Sunday, October 20, 2013

Najib - mailed fist in a velvet glove?

Re the UMNO VP race, leaving aside the humongous wins for pseudo-pahlawan gunslinger Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Sabahan Mohd Shafie, the other 4 candidates for UMNO's 3rd VP position garnered the following respective votes:

Dei Mukhriz tambi, nah nah nah 

  • Hishammuddin Hussein - 100
  • Mukhriz Mahathir - 91
  • Mohd Isa Samad - 7
  • Mohd Ali Rustam  - 7

Muhyiddin consoled Mahathir's son by saying soothingly it's not a bad effort for a first timer to lose by a mere 9 voters.

f* those Johor divisions, hanya 5 lagi saja

Actually Muhyiddin has been wrong on the winning margin; it's not 9 votes but a mere 5. Yes, that was how close Mukhriz was to becoming the 3rd UMNO VP (bearing in mind we cannot automatically assume the 14 votes for Isa and Ali Rustam would have automatically gone to Muhkriz, so leave the 14 votes alone).

If Mukhriz had secured that extra 5 votes he would have pipped Hishamuddin by 96 to 95, but alas for him, that didn't happen.

Now, guess who marshalled those divisional votes to ensure Hisham, for all his worthless incumbency as a VP, spilled narrowly over the finishing line by a mere 100 votes to Mukhriz 91?

Yup, 'twas KJ and Shahrizat, wakakaka.

heh heh heh
Ah Jib Gor bloody well make me a minister this time

And guess whose side KJ and Shahrizat are on?

Yes lah, Ah Jib Gor.

So, does this mean Ah Jib Gor is casting off the shadow of his erstwhile mentor-benefactor Dr Mahathir? If so, for what purpose?

To be his own man? To obey his wife wakakaka? To appease KJ over Mukhriz so securing KJ's considerable support among UMNO Youth, and to keep Mahathir's influence in UMNO's decision making top echelon to a minimum?

The power behind the throne?

I would like to think it was the first, but unless one is in UMNO or/and privy to UMNO's inner machination, one won't know, but what we do know from Bridget Welsh analysis for Malaysiakini is that Dr Mahathir has been a big loser as only 2 Mahathir loyalist have been elected to the 25 supreme council spots.

AAB has his 'revenge' on his Nemesis even as he retires from politics, for according to Bridget, 'The composition of those elected can be seen as follows: 20% Mahathir-Muhyiddin loyalists, 24% Najib loyalists, 32% Abdullah Ahmad Badawi loyalists, 20% seen as both Abdullah and Najib camps, and another 4% independent.'

32% AAB-loyalists is as good as saing they are aligned with the KJ's camp which would considerably boost Najib's hold on the party decision making body.

Whatever, Ah Jib Gor has shown himself to be a 'mailed fist in a velvet glove', meaning he may appear soft on the outside (like a velvet glove), but is underneath very hard (like a mailed or armored fist).

Rosmah sent my velvet glove for dry-cleaning


But what puzzled me was the circumstances surrounding Ali Rustam. Earlier (during the lead up to the party elections), it was reported that he was showing the strongest performance among the VP hopefuls. Then we have the police interviewing him for alleged sedition in his lambasting of the Chinese and their alleged 'irregular' or non-halal activities when by stark contrast, other UMNO individuals or associates weren't even touched for similar or worse 'sins'. Isn't he supposed to be Najib's man? WTF?

aiyah, what did I tell you about those ungrateful Chinese
they f**k me up again or I would have obtained 700 votes lah

Anyway, I believe PPP Indians and many Chinese are having several bottles of Guinness (aw kau) to celebrate his non-victory, wakakaka.

For more on why PPP Indians would be celebrating Ali's humongous loss, see my October 2007 post The total humiliation of PPP - a lesson for BN parties, wakakaka.

But does Mukhriz's loss spell the waning powers of Dr M among UMNO warlords, in his inability to marshal enough votes for his son?

I personally don't think so as Mukhriz managed to secure a considerable 91 votes to give Hisham minor heart attacks during the votes-count notwithstanding being a political greenhorn within UMNO leadership circle and basically a colourless personality as Mukhriz was described by one newspaper.

hasta la vista - I'll be back, you mongrels


Thus his quite significant 91 votes would have been (likely) due to his daddy's influence - but it wasn't enough, and let's just say KJ and Shahrizat worked much harder for Hisham, wakakaka.

So I think it's wise not to rule out The Old Man as he has still a few aces up his sleeves and given his family DNA is likely to be with us for a good many years to come, to wreck havoc on poor Najib - sorry Ah Jib Gor, the Mahathir family DNA longevity is true, wakakaka.


  1. Hahahaha! I give it to you. But then what makes you think that Empire will never strike back again. Anyway, I am happy because UMNO will be mampus so we must support the loser to FUCK OFF the winners

  2. KJ in the loop for Hisham, that one I sokon with both hands.

    The cow woman? I'm not so sure. She is in the debt of Ah Jib Gor, for been clear of the cowgate incident. But she is never comfortable with Hishamas far as words play goes.

    I would game to say that the 9 winning votes r all from K J's influence. So big pay back in the near future for K J, even though Hisham has reached his political pinnicle now.

  3. There isn't, never was, any mailed fist in a velvet glove. it's a mailed fist in an armoured gauntlet.
    I've always wondered how you have such a good view of Najib ,contrasted with your unvarnished contempt for Anwar Ibrahim (deservedly in Anwar's case)

  4. Great going, KT! Your hilarious and playful tone is the perfect touch in analysing The Greatest Extravaganza for the Year.

    When Ali Rustam lost the GE, the Chinese were blamed for being devious, ungrateful and abandoning him. Now, for the UMNO VP post he suffered a mind-boggling defeat - to get a mere 7 votes for a leader of his seniority and stature is more than jaw-dropping - one wonders what he will say? Is it all the fault of the Chinese again? - as you, KT, suggests above. hahaha

  5. After GE13, Najib has transformed from a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing into a Wolf in Wolves Clothing.

  6. 56 years of UMNO rule have transformed the Malays into a position of permanent infantilism.

    They can't pass difficult exams so the exams have to be dumbed down.
    They can't master international languages, so other languages must be deemphasised in schools.
    They can't be economically independent, so they must survive on handouts.
    They can't survive in profit-oriented companies so they have to depend on government jobs.
    They are easily confused and offended on religious matters, so other religious practice in Malaysia must be strictly controlled not to impinge oon their sensitivities.

    Oh, Everything will be OK, as long as they continue to Vote for UMNO ? No ?

  7. Mahathir have exhausted every trick there is, including the Mukhriz-underdog-50%-chance image he was painting to get sympathy votes during the last few days to the election.

    And at the age of 88, time is not on his side either.

  8. .


    Salam 1 Malaysia to all the esteemed readers

    UMNO wll survive the next generation at least.


    The PR has litterally thrown a spanner in the

    works when the leader decide to champion

    the cause of the evangelistas [a very small

    minority] to piss off the melayus. I was supporting

    Anwar [ accepting his buttfucking activities as mere

    human weakness] until PR decide to be the champion

    for the catholic cause. Nuar and his geng tried

    to sell the idea of 'religous pluralism' by bringing

    indonesian professors [ whose concept of Islam is

    paganised ] to give their version of Islam. Unfortunately

    I have explained that the islamic concepts of the Ulamas

    of the Nadatul Ulama are dubious. One of the interesting thing

    that their chief [ Gus Dur] did when he was elected President

    of Indonesia was to camp at the graveside of his father-wishing

    to get 'messages' from the father!


    Interestingly Anuar when he was just becoming minister under

    Madey's regime used to respond to reporter's questioning

    by saying something to the effect' I have not got a messge yet...

    yada yada yada..'


    There are points of common interest between paganised Islam

    of Indonesia and the Catholics. One goes to talk to the dead

    and the other has a 'holy pontianak [ghost] ' as a component

    in their deity. So we find Anuar and his ilk supports the

    idea that Allah for catholics is ok!

    If Pas insist that Allah is for the catholics , I can be certain that

    they will lose the seat they are fighting for in Kedah. And they

    and PKR will lose a hell of lot of votes from melayus!


    khong khek khuat


  9. khong khek khuat,
    It's kind of puzzling why you or anyone would consider Anwar a major impetus in your decision to vote the opposition.

    Anwar, thanks in part to the constant attacks and chipping away at his image by UMNO supporters, has been gradually losing his credibility and gravitas, so much so that to many he is now seen as no more than a jester and an amusing side-show.

  10. .


    anon 10.20


    No matter what bad things Madey or

    some umno agamawan would say about Anwar,

    he has strong support from all Malaysians.

    If politics is a football game , he is

    the playmaker like Messi to bring success to the team.

    Look man, previously Tengku Li tried with PAS

    to form a union to win the Federal Government

    and he has not met with any success. Anwar has the

    charisma or some quality or a talisman that

    gives him ability to communicate with PAS

    ulamas and the anti- melayus DAP men and women.

    He conceptualised a party for all -the PKR

    which looked like that it is going to be dominated by

    Indians and Chinese [Tian Chua / Lizzie Wong] and company!

    Tell me who do you think can be his successor?

    Daughter? No. Azmin is a fuc**ng idiot. Probably Brader

    'Omar' Lim can be a party leader if Dapster can drop the

    idea of being a catholic champion.

    khong khek khuat