Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Most of us in S.E. Asia know the pitfalls or dire repercussions of dabbling in the occult. For our discussion, let's take the example of a toyol, one which I posted on 09 April 2006 titled Return of the Red-Eyed Toyol. I then wrote:

yo man, adopt me ler

Just as a refresher as to what a toyol is, it’s a S.E. Asian supernatural creature brought to life from a dead/aborted baby foetus by occult means. The owner, its creator or purchaser - & it's possible to purchase a toyol from a witch doctor - maintains the creature's allegiance by feeding it with his/her own blood, just a few drops taken from a pricked finger or toe.

The toyol can be used to conduct spying, stealing, spooking (harassing) or gambling missions (forecasting wins) for the owner.

But some say that a person who keeps such a creature of the Dark would be stuck with the toyol for life, a kind of damnation. Before the owner's own demise, it's vital that he or she passes the creature to a new owner to maintain regular feeding.

karn neen nare, did you wash your finger?


If the handover is not successfully completed before the owner croaks, the toyol will turn against the owner to feed on him/her. Apparently being eaten up by a toyol on one's death bed is not a pretty sight or pleasant at all, and excruciatingly painful for the expiring owner. The dying would take a very very long and agonizing time.

Politically, I liken today's UMNO to a toyol, wakakaka, created from a foetus which came from the miscarriage of UMNO Baru because of the de-registration of the original UMNO in February 1988.

Following the UMNO 1987 party elections, in which Dr Mahathir won the party presidency by a mere 43 votes, there were allegations of dodgy polls, not unlike accusations about dodgy polling in the PKR deputy presidency election in 2010 - same genes? wakakaka.

11 (originally 12) UMNO members aligned with Team B (Dr M's team was known as Team A while Ku Li's team was B) took the matter to court. In February 1988, because of the existence of several unregistered branches, as complained by the 11 plaintiffs, UMNO was declared an unlawful society under the Societies Act of 1966 by Justice Harun Hashim.

Immediately following the de-registration of UMNO, two former PM, Tengku Abdul Rahman and Tun Hussein Onn, attempted to register a new party called UMNO Malaysia as the true heir of UMNO, but their application was rejected by ROS 'without any explanation', wakakaka - yes, kind of deja vu for DAP, wakakaka.

Strangely (or perhaps not, wakakaka) ROS accepted Dr Mahathir's registration of UMNO Baru. I wonder whether that could have been the unexplained reason for ROS rejecting the earlier application by TAR and Hussein Onn for UMNO Malaysia, wakakaka. The rest is history.

cucu, nama tok adalah Ros, Ros Kowtim bin Apapun Boleh
cucu tunggu saat okay, tok jamin Pasukan Bola Sepak Malaysia Baru
menang kurang2nya sebanyak 25 gol


But given the sense of occult-like happenings in the successful registration of UMNO Baru but not for an earlier application by UMNO Malaysia, wakakaka, it could be argued that UMNO Baru was and should have been dead but only came into being as a toyol.

Yes, it was a foetus from a miscarriage by the traumatized de-registered (original) UMNO but raised from the dead into an occult supernatural being, a toyol, wakakaka again.

This toyol is all powerful and beneficial for its owners-leaders as evidenced by its enabling of spying (by SB, wakakaka), stealing (eg. Adorna, Forex, armaments, etc), spooking (harassing) (by PDRM, MACC, etc, wakakaka) and gambling missions.

Incidentally, gambling activities in Malaysia was recently attributed by Ali Rustam as a Chinese haram business, but alas, in this world everyone knows there's no free lunch, so whichever Chinese have been/are reaping the lucrative profits from the so-called nefarious gambling business would surely have to acquit to the toyol-like powers which have blessed them in the first place in awarding them the licence, wakakaka.

Dang, it seems, wakakaka, innocent-Ali didn't know who are the real (though hidden) beneficiary of the gold lode that the gambling industry produced.

latuk 70%, wah 30% boleh ah?


But don't forget the all important house-keeping requirement for a toyol, that is, the owner or would-be owner MUST feed it, or suffer the dire repercussions.

Anyway, when I read an article by Ariff Sabri (a.k.a Sakmongkol AK47) in fz.com titled Dr M will oust Najib following son's failure to secure VP post which commented on Mukhriz Mahathir's loss in the recent UMNO VP contest, and explained Mahathir's seeming lack of influence in that contest, as: If Dr Mahathir calls, what can he offer but a fading memory of who he once was? Out of power, means out of sight means Dr Mahathir is ignorable.

I couldn't help thinking how true.

Yes, what can Dr Mahathir offer or feed the UMNO-toyol with? Contracts? Positions? etc?

Nothing? Then, isn't he suffering excruciating anger (pain) at the delegates' snub to his son and thus at him?

9 votes only mah, mana susah
can kowtim one, but perlu quid pro quo lah


And Ali Rustam wondered why his Malacca UMNO divisions had abandoned him in the UMNO VP race. As a pollie who's no longer the Malacca CM nor a minister who can kowtim easily like Tua Peh Kong (God of Wealth) he has obviously failed to feed the UMNO-toyol, so his fate has been sealed, wakakaka.

niamah, you gave Shah Rukh Khan a datukship but not for me

gimme one too loh and I would have kowtim - sorry, too late liao



  1. The basic and most important constant in UMNO is corruption. Ali Rustam , first of all, should have understood that. Once he no longer held the Chief Minister's "magic pen", whatever he had said or done in the past was worthless.

  2. Ali Rustam, if anything, seems to be a tough bloke who could take a beating - considering that he has suffered not one but two severe shocks to the system this year: GE13 and now this UMNO elections.

    Just think, he got a miserable 7 votes in his bid for a VP position in UMNO despite his decades of service to UMNO as a senior leader. This can truthfully be said to be an utterly humiliating, embarrassing outcome and surely evidence of outright rejection by his own people, that is, the Malays who also are UMNO members to boot! A pity, though, he can't pin this defeat on the slitty-eyed Chingkies!!

    A lesser individual would probably have lapsed into catatonia by now.

  3. hah hah hah...the suckers were s-u-c-k-e-r-s as well !!