Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Elephant coming back soon ...

Just a quickie to update Anon of 3:39 pm, October 19, 2013 in my earlier post The elephant in the room.

No, I haven't forgotten my promise to respond to most of your comments in a new post, but alas, not now as I (a) wish to blog on more current and interesting issues and (b) allow the dust of the Allah-word controversy to settle somewhat (though, mind you, not expecting it to ever settle down completely.


  1. The aftermath of the "Allah" appeal case is really looking weird....
    In the history of Constitutional case-law in many countries around the world, the usual outcome is the winner tries to emphasise the breadth of its applicability, and the loser tries to minimise its impact. In most cases, that's a logical path for both sides to take to protect their interests.

    I'm seeing a very puzzling (but perhaps really not puzzling) outcome here , where the winner - the Government of Malaysia, which initiated the appeal , now trying to pretend the ruling has one, and no other area of applicability. While the losing side, the Catholic Church, and the Government's critics are warning about the deep and wide future implications to freedom of religion of non-Muslims in Malaysia.

    I've posted in Kt's previous article what I think , which is that while the ruling itself is directly confined to the Herald BM edition, the 3 judge's written arguments have shockingly wide implications.

    As any practioner of law will understand, when it comes to jurisprudence, what judges, especially Superior Court judges write in their arguments often has more far reaching consequence than the narrow verdict of the case itself.

    Lord Denning's erudite written judgements have been studied and quoted extensively decades after the cases he presided over.

    1. "The aftermath of the "Allah" appeal case is really looking weird...."

      Christians in Sabah and Sarawak are not affected by Allah ruling.
      I am a believer in Islam. I believe that Allah would never allow any of HIS name(s) to be privatized or politicized. Who are we to question the origin and purpose of HIS name and/or its usage?

      It is a matter of our faith in God, in Allah in Elohim, etc... Unfortunately, here, we see the law as an opponent of religion when faith had to contend with the rule of the courts of law and in a narrower sense the authority structures of politics.

      It is depressing to see our community and the country torn apart because of the word ALLAH.

    2. Good question! Who politicised it? Your good friend UMNO. Of course, kaytee would say the christian leaders AND DICTATE THAT CHRISTIANS MUST USE OTHER NAMES

      Yes, Kaytee can't be used also because so many people claim it......See the indefensible logic

      The one who should invoke the sleeping dragon is UMNO. Funny tales points to the fact that even Ibrahim Ali got to douse the fire.

      Takut kenna pancung kepala oleh orang2 dayak

      For kaytee's viewing pleasure


  2. Kaytee,
    Apa macam sikarang? You wanna commit harakiri? Perhaps, we should inform the aussies where the hell you are staying. Now you group yourself, Paula Hanson. I rest my case!