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PKR - Reformasi 2.0 or EC 2.0?

Just like 'charity', PKR's 'Justice for all' should begin at home


Flash back to November 2010:

Haris Ibrahim, respected as an independent political voice of Malaysian conscience, questioned the integrity of the PKR party polling for the deputy president position, which was originally contested by 3 persons, Azmin Ali, Mustaffa Kamil Ayub and Zaid Ibrahim.

On the morning of 08 November Zaid Ibrahim withdrew from the contest and also resigned every one of his PKR appointments and positions, obviously in utter disgust with the party's election process for the deputy president position.

Haris posed a query to PKR regarding its questionable party election process in his post Indeed, who is lying?

In Haris' post, it'd appear that Dr Molly Cheah, the chair of the PKR central election committee (JPP) was not oversighting the election process for the party’s deputy president, while the secretariat was.

Incidentally, I believe it might have been Terence Netto who described Dr Molly Cheah as a deer caught in a car's headlights, wakakaka.

I once wrote that despite hundreds of complaints from other PKR candidates and branches, the JPP remained bizarrely silent.

JPP PKR 2010?


When Brother Haris handed over a PKR ballot paper for the party's deputy presidential contest to Dr Molly Cheah, she responded that was the first she knew about it. But what did she then do about the serious reach of security in the party polls?

RPK did praise Dr Molly Cheah as an honest person, and I’ve no doubt everyone agreed with that.

But Malaysiakini journalist Terence Netto wrote about Dr Cheah’s cluelessness and lack of know-now in her role as the principal monitor of the PKR party elections. Obviously her personal honesty was not enough. She should have taken a more assertive participation rather than (as we understand from Haris) leave it to the party secretariat to do her job. Incidentally, I believe Saifuddin Nasution was then in charge of the secretariat.

Netto asked: ... what plans are there for the re-education of Dr Molly Cheah, the PKR lead election monitor, who was plucked from obscurity and named to her important role rather like one Fairus Khairuddin, who was similarly hoisted from nowhere and made deputy chief minister of Penang in March 2008.

... Her only qualification for the important post of chief election monitor seems to have been her friendship for Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, PKR president and fellow doctor. Cheah has no known track record in anything except general practice medicine.

In the event, when complaints about irregularities in the election process began to sweep in from the Zaid Ibrahim camp, Cheah was like a deer caught in the headlights: she simply had no clue about what was happening, not a very reassuring spectacle for a party with pretensions to take over Putrajaya.

Perhaps fence-sitting voters see in the saga of Cheah an uncanny prefiguring of what a PKR-led Pakatan government could be about: an apparition that wafts in and wafts out.

The Malaysian Insider reported that Anwar Ibrahim came out (as to be expected when it involved his Azmin Ali - well, definitely in 2010 anyway, wakakaka) to defend Azmin’s amazing lead in the polls, stating “…the party had already answered the allegations by social activist Haris Ibrahim yesterday regarding claims of vote-rigging.”

Not so, riposted Haris - mind you, he might have even said “Bullsh*t” but of course I won’t attribute such a harsh kaytee-ish word to a gentleman like Brother Haris. 

Haris said all the explanations by the PKR poll official have not answered his question of how he Haris came to be in possession of the PKR ballot paper for the contest for the party's deputy presidency, regardless whether the ballot was 'old' or not.

It was frighteningly available to Haris, a non-PKR member! ... and so on so forth ... - for more, see my post Deformasi, wakakaka

Anyway, let's jump to what Zaid’s political secretary Rashid Azad Khan had then said, namely, the polls should be called off in view of allegations of irregularities and claims of phantom voters. He staggered us with the following revelations of deformasi in the so-called reformasi party:

"For example, our polling agent reported that the voter turnout in Kubang Pasu was only 84."

“But the initial vote tally showed that Azmin clinched 80 votes while Zaid garnered 76 votes."

“Where did the additional 72 votes come from? Could they be phantom voters?’’

Rashid also said the agents had reported that there was a 30-minute blackout immediately after balloting ended at 4pm Friday.


“Candidates’ agents were not allowed in, and the ballot boxes were not sealed at the time,’’ he claimed. Of course not, wakakaka!

Rashid added that one of the election officer was caught on camera wearing Azmin’s campaign badge raising questions over their impartiality.

Then, as if the PKR polls could be negotiated a la ch'in ch'ai ch'in ch'ai (tidakapa-thy style), after the complaint on above, this was what the election monitor decided on: that the Kubang Pasu result should be a tie of 81-81. Wakakaka!

“I am appalled. How can the results simply be amended?’’ Rashid asked”

Wah chea lart  [Dahsyatnya] man, pun boleh tawar, saperti jual beli katak. And why not, after all it's the Deformasi Party mah, wakakaka.

You can take them out of UMNO but you sure can’t take UMNO out of them! And with apologies to UMNO, wakakaka.

Reformasi my bloody foot. It’s plain DEFORMASI! wakakaka.

And very little wonder Zaid Ibrahim, Gobalakrishnan, Jonson Chong and a host of others once-stalwarts of PKR left the party.

No doubt people like Nallakaruppan and Gobala had since used the BN platform to hentam back at Anwar and PKR, but what could they do otherwise alone? Their alignment with BN don't mean what they accused Anwar and PKR of hadn't been true. Also see my post The Poison within PKR.

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Jonson Chong, then a leading light in PKR, wrote a personal letter to the de jure party president, Dr Wan Azizah, to address the questionable party election process - see his letter at Malaysiakini titled PKR polls: Please audit Libaran results.

Alas, his appeal, like the other 169 complaints against the PKR polling, was ignored. Perhaps sensing this likelihood, Jonson made his letter to Dr Wan Azizah an open one, published in a number of places like Malaysiakini and the People's Parliament blog of Haris Ibrahim so that we all may be aware that not everyone in PKR is blind to what's going on.

Well-known journalist, blogger and lawyer Art Harun did ask in his post what does the ‘K’ in PKR stand for? I have an answer for Art, but why don't you guess! wakakaka!

Art had then written: I don't know about how they feel and think. But frankly, in my perception, PKR is so full of crap than it would even dare to admit. And if the farce that PKR calls and labels as party elections is to be a yardstick of its ability to govern this country, I would rather vote for the Siberian Husky in front of my house. And by that, I don't mean to insult the dog.

Badrul Hasim Shahrin popularly known as Chegubard had lots of issues with the 2010 party polls too. In a Malaysiakini report Chegubard accused Anwar Ibrahim of intervening in the party polls.

Chegubard told Dr Wan [Mr Manmanlai's nice wife who told us her husband is a gift from God to the people] about Kota Marudu PKR Youth chief, Dr Jurin Gunsalam, who was informed by his division chief Anthony Mandiau that Anwar had instructed him who to vote for.

Chegubard also revealed that some candidates were allowed to contest even though their names were sent in after the deadline.

He stated: “When a verbal complaint was made to the election officer, the complainant was asked if he was a supporter of Badrul Hisham. A written complaint has since been ignored.”


He added that though the Tampin division nominated him and running mate Chang Lih Kang, somehow that nomination went to their contenders, Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin and Khairul Anuar Zainuddin. Wakakaka, PKR magic ler!

As with other polling complaints, his report too elicited no response. Mustaffa Kamil was given a high party post, a consolation prize and an act of mollification to mitigate against the remarkable party polling process, which Chegubard, very much to his personal integrity and credit, resoundingly and commendably rejected.

Chegubard's election agents reported the same mystery we've already heard, that the number of counted votes at a station were more than the actual turnout, which led Chegubard to remind us that in Kubang Pasu (see my post Zaid Ibrahim - suffers no fool gladly) the number of counted votes was almost 3 times more than the actual turnout – UMNO, eat your hearts out!

And Dr M, you might wish to consult PKR which must have been using better yeast than your bakery shop The Loaf, wakakaka.

Have you readers got it? Yeast! Exponential growth! Thus, far more votes than had been registered! Wakakaka.

Chegubard told us the same story, that the phantom votes were actually (indirectly) admitted by the election committee when they had to call a Zaid Ibrahim’s representative to negotiate on how to split the total votes wakakaka.

Anything done about those complaints? wakakaka, and they had the hypocritical brazen nerve to criticize EC, wakakaka!

hence we heard a lot of CBMF's during the PKR 2010 party polls


OK, fast forward to 01 May 2014 and refer to The Rakyat Post's Khalid unsatisfied with PKR election process and what do we get?

Let's select an interesting extract, as follows:

Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) deputy president candidate Tan Sri Abdul Khalid Ibrahim today voiced out his dissatisfaction over the latest developments in the party’s election process which he felt was not transparent. [...]

He made the statements when commenting on a claim that a deputy president candidate and his team had committed fraud during the counting process at several divisions in Sarawak.

This has been confirmed by JPP chairman Datuk Johari Abdul, who said there was a power blackout during the counting process at the Batang Sadong division in Sarawak last Saturday.


Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) founder Badrul Hisham Shaharin then urged that deputy president candidate Mohamed Azmin Ali be stripped of his candidacy for his involvement in a wrongful act during party elections.

“This thing has occurred in the 2010 elections and was reported, but no action was taken against Azmin. 

“This time, with the evidence involving the process in Batang Sadong, I feel Datuk Johari and the JPP must take stern action by disqualifying Azmin,” he said.

Wakakaka, blackout again! But will they disqualify Azmin Ali? Wakakaka.

And what was it someone in PKR talked about Reformasi 2.0? Wakakaka.

Pordah, looks like their Reformasi 2.0 is more likely EC 2.0! Wakakaka.



  1. "You can take them out of UMNO but you sure can’t take UMNO out of them!"


    What has it got to do with criticizing EC if they are not transparent in their job?

    Lousy spin and conjecture.

  2. whats new from you najib bodek though masquerading as DAP supporter?
    go read today's, which gives a very different picture of PKR election.

    1. same same as The Chronicles, wakakaka

  3. mean machine, was a complaint made to ros???

  4. the gaffe guy who know's10:29 pm, May 01, 2014

    If only Anwar and Azmin would ride into the sunset and just fade away,be forgotten in the political arena as if they never existed.

    But soon Anwar will fade away,but not voluntarily.He will definitely lose his appeal as a sodomist and be jailed.

    It is time to discard Azmin as a political reject.The sooner the better for PKR ann PR.

  5. The three amigos10:52 pm, May 01, 2014

    Kaytee,the PKR party elections is just only in the first round,and there are already accusations of cheating being hurled at Azmin by other contenders.

    Is Umno going to send in the storm troopers to interfere and have the elections start all over again.Or is Umno cheering on the sidelines for an Azmin win in the deputy president's race and eventually be crown as the president of PKR.

    Umno will love to have Azmin as president of PKR as he seek to consolidate his power causing a second wave of exodus of his opponents and their supporters.The first being the last PKR elections.Then a very weaken PKR will cause the implosion of PR.

  6. the mean machine2:13 am, May 02, 2014

    Well,when DAP made an error in its tally on it's past party CEC elections,the registrar threatened to de-register the party,if the DAP do not hold another RE-ERECTION.

    When Azmin Ali who was previously accused by other PKR candidates in the PKR erections,what did the registrar of societies do?It said carry on.

    Now there are accusations of cheating by the dwarf again.What is the registrar going to do?Nothing,of course.

    Did anyone ask the registrar why not?Because the powers that be,wanted it to be so.Why?Trojan?

  7. the new kampung man2:40 am, May 02, 2014

    Has anyone ever heard of this song.Something like "bye bye Mr Manmanlai,Manmanlai and Man man lai".

  8. Umeeno's worst nightmare.5:23 am, May 02, 2014

    Looking at the total votes cast in the first week is less than a dozen k.Remember PKR said that it had a few hundred k members.Must be phamtom members turning into phamtom voters.Same as Umno,Yes or no?

  9. Da Blog is back to normal....
    I was wondering since the April 16 post, about 9 articles since then what's happened to Ktemoc....aahahahahah...

  10. Azmin Ali seems to have never learnt the lesson that a manipulated win is no win at all.


    Why only Malay's protest GST ?

    Where are the Indians and Chinese ?
    We know the Indians have largely gone back to supporting BN (minus a few Bhais and Lawyer types).
    Where are the Chinese ? Have they been convinced by the Government roadshow that it is good for business ? Have they gone back to supporting BN ? Are they scared of street protests ? Or simply too apathetic, preferring to hang out on May 1 in their favourite shopping Malls.?

    1. why would most chinese attend a rally that as usual would be hijacked by the usual mob for their own political interests as was done to the last Bersih rally, wakakaka

  12. My area suffered a blackout on May 1, took a long time for the power to be restored.
    Blackouts are common in rural Sarawak, and I'm totally unimpressed with the SESCO management.

    The blackout in Batang Sadong (a "town" with 3 shophouses) during the PKR vote counting may or may not have anything sinister connected (likely just another common rural power outage) but it is a symptom of the strong lack of trust in Azmin Ali that it is suspected of being a fraud.

    The blackout

    1. Any chance of you disproving kaytee over the Azmin fraud thingy. Frankly, I don't give a damn with PKR elections. I am more concerned if PKR wanna do any pre-emptive strike on Teluk Intan. Do you know that Gobala contested in Teluk Intan 2004 GE?

    2. I don't think its possible to prove or disprove anything.
      Unfortunately , power blackouts are common in rural Sarawak towns.

      People will believe what they want to believe whether there is fraud or not.
      It could belong in the same category as the DAP January 2013 CEC elections "revised results" from vote "counting error".

    3. it happened in 2010 in Kubang Pasu, it happened again in 2014 wakakaka.

      In 2010 when votes counted were double that of registered voters for the branch, the counting official said it was a draw wakkaka

  13. The Malays/ Muslims in Malaysia have become weak, corrupt and lazy.
    From UMNO's abuse of power and Mega leakages, to PKR's Anwar craving for power to Azmin's debased campaign, the Malays are facing moral and intellectual bankruptcy.

    The best way is a return to Islam's teachings.
    Hudud is one the right ways forward.

    I would add , it has Nothing to do with the non-Malays, so they should not interfere.

    1. There is one serious question about the Hudud. Who select the muslim judges? Are they free from political interference? Be it from PAS or UMNO? Seriously, hudud is [deleted by kt] especially to muslims because those mullahs just as Pharises in antiquity are hypocrites Perhaps, time for muslims to read the bible (recommended by your Prophet Muhammad)........and some atheists too "All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our righteous acts are like filthy rags; we all shrivel up like a leaf, and like the wind our sins sweep us away." Isaiah 64 :6. It's sad that CL Flamiaris aka the Lupus didn't fuck bother to come into kaytee's blog. Else, what a celebrity deathmatch

    2. you remind me of my neighbour's son who during my kiddy days always was the proverbial batu api, egging me to fight with people, presumably for his enjoyment a la all fun, no pain - wakakaka

      Incidentally as a kid he suffered perpetually from a snotty nose, wakakaka, perhaps like you do ;-)

  14. Quote: - Mr Manmanlai's nice wife ... told us her husband is a gift from God to the people.

    Yes, yes, yes ... it's true, the wonderful man is a gift from God!!!

    I can even provide one piece of irrefutable evidence to support this fact, namely, without this Gift from Heaven where would you, KTemoc, find inspiration for your many blog posts?

    Well, KTemoc, obviously you're sitting too far away from the flame to feel its warmth so you need an objective observer like Moi to point out your good fortune to you. Now, clearly it behoves you to declare "Deo Gratias" three times to show your gratitude for this divine blessing otherwise you'll show yourself to be a terrible ingrate.

    1. What would Ktemoc do without Anwar Ibrahim to dish it out to ?

  15. PKR's bastardised leadership election process and DAP's dodgy CEC election process (both times) irreparably damage the credibility and legitimacy of both parties leadership.

    As an independent observer , I find it very difficult to take either parties seriously, because their leadership frankly lacks authority, due to the lack of trustworthiness in how they allegedly got "elected".

    I'm very leery of PAS's push for Hudud and their wider Islamist agenda. However, I have admit that they seem to be the only Pakatan Rakyat constituent party with a "Kosher" leadership.


    Its likely we're already moving into the Post-Anwar era...
    Will PKR break up with him in prison ?
    Will PR break up without him ?
    Will PAS decide it is better off engaging UMNO on its own ?
    Will DAP find itself fighting alone , again ?

  17. Your sifu has spoken. kaytee