Wednesday, June 22, 2016

close JAWI down

JAWI or Jabatan Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan, the Islamic department for the Federal Territory, should be closed down for good.

JAWI had and has behaved badly, acting beyond the law in harassing and persecuting Muslims in an arrogant cruel and unaccountable manner.

Malaysia is not a moderate Islamic state but a Islamic fundamentalist state

They say "3 strikes and you're out" and JAWI's 3 strikes have been:

(a) Zouk nightclub disgrace

A BBC report on the JAWI raid of Zouk::

New allegations have surfaced about misconduct by Malaysia's religious police during a raid on a top Kuala Lumpur nightclub last month.

More than 100 plainclothes officers from the Federal Territories Islamic Department (JAWI) detained young Muslims at the Zouk nightclub.

Female detainees complained of sexual harassment by officers and the incident has led to a heated debate about the department's future.

Eyewitnesses have now told the BBC that officers assaulted and severely beat members of the club's staff.

"Up to 150 of them came in," one witness said. "They didn't identify themselves, they didn't show any ID cards. They just forced their way in and started pushing people around."

The sources also said that non-Muslim patrons, including tourists, who were outside the officers' jurisdiction, also reported being threatened with violence.

In the days after the raid it emerged that dozens of young women were held for up to 10 hours without access to a toilet, long after male detainees had been released.

A number of women said religious officers ordered them to pose in their nightclub outfits while others were asked lewd questions about their genitalia.

JAWI would neither confirm nor deny the allegations.

The incident prompted Malaysia's cabinet to discuss the future of the religious police.

Cabinet minister and former law minister Rais Yatim said after the meeting that he believed crime should be a matter for the police and morality for the family. [...]

A reader, SI Azhar, angered by the officers' alleged most unIslamic behaviour behaviour said:

"If the reports were true, the officers [who] committed those acts were no better than hypocrites, trying to uphold good values of Islam but themselves never follow[ing] it. You have ashamed us fellow Malays and Muslims. Just tell me, how can we encourage non-Muslims to embrace Islam with this kind of attitude?!"

In neighbouring Selangor, there was a far worse case in 2006, when we read in NST about the lustful leery lascivious behaviour of a JAIS officer who caught an unfortunate woman for khalwat.

The poor sweetie had gone to the JAIS office in Gombak the day after her embarrassing encounter with JAIS, in a vain hope to 'settle' the case amicably. However, she claimed she got more than she bargained for.

She was molested and forced to perform oral sex on said JAIS officer as an inducement to let her off the hook. She also alleged the officer used criminal force to outrage her modesty by caressing her breasts and kissing her on the lips.

So much for these 'warriors' of Islam who had on a number of occasions resorted to violence even on minor infringements such as khalwat - read this. Obviously those officers love to flex their muscles.

(b) illegal feral bullying, harassment and relentless persecution of innocent Nik Raina, manager at Birders bookstore/

The persecution (not just prosecution) of Nik Raina is probably the worst case of misusing the name of religion to intimidate a woman. JAWI obviously wanted to punish her as manager of Borders KL for selling banned books even though JAWI's prohibition on those books was issued only 6 days after they had raided Borders and charged her.

Thus who the fuck knew the books were banned, certainly not sweetie. Maybe they had expected sweetie to see into the future, using Raja Bomoh's twin-kelapa crystal ball.

Nik Raina should have come to see me. Those JAWI pansies don't have the 'coconuts' to touch me. They only dare to bully sweeties 

But both the civil and syariah court had the sense to dismiss the charges against her, though I questioned the syariah court's dismissal as 'qualified' that it did not amount to an acquittal, despite and in spite of the sequence of events which led to the stupid charge was evidently clear she was totally innocent.

Wait, there's more. FMT reported on another sin of the syariah court prosecutor, in personally serving notice of appeal directly to her in what was seen as a further act of intimidation.

Nik Raina, 38, broke down and wept in her office after she received the notice of appeal, which had been served on her instead of through her lawyer.

Their aim seems to be to intimidate her even if that required breach of legal procedures - such was their arrogance. They didn't seem to care about the law unless the law allowed them to bully their targeted victims.

Yes, the aim would seem to be that, frightened the sh*t out of women, hopefully punished them to terrify the rest of the public into obeying, complying and stuff far worse, and not about legal justice which had already ruled Nik Raina was innocent.

Some people just cannot handle power, and as I have just mentioned, would feel an overriding compulsive and sometimes addictive need to exercise that power.

(c) illegal detention and prosecution or more correctly, persecution of Kassim Ahmad

The Court of Appeal found the religious body's actions against Kassim Ahmad including a cross-border arrest and a detention exceeding 24 hours to be illegal.

Court of Appeal judge Vernon Ong, sitting together with judges Datuk Abdul Rahman Sebli and Datuk Hasnah Mohammed Hashim, delivered a three-man bench's unanimous ruling in favour of 82-year-old Kassim Ahmad, a Kedah resident.

To those JA-organizations I'm the most dangerous man in Malaysia despite being 82-years old. That's because I said: “This priesthood caste did not exist at the time of the Prophet or the four caliphs. They only emerged about 300 years later by appointing themselves as interpreter of religion for Muslims.”

“They (Muslims) view their religious leaders like gods and goddesses, that these leaders are seen to be protected from maksum (protected from sin) and must decide on everything about their lives.”

The judges said the warrant of arrest on Kassim was defective as it did not comply with statutory requirements and that Kassim's rights under Article 5 of the Federal Constitution was violated with his overnight detention “which exceeded 24 hours” and when he was denied access to lawyers.

The judges pointed out that Kassim was charged by the FT chief syarie prosecutor with a “non-offence”, saying the Kedah resident is not obliged to comply with a fatwa or religious edict in the Federal Territories.

It's not just JAWI has a propensity to act beyond the law but it has shown it likes to punish people beyond the strictures of Islam, even unto being un-Islamic in its actions as were demonstrated in their officers' lascivious lustful lecherous behavior in the Zouk nightclub incident, the malicious persecution of Nik Raina and the vindictive detention of Kassim Ahmad.

JAWI has been a total disgrace to Islam. To protect the good name of Islam, JAWI must be closed down and its staff dismissed.


  1. Why is there no outcry from the majority of the Malaysians?

    In the eyes of the people of the faith, the authorities are defending their religion, and they do not see it in the way as you written.

    Like it or not, JAWI will continue.

  2. they have been doing all these in name of defending & protecting the religion. soalannya ialah mempertahan dari siapa?

  3. Yes,close Jawi dowm.And let those horndogs in Jawi pay for their own lust for pussies.Jawi is a fucking disgrace.

  4. kt dengan ka sama aje.. membakar kelambu kerana marahkan nyamuk. are asking the malays/muslims to "throw the bath water with the babies". perhaps ka might do just that.. ha ha

    1. the people JAWI has bullied, harassed and persecuted have all been Muslims. But alas, except for a few brave individuals like Kassim Ahmad, Marina Mahathir, Mariam Mokhtar, Muslims in general dare not speak out at the iniquities of and acts of injustice perpetrated by departments such as JAWI, JAIS, JAKIM

    2. KT you are just being too courteous, too kind....... wakakaka ........ why are you so afraid to point out, one of your commentator has a very apt description of one of the group of 'them' people ...... i.e. 'blur sotong'. Anything the mullah including those so called 'leaders' who were lucky to be in the right place at the right time, etc, say, pertaining to the 3'R's were always right. therefore how dare they say otherwise?

  5. and this is why u will never win the heart of Muslim...there are those who give 'kritikan membina' and they are those who give 'degrading remark' of's like how can improve Chinese BM in SJKC versus let's close down SJKC for failing to produce good BM speaker....then I can start showing other bad things abt SKJC...but alas for a few brave Chinese individuals...and streotyping that Chinese in general dare not speak out against SJKC

    1. sadly you're in denial. The people who have been 'degrading' have been JAWI officers. But then I suppose you can't see

      vernacular schooling is another issue which FYI I have not PERSONALLY supported though I have blogged on it several times

      jangan cuba menggunakan isu sekolah bahasa cina melindungi tindakan2 JAWI yang jelek and menindas. Siapa pula yang tertindas olih JAWI?