Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chinese Illuminati

Narinder Singh is one of my 'favourite' columnists ... for laughs ... the others being Ridhuan 'Lost Identity' Tee, Ustaz Abdullah Zaik Abd Rahman (President of ISMA), Ibrahim Ali (Perkasa), Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, etc.

In his article for FMT titled The gamble with Dyana may backfire he wrote (extracts only):

The Chinese are already in control of all major industries in Malaysia, from finance, manufacturing right up to retail. The economy is in their palms. Imagine the floodgates opening to them.

Other races will be brought to their knees as they will by default ‘fail’ to meet the financial strength of the Chinese.

If I may humbly add on the following points to Narinder's erudite summarisation of our local Illuminati, the nefarious Chinese Malaysians:

Tao - the Chinese Illuminati

The Chinese are also in control of the government including the police, military and civil service.

The Chinese are also in control of all taxpayers' subsidized universities. Apa lagi Dong Zong mahu lah?

The Chinese are also in control of the GLC, Felda, etc and especially Petronas - Oh! does this mean that the Chinese are afterall the biggest taxpayers? wakakaka. My dear Narinder, it's best you inform/update our dear Ridhuan, wakakaka.

Illuminati's Fallen Angel

Dear readers, you may wish to add on to my short list. Thanks.



  1. Better let the East Malaysians govern and be the PM.

    No Ketuanan Melayu, only Ketuanan Bumiputera.

    No more Chinese, Melayu, India etc. it's confusing with other countries citizens. All are called Malaysians.

    No more my religion better than yours quarrel. No more religious laws and fatwas implemented on people of other faiths.

    No more Malaya, Semenanjung, Tanah Melayu nonsense. It's already Malaysia since 1963.

    Best of all, the PM and Kabinet all are Bajau, Kelambit, Orang Ulu, Kadazan, Mulut, Suluk, Bau, Melanau etc.

    And their religion are more than what is available in West Malaysia.

    1. Anon 1206
      Is that heaven or hell ?

    2. Depend on which state? Sarawak ones perhaps? That also because muslims are minority in sarawak

    3. Are you serious ?
      Some of the Most Corrupted politicians in Malaysia hail from the East side. We'll be more corrupt than Zimbabwe before you can blink your eye.

    4. It's bliss at last for Malaysians. No fake hero of this and that worship just for political gains and showing of who is more macho.

      And all tha Samsengs will have to go and look for another job instead of waiting for handouts from their political masters.

    5. Sarawakian,
      That's why I say perhaps. And in no way I am condoning them. Of course, one sabah lang called himself sifusiber thinks otherwise. Sabah not sama with Sarawak of course

  2. Incendiary Illumination5:33 pm, May 27, 2014

    The Iluminati are rumoured to secretly control everything in Western societies,
    Small in numbers, but extremely, extremely influential.
    Presidents, Prime Ministers, Monarchs bow before them.

    There is a lot of truth in claiming the Chinese control all the principal economic and power levers in Malaysia.
    The UMNO gooks may scream Ketuanan Melayu until they are hoarse, wave Keris around until their arms ache, then go have drinks with their Chinese businessmen buddies.

    Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali is up to his neck in business dealings with Chinese.
    The entire UMNO Supreme council all have their favourite Chinese business partners, and in return for generous funding, they steer all manner of business opportunities to these Chinese cronies.

    Ordinary Chinese who are not big businessmen may well be suffering under BN rule, but you should be aware where the blame really lies - your fellow Chinese Illuminati.

    And don't think it will get any better under Pakatan Rakyat.
    Anwar , Azmin , Khalid Ibrahim all have their Chinese businessmen bosom buddies.
    DAP has its own gang of Chinese (of course) business cronies in Penang.

    Don't know enough about PAS

    1. "There is a lot of truth in claiming the Chinese control all the principal economic and power levers in Malaysia".

      The above statement is a myth that Umno has been perpetuating for last decade....the bigger the lie, the easier it is to shove down the throats of the BTN-ised Malay rakyat.

      Read what this ex Umno guy said about WHO actually control the economy :

      [And what about the claim that the Chinese are in sole control of the economy? Have Khir Toyo and Ibrahim Ali forgotten about Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) such as Maybank, PETRONAS, Telekom Malaysia, TNB, Khazanah Nasional, PNB, Media Prima, Felda, Sime Darby, and many others, the vast majority of which are owned by the Government and managed by Malay-Bumiputera? The G-20 group of largest listed GLCs alone possess RM353 billion (around half) of the market capitalisation of the entire Bursa Malaysia.

      Are we to believe that, despite all this, the Malays and Bumiputera are still not in power? " ]....... excerpt from an article by Zaid Ibrahim, 2011

      In Malaysia, the Malays actually dominate the economy to above 75%. No doubt the Chinese dominate retail and wholesale sector but that is only about 15% of the economy.

      There is a very good reason why Umno refuse to release any report/s regarding the ownership figures according to racial groupings. An audit of the ownership would put an end to all speculation. Even up to today, the rakyat don't have any concrete figures with regards to group pays the most income tax. Sensitive infor, konon nya. But like Dr Lim Teck Ghee wrote, when under-reporting is favourable to continue retaining the NEP, it would definitely be extremely foolish to voluntarily get off the gravy train when there many more miles to go.

      One very pertinent question : would the hundreds, nay, the thousands upon thousands of Malay millionaires and billionaires be willing to 'surface up' to openly become cronies/financial backers to the Malay politicians ? How could they, when they are using the Chinese mostly as proxies. They have cunningly salted away their immense ill-gotten wealth in foreign land....check out why Malaysia is among the very top countries to have the largest illicit capital outflow.

    2. Wee choo keong has been accusing LKS apply for APs and then make business out of it. In the end, he found LKS even did not apply for APs.