Sunday, October 04, 2015

Secret about Chinese Malaysians

In June this year I penned a post titled One myth about Chinese Malaysians which debunked the bull that Chinese don't fancy joining the Civil Services or Armed Forces because of the low pay. You can read it to gauge my reasonings.

Today Lim Kit Siang debunks another of Mahathir's bull, in an article in Malaysia titled Dr M wrong to say Chinese put communal interests first.

Allow me to whisper to you a Chinese secret or rather a secret about the Chinese - what they put first is their family, not ethnicity.

But then you may ask, what about the nation and patriotism and all that? Well, let me tell you that to me, the cries of patriotism are over-rated and usually hypocritical, especially self claims of patriotism, because as Samuel Johnson once told us "Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel".

But if you want to know a Chinese Malaysian patriot, there's the late Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng and several others named in my post Chinese policemen, which narrated the sacrifices and services of Chinese Malaysian policemen and military personnel, several of whom were awarded the Seri Pahlawan Gagh Perkasa and Pingat Gagah Berani.

the late Tan Sri Yuen Yuet Leng

reputed as the man who destroyed the Communist Party of Malaysia

Sadly, as we were informed by the late Tan Sri Yuen, many of these heroes did not survive (executed by the CPM) to return back to public eyes, and their identities remained confidential until as such time the Malaysian government deems it okay to reveal their services-sacrifices to the nation. Given the current acrimonious ethnic situation, it's more likely those Chinese Malaysians will have to remain as unknown heroes.

Yes, their deaths-sacrifices were part of the shadowy world of the Police Special Branch which during the Emergency infiltrated and inserted these men into the very heart of the various communist terrorist groups. I believe two of them are known, SP* Paul Kiong and DSP* Sia Boon Chee, both of whom were awarded the SP by DYMM Agong.

* their ranks while in service

Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa

Malaysian's highest award for gallantry 

In my 2010 post for the Centre for Policy Initiatives titled I wish to remain a M’sian – KTemoc replies Kadir Jasin I wrote:

Did and do my uncles love Malaysia any less because they are of Chinese descent? Have they been regretful of their personal sacrifices because they and their children are lesser citizens than those recent arrivals from neighbouring countries who were once our nation’s enemies?

Well, let's talk about some of their police and military compatriots, people to whom the nation owes incredible debts to such as police superintendent Paul Kiong, police deputy superintendent Sia Boon Chee and Capt. V. Mohana Chandran – recipients of Malaysia’s highest gallantry honour, the Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa (SP) conferred by the Agong

Then there were those awarded the Pingat Gagah Berani (PGB) like the late lieutenants Choo Yoke Boo and Chang Tatt Min of the RMAF who both died in action, and 2nd Lt David Fu Chee Ming of the 4th battalion, Royal Rangers.

When a soldier, sailor or airman is wounded in the service of his country, regardless of his race, religion, culture, education or social origin, the colour of his blood he sheds is red. When he is killed, the colour of his bones is white.

He is proud to be a Malaysian who has served Malaysia, in some cases with the ultimate sacrifice. He did all these without first considering what was his race or religion, or whether he was a pribumi, which was why he unhesitatingly put his blood and body where his heart was –Tanah tumpahnya darahku!

And precisely because of this, while my uncles and their Indian friends in the Armed Forces have been proud and grateful they have inherited their rich legacies of thousands of years of culture and history, they are even more proud to be Malaysians, because they were born here as citizens. Malaysia is their Motherland.

They utilise the best moral lessons of their socio-cultural inheritance to enhance themselves and their children to be even better Malaysians and not as Chinese or Indians suffering from a bad case of hubristic snobbery or territorial intolerance.

 no longer feel the need to brandish their proud ethnic heritage as if these should be like a special pass which entitles them and their heirs to privileges beyond those available to other fellow Malaysians.

If fate had decreed that my uncles were to perish in their battles against the terrorists, as did some of their compatriots, they would have been proud to go into the next world as Malaysians.

Having served their nation, my uncles would not have been unduly worried who or what would stumble across their corpses. For their Maker would know them by their deeds on earth and to their country, and not by the indicators in their identity cards or military dog tags.

Malaysia negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku!

In fact if I may be so bold as to say, the Chinese not only invented the Civil Service (as mentioned in my post One myth about Chinese Malaysians) but also understood real patriotism for aeons, and recognizing, honouring and celebrating it as they have done for more than two and a half thousand years in their Dragon Boat pageant on the 5th day of the 5th moon of each Chinese lunar-solar year to honour Qu Yuan.

And from this paean to a Chinese patriot we get the rice dumpling (zongzi in Mandarin, bah-chang in Penang Hokkien) which carries a very special cultural meaning.

But let's leave patriotism aside as this has to be seen in terms of action and real sacrifice, not just by screaming mere words. The Chinese priorities would be something along this line:
  • procreate (sons) to perpetuate the family line. Confucius said that a man's greatest sin was in not doing so. I admit and am glad that today's Chinese don't care so much about the gender of their children (girls today are just as great as sons) as much as their children's health, intelligent and well-being, the last of which includes education
  • the concept of 3 daily 'bowls of rice', even if this has to be achieved by selling pirate DVDs
  • as mentioned in dot-point (1) above, their children's education especially for those not so well off, to enable their children to bloom like lotus, which rises up from the muddy dirty water (poverty) and bloom in glorious splendour through education, qualification and a career.

Sadly, Mahathir has frequently showed his resentment of the Chinese, perhaps because:

(a) in 1969 they voted him out in favour of PAS' Yusof Rawa in Kota Setar Selatan,

(b) they saved his political skin in 1999 which must have embarrassed him kau kau, and

(c) read my 2012 post Wiping out the Malay race? to understand his resentment.

Anyway, I'm glad Lim Kit Siang has finally come back to his senses, wakakaka.



  1. but yr generation of chinese include yr penang lang give their votes to mahathir, almost every election. so yr point is? the chinese shd continue support umno by giving our vote to najib n support najib?

    we chinese r not interested in yr axe to grind, whether it is mahathir or anwar, n lks is much sensible than u the najib n his red guards apologist.

  2. Lim Kit Siang has not finally come back to his senses - they never left in the first place.
    He excoriates Mahathir when he deserves it , as in the latest incident, and cooperates with Mahathir where it makes sense , as in the 1MDB case and the Najib multi-billion ringgit personal transactions.

    That's the trouble you get with people like Ktemoc who get trapped in perpetual personal vendettas, against Anwar, against PKR and against Mahathir.

    1. that's the trouble with you taxi sapu people, wakakaka

  3. F*, thanks for your comment but I won't publish it as I don't want to be arrested for sedition, wakakaka. But I think most Malaysians are aware of the story behind that arsehol's sedition, wakakaka again

  4. During the time of Tunku,our special branch was among one of the best in the world.Today,we are a few notches below among the best.

    Why our special branch is now a few notches below among the best?Well,political interference.Using our top police intelligence to monitor the activities of the opposition.Well,ketuahnan Melayu works both ways and is a double edge sword.

    Now is the 21st century.Those morons still embedded in the ketuahan Melayu mentality better see the shrink,before their pea brains shrink.Or stick their pea brains inside the camels asses.Go figure.

    1. Ah see what happens when u take your hot flush medication? No more fantasies about disgusting deviant sexual acts. That part about camels asses was ok la I suppose. Maybe you should increase your dosage. Hehehe.

  5. The China Ambassador's visit to Petaling Street at a controversial moment in time, no doubt encouraged by local Chinese groups, and with full approval from the China Foreign Ministry has reinforced the Malay view that the Chinese in Malaysia are fundamentally untrustworthy.

    There has always been a suspicion amongst the Malays about the loyalty of the majority of Chinese in Malaysia. Notwithstanding the sacrifices of the brave minority of volunteers in the uniformed services, especially in the early years after Merdeka.

    The Communist insurgency would have petered out within a couple of years, if not for the treachery of many Chinese in providing aid and comfort to the Enemy.
    In the early years, those born in China, or 1st generation born in Malaya viewed China as the mother country, and there lay their primary allegiance.

    A different dynamic is at work today, among the younger generation Chinese.
    95% of whom attended vernacular school, most of whom can hardly speak a single sentence of correct Bahasa Malaysia.

    Their entire world view revolves around Zhungguo, and they are Chinese first and foremost, Malaysians a distant last.

    1. I hate to say this and I normally don't but alas your silly comment forced me to do so.

      Without Chinese Malaysians like Yuen Yuet Leng, Paul Kiong, Sia Boon Chee, Chang Tatt Meng, Choo Yoke Boo, David Foo Chee Ming and countless others including those heroic men who perished as unknown un-named soldiers in the jungles of Malaya and Sarawak, clowns like those UMNO Red Shirts would have been working in the padi fields, palm oil plantations and rubber estates like indentured slaves and coolies under a dictatorial communist regime instead of enjoying themselves lepak-ing and (with the financial and authoritative backing of unseen powers) terrorizing minorities who only want to make a living.

    2. warrior,

      1&2 para - up to u.

      3 para - not necessary the case. without chinese, there is a possibility that more malay would become communist. n not many spore chinese turn to become communist. thus yr accusation is baseless

      4 para - can agree.

      5 para - many chinese kids can speak decent malay language, but definitely not as good as malay, however many can writes better, for the sake of exam. n there r more n more malay that speak english, essentially the language that bond the various race is perhaps english.

      6 para - u know very little of chinese from both msia n china, n thats not my problem.

      kt is as usual, wrong. red guard is in fact the red communist under a communist dictator, who he wholeheartedly support. there r still uncounted msian especially the malay n native sabah sarawak that have to work their ass off in padi fields, palm oil plantation n rubber estate under this red communist regime.

  6. Chinese are this and that, Malays are this and that.....
    This ugly racial politicking will likely go and on as long as there is political mileage to be made....
    UMNO has been playing this game for decades. Mahathir most of all.
    Najib , facing threats to his position over 1MDB and his Multi-Billion Ringgit personal transactions is milking this for as far as he dares to go....

    I can't say DAP is completely innocent on this subject either. Some of the arguments with PAS have gone rather bad. Mostly over Hudud, but inevitably has racial overtones because Malay = Muslim under the Constitution.

    Even GST, a mainly financial and cost-of-living issue has been heavily racialised.
    9 months after GST implementation, the cost of living has gone up tremendously, and virtually no prices any goods have come down. Zilch.

    Small businesses are finding it very difficult and slow to claim back their Input Tax, which in the mechanism of GST implementation ought to be near-automatic, just as Business paying Kastam for Output Tax should be automatic.

    If Kastam treats Input Tax Claim back as some kind of special privilege, which can be denied as they see fit, not a due process right, the whole GST logic breaks down.

    Small retailers, especially, if they have great difficulty to claim back the Input Tax, will bake the cost of their Input Tax into their Selling Price, and that will be a very damaging snowball effect.

    As the whole system teeters, UMNO has gone to the ground to blame the cost of living increase on "profiteering by Chinese Traders".

    That sentiment lies at the back of the ugly race-based scenes at Low Yat Plaza, and also Petaling Street.

    1. agreed with you good analysis. The GST is a good form of tax which in the general case should be cost neutral or near cost neutral to most consumers but alas, due to our inefficient and in some sectors, corrupt bureaucracy, has instead make goods cost more. I have to admit it has been implemented too hastily without adequate education and training

    2. as i said before, unlike the NEP, malaysia is not the first country to implement the tax, why is it done differently.

      so, the wakil rakyat who really care about the welfare of the rakyat are those who are yet to gain ruling power or dah hilang kuasa. bekas2 wakil rakyat pun dah jadi malaikat.

      yg turun hanya air hujan & susu getah.

    3. Re: GST
      Do you know that the GST is one of the election promises made by Najib in his election manifesto ? And now this promised have been fulfilled.
      See "A Promise of Hope, BN2013" page 15. The promised item :
      "Reforming the existing tax structure towards a more broad-based tax system and gradually reducing personal and corporate tax"

      So now you have a 6% tax imposed on everybody irrespective of whether they are rich or poor. At the same time, income tax rates have been reduced, and this benefits only those eligible for income tax, i.e. with monthly income above RM4,000 (approx. from my calculations).

      Next month is the mid-point of the mandate given to BN in GE13. For those of you who want to check the progress of BN's promises, you can find the text version here: