitimately killed or as stated, halal to spill their blood.

By the way, don't depend on the IGP to arrest him for seditious utterances as his statement had been made with a political objective (someone's objective) in mind, namely, to deter any would be Muslim supporter of DAP from continuing their support for the kafir harbi. That's why he has so pompously and recalcitrantly refused to withdraw those murderous words

Look mateys, he is nothing more than just another BN macai but one wearing a serban and yelling from the pulpit rather than one carrying a stick or parang.

But let's see what sort of mufti he is. Farouk Peru, a MM Online journalist wrote of him:

Firstly, on the obviously political bias being employed by Abdul Rahman. It must be remembered that the largest political party most unfortunately for the nation is the Malay-Muslim Umno. Despite PAS’s pressure to implement Shariah law, Umno has resisted all this while.

If Umno was truly committed to its implementation, they would have cast aside their coalition partners for the sake of “Islam.” No, they chose to remain in power (back then MCA and MIC actually mattered) and put Shariah in second place. Are they kafir harbi or at least munafik (hypocrites)?

Not a peep from Abdul Rahman. Secondly, is Abdul Rahman himself implementing Shariah? Ok, I admit he cannot ratify the barbaric hudud laws but where is his denouncement of Malaysia’s Las Vegas in his home state? I don’t recall any condemnation from him because his Dar al-Islam (abode of Islam) is being compromised?

If he was a staunch believer in Shariah, he would have resigned and have no part in this policy. He is no better than those who served YAPEIM and enjoyed golfing holidays at their expense.

And this has been the part that shows Mufti Abdul Rahman Osman to be a munafik, a hypocrite:

... but where is his denouncement of Malaysia’s Las Vegas in his home state? I don’t recall any condemnation from him because his Dar al-Islam (abode of Islam) is being compromised? If he was a staunch believer in Shariah, he would have resigned and have no part in this policy ...



  1. 1. a police report has been made against that serban guy for issuing seditious statement. sama2 kita tengok.

    2. existence of all political parties as well as branches of executive, legislative, judiciary & constitutional monarchy because of the federal constitution which is secular. so there are no such terms as kafir harbi or dhimmi (non-muslim citizens).

    3. democracy & theology are not compatible - impossible to co-exist.

    4. as mentioned earlier, inilah peninggalan mat salleh kepada rakyat malaya/malaysia - booby trap atau time bomb.

    1. '..inilah peninggalan mat salleh kepada rakyat malaya/malaysia - booby trap stay time bomb.'

      Blame everything on the legacy of the colonial mat salleh! How convenience, indeed.

      The biggest challenge that M'sia is facing now IS the misinterpretations of that peninggalan pak unta's sectoral Abrahamic faith.

    2. kalau orang berak dihalaman rumah kita & dah berambus, sendiri kena cuci, bukan bermain dengan benda jijik tu. ada faham?

    3. Samax2 dengan pak unta's sectoral faith, betul tak?

    4. pak unta bergadoh sesama sendiri, tapi non-pak unta pun turut terlibat. mat salleh ketawa dari jauh.

  2. I would subscribe to Dr Mohd Asri Zainal Abidin's opinion on this issue.

    1. 1. it was not a fatwa from the mufti of pahang (merely a statement). a fatwa requires consent from the sultan & then gets gazetted.
      2. the perlis mufti categorized non-muslim malaysian as ahl-zimmah (zimmi or dhimmi literally means a protected person living in a country ruled by muslims). question; are all 222 federal 700+ state law-makers muslims? and how about jizya (protection tax)?. on the contrary, muslims & non-muslims alike are paying similar kinds of taxes such as cukai tanah, pintu, cukai pendapatan thru lhdn & zakat is optional for muslims. negara islam?
      3. wud like to stress again - negara islam tidak ujud kerana allah (swt) adalah rabbulalamin (lord of the words).

      Sahih International: Say, "Travel through the land and observe how He began creation. Then Allah will produce the final creation. Indeed Allah , over all things, is competent."
      (quran 29:20)
      4. islamic state, islamic banking? hudud & etc are mortals' innovations.

    2. “Just as We have sent among you a messenger from yourselves reciting to you Our verses and purifying you and teaching you the Book and wisdom and teaching you that which you did not know”. [Al-Qur’an 2:151]

      From the above, I am of the opinion that, the present system (secular) actually grew up on the ruins of Islamic society which blossomed and died out and had gone into the limbo of the past. Now, is that society practicing minimal Islam, i.e. of religious rites/piety, personal and family law only? My answer is no.

      The religion of Islam was an autonomous civilization then, and that its body of knowledge has been preserved, and resources exist to recapture the continuity of meaning in the aforesaid society inherent in the Book(s) of Allah.

      I do believe that that Islamic society deserves rehabilitation and honour. But you and the West have repudiated it and give the blanket application of the term fundamentalism/ extremism.

      The Western society/civilization has so captivated your mind to the extent that the expedients of the West have become the criteria of right and wrong. The soundness of an opinion is exclusively determined in the light of Western practices and precedents. To you, perhaps, this is the correct approach to knowledge/wisdom. How can we move forward then?

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. 'How can we move forward then?' senang saja.

      Follow those who do not ask of you [any] payment, and they are [rightly] guided (quran 36:21)

      O you who have believed, fear Allah and be with those who are true. (quran 19:119)

      buat ini dulu sebelum sentuh tentang hukum hakam. itu pun kalau percaya.

    5. moving forward..

      "al-qur'an ini adalah pentunjuk". (45:11)

      "al-qur'an ini adalah pedoman bagi manusia, petunjuk dan rahmat bagi kaum yang meyakini". (45:20)

      "inilah kitab.. Kami yang menuturkan kepadamu dengan sebenar-benarnya". (45:29)

    6. If al-Quran is the ultimate reference, jadi APA pula bagi hadith2 yg supplemental to Quran?

      Memang org2 yg tersenang di confuse kan!

    7. sila rujuk @ hasan 2:37pm.. scroll di atas.. surah 2:151.. ALLAH's messenger nabi muhammad s.a.w akan mengajar his followers the al qur'an via his sayings (hadith) dan juga his actions/perbuatan (sunnah).. al qur'an, hadith dan sunnah akan menjadi batu asas/bedrock kepada hukum hakam syariah.

    8. Jadi....

      ALLAH's messenger nabi muhammad s.a.w akan mengajar his followers the al qur'an via his sayings (hadith) dan juga his actions/perbuatan (sunnah),

      betul ka?

      Maka, adakah youtube tu;

      fitnah atau bohong?

      Hadith dan sunnah have given many BAD names to yr prophet by the ulama caste throughout the history of Islam!

      Unlike Quran, they r the batu asas/bedrock kepada hukum hakam syariah of FEAR & LUST.

      Mohammad will curse u guys from the seven Al Janah!!!

    9. ck.. on the day if you manage to meet Prophet Muhammad s.a.w., kau bertanyalah kepada Rasulullah sendiri ya.. al-qur'an 70:36-39

    10. I DON'T equate myself to be on par with the prophet, coz I have many more shortfalls than him.

      Thus, meeting him in person on Al Janah COULD never becoming of me. Neither will u, I strongly believe.

      In this day of Laylat al Qadr, when the Quran was supposed to be revealed to the world, & yet there r supposed Muslimat WHO cannot understand the very 1st word - READ - of that holy scripture!

      READ &THINK - goes together.

      & not to be blindly lead by whosoever, the long list of prophets to the last inclusively!

      U guys has failed the very 1st doctrine of submission as required by ISLAM.

      That makes u what?

      A failed Muslim in denial!!!!!
      A kafir in every sense!!!!!

    11. al-qur'an 41:26 ~ "Dan orang-orang yang kafir berkata, 'Janganlah kamu mendengarkan (bacaan) al-qur'an ini dan buatlah kegaduhan terhadapnya, agar kamu dapat mengalahkan (mereka)".

  3. very enlightening views on Islamic teachings, but regarding this post, we seem to be drifting far away from the post's thread - in other words, do you think the Pahang mufti is munafik?