Thursday, May 15, 2014

Karma is a bitch?

Have a new post Karmic Lot of PKR Indians? at my other blog BolehTalk.

no, not her! She's Rishika, a Tamil actress, yum yum


  1. This lass sure is a beauty.Is she still available?

  2. Kaytee,
    Manika is an Azmin's man just like Rafizi. I believe DAP would be quite receptive in getting people like him. Jenapala is a bankrupt. Nalla and Gobala......Never trust anyway. I am more focus on the teluk intan by election. PKR can go mampus along with HY for all you know. Hahahaha1
    Now more interesting development coming in sarawak politics. SPDP would be imploded. Perhaps, good news for DAP because DAP can makan bintulu. New party coming called Teras. Now I am figuring who is playing tricks over here. Najib or Mahmud