Saturday, October 24, 2015

Preemptive Strike in Machiavellian PKR?

The Star Online - It's just a rumour, says Saifuddin on "Rawang Move"

don't turn around mate, it might be a stiletto next


Has someone in PKR launched a preemptive strike against Saifuddin Abdullah?

But first, what is a "preemptive strike"?

There are many definitions and explanations in the dictionary and on the web. Let's use this one from the Free Dictionary:

A first-strike attack with nuclear weapons carried out to destroy an enemy's capacity to respond. A preemptive strike is based on the assumption that the enemy is planning an imminent attack.

It's not the best definition there is. Firstly, a preemptive strike might not involve nuclear weapons at all. Secondly, it might not have the assumption of an enemy planning an imminent attack.

Let me provide two examples: firstly, in the 6-Day War between Israel and Egypt there was no nuclear weapons involved; secondly, in the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on 07 December 1941 the USA had not planned any attack on Japan, let alone an imminent one.

Japan preemptively attacked the US Navy in the Pacific because she was about to attack British, Dutch and American possessions in SE Asia and didn't want the powerful American Pacific naval force to interfere nor obstruct its invasion.

Anyway, preemptive attack in politics means you attack a potential enemy or rival before the enemy or rival poses problems to your own career plans and/or ambitions including an attack on you.

So, has someone preemptively attack Saifuddin by saying there was a 'Rawang Move' a la the 'Kajang Move' where a sacrificial PKR goat, usually a PKR Chinese ADUN, would make way to create a by-election for a party princeling?

The 'Kajang Move' saw the ouster of Khalid Ibrahim, who admittedly had been a stubborn man who didn't understand his party's instruction to vacate the Selangor MB position and his obligation to obey party instructions.

the indignity of it, not even a professional razor sharp steel stiletto

but a lousy satay stick with splinters and all - bastards 

Perhaps someone fears Saifuddin Abdullah as another Zaid Ibrahim, gaining significant prominence and ascendancy in PKR, and with this preemptive strike, a rumoured/false allegation (more of an accusation) of a coup a la the overburnt Kajang Satay, aims to put Saifuddin and his backers on the defensive.

But frankly, if there is indeed a faction backing Saifuddin for higher office, such preemptive strike will not deter the faction's intention, that is, if there ever has been one.

If there's ever a more politically Machiavellian party than UMNO, guess which party? Wakakaka.


  1. 'If there's ever a more politically Machiavellian party than UMNO, guess which party?'

    dap. look what the lim faction did in melacca, penang n now johor.

    1. gotcha, that's why I said (in previous post) your PKR-rista concerns for LKS were all croc tears, wakakaka

    2. Being critical of internal DAP political maneuvers does not negate one from being able to recognise and speak against the injustice which has been meted out to Lim Kit Siang by Ktemoc's beloved Najib's puppet Speaker Pundek-ar Amin Tak Mulia.

      It is not crocodile tears.

      In fact HY is light-years ahead of Ktemoc in mentality, since Ktemoc has opted to remain silent, neutral, perhaps even supportive of his Beloved Najib government's punishment of Lim Kit Siang.

    3. wakakaka, you are so childish and reckless in your accusations, so adamant at getting at me regardless, that you amuse rather than offend me, wakakaka again

  2. perhaps it is Saifuddin's pre-emptive rights lor.. who knows?