Friday, June 17, 2016

12 million bullshits

Ransom money to the tune of RM12 million was collected to free 4 kidnapped Sarawakians in the hands of Abu Sayyaf.

we didn't get a single ringgit 

The 4 hostages were released.

Police said no ransom was paid.

['twas said Abu Sayyaf was forced by local Pinoys to release them because of the ban on barter trading by Malaysia which had forced the price of essential items in MIndanao to skyrocket, causing immense hardship in Pinoy-Land]

The families of the 4 said the RM12 million were handed over to the Police Special Branch (SB).

The Police SB refused to comment when queried by reporters.

Then the deputy IGP said he was unaware of any ransom paid to secure the release of the four. He suggested that the reporters ask the family members of the hostages, BUT who had already said the money were handed over to the SB.

Home Minister said the money had been channeled to charitable bodies in the Philippines but refused to name who were those organizations.

Why refused to name the organizations? However, in saying so, he has acknowledged police receipt of the ransom money.

Now, the IGP said the SB did not receive the money, full stop. He said: “I am denying that the Special Branch had received the money. I don’t know and I don’t want to know.”

Apart from contradicting the Home Minister, the IGP showed a rather cavalier attitude to a serious case of RM12 million ransom money gone missing, which to remind everyone, the families of the hostages had said had been handed over to the SB.

Can the IGP say he does NOT want to know about a case of RM12 million gone missing, especially when the recipient had been alleged to be the SB?

Perhaps the answer is 'yes' because over the last 25 years, hundreds of billions (not just millions) of ringgit had allegedly gone missing without the police noticing that let alone recovering any.

Anyway, I've already formed my speculated conclusion where the money is, and I suspect it's not in the Philippines.

But I want Raja Bomoh to confirm the money's whereabouts.

if Nik Raina (Borders' manager) had only come to seek my help, she would have been safe from JAWI as I have been and still am, wakakaka 

If he can't, then I would request Pak Haji Hadi Awang who seems to have a direct connection to Allah swt to find out in his daily prayers.


  1. One would wonder why Zahid opened his mouth too soon and shot off a statement that is damaging to the government. As a veteran politician he should be streetwise enough not to make such a statement as it implies that the home ministry/police are now an agent for converting ransom money to donations to be diverted to charities (is this part of police SOP or Act?).

    1. I suspect he was trying to defend the SB, wakakaka. The fact that he did so proves the SB received the money. But the IGP has made himself bloody unpopular with his political boss.

    2. Yeah, but then it will not be appropriate to talk about channeling money to an organisation that shall not be named, right on the heels another episode of money being channeled from a donor that shall not be named.

      (Are such modes of operation becoming the norm?)