Monday, July 02, 2012


HRH the Sultan is the Head of the Islamic religion in his state. Whether HRH wants to implement hudud in his state is a matter entirely at his sole prerogative.

But in Johor, Ayub Rahmat, the UMNO ADUN for Kemelah, has daringly usurped HRH's prerogative as the Head of Islam in Johor by publicly and pompously proposing that hudud law be implemented in Johor for all races ..... as if he is HRH.

Malaysiakini in its news article Umno assemblyperson wants hudud for all in Johor reported:

When contacted by Malaysiakini, Ayub said he wanted to see Johor to be the first state to implement "true hudud law" which he said differed from PAS' version of the religious law.

On a matter of Islam in Johor, '... he wanted to see Johor ...'?!!!

Whoa man, this is terrible, terrible, terrible lah, an unbelievable and unprecedented act of lèse majesté by YB Ayub Rahmat in usurping HRH's sole right on matters relating to Islam.

Shouldn't it be HRH's prerogative to decide on such a religious matter, that of the desirability of implementing hudud in Johor?

And who is the YB to differentiate between true and not so true 'hudud'? Is he an imam? Has he committed blasphemy?

But wait ... on the matter of lèse majesté, maybe it's not so unprecedented after all as I had originally believed. I suddenly recall that on 10 December 1992, Dr Affifuddin Omar, an UMNO man from Padang Terap, no doubt given the imprimatur by his party leaders, asked in Parliament:

How can we continue to uphold rulers who are known to be robbers, adulterers, drunkards and kaki pukul (thugs)? [...]
They (the rulers) must be made to realize that they do not own this country. They are not Superman but placed on their thrones by the people. 
The real power did not lie with them, but with us - the representatives of the people.

Good lord ... sorry, I mean ... goodness Tuanku, even in 1992, it was an UMNO man as well.

Hah well, as John Harington once said:

Treason doth never prosper: what's the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it treason.

Sir John Harington

Now, what was that punishment that Perkasa wanted for Ambiga Sreenevasan for alleged treason?


  1. Most of the Rulers are in UMNO's pocket, but the Ruler of that particular state has crossed an hitherto unspoken boundary, which is to avoid taking sides in partisan political arguments or directly attacking opposition figures.

    This ruler is, essentially, an UMNO political operative, as both LGE and Mohd. Nizar have unfortunately found out.

  2. well, he's just posturing to tell PAS that we don't need Pakatan victory to implement Hudud law.
    Reminding PAS don'tjust talk of Hudud. Implement it.
    This is to counter the confidence of PKR especially that they will capture Johor in the coming G.E.

    P.S. Any comments using my nick after this is not mine.

  3. Salam,

    Saudara saudara Aku yang berugama Islam.

    Jangan permainkan hukum Hudud.Ini ada lah hukum dari Allah yang dinyatakan dengan jelas didalam AlQuran dan telah dilaksanakan oleh Rasuallah saw dalam hayatnya.
    Kes Muiz Malek yang di hukom rejam kerana berzina .Khalifah Omar dan Ali juga telah melaksanakan nya.

    Islam bermana submission to Allah .Jika kita gagal untok melaksanakan apa yang di perentah ini bermaana kita engkar dan tidak layak untok mengakunkita umat Muhammad saw.

    Perjalanan kita maseh jauh,kita hidup di dunia akan diuji dengan bermacam dugaan oleh Allah.

    Ingat bila kita mai nanti akan ditanya siapa Tuhan Kamu,Siapa Nabi Kamu dan apa ugama kamu.Susah hendak menjawabnya.Sudah terlambat hendak bertaubat.
    Jagann takut kapada MCA atau DAP.Merekantidak dapat membantu kita di akhirat nanti.

    Ini bukan soal PAS atau UMNO.Ini soal hukum Allah.

  4. All it takes for the wonderful Chinese to rush back into the bosom of beloved BN is for MCA to whisper "Hudud".

    It has worked in every past GE, no reason it won't work again.

  5. Posturing or not, this just goes to show very plainly UMNO is cornered like the proverbial rat, clutching at any straw, trying to claw its way back to its once mighty position.

    Of course their version of Hudud is chop chop for UMNO members and supporters, no sular-ing their women found being wayward.

  6. I'm afraid this blog's knowledge of Hudud is no more than that of most Chinese in the country, that is, a mixture of prejudice, preconceptions, misinformation, random disjointed facts and MCA-instigated hysteria.
    Even if they deny being MCA supporters, it rubs off on them.

  7. Doesn't Monsterball have anything else to do ?
    Most people, even wealthy retired people find something useful to occupy their time, so they don't have to resort to cursing and swearing on a blog...

  8. Freedom Fighter.9:26 am, July 03, 2012

    Hudud matter is used by politicians to prove how insincere they are to God.
    PR is winning for Corruptions and murders which matters most, not solved or attended by BN overrides all other issues.
    That settles that...we have a score to settle with motherfucker Ktemoc.
    This is a BN blog and we will pour shit in no matter what he say.
    Not one post about corruptions involving Mahathir and Najib and murders.
    Anwar received the most attention.

  9. Dude, stop impersonating other people, and get lost....

  10. Dude, second thought, it's a free country. go ahead.

  11. Freedom Fighter, what do you know about Hudud?

    Are you a Muslim? If not, you should not comment on such matters. Just shut your stinking mouth and don't interfere in such matters. Your comments only serve to show what an empty-headed, ignorant fool you are.

  12. so-called (preposterous pompous pariah) Freedom Fighter is none other than Monsterball. He is so hard up that he supports his own comments wakakaka through his many nicks.

    Re his "Not one post about corruptions involving Mahathir and Najib and murders", if he is so clever he should start his own blog to post on them. But you know what they say, those who can (like me wakakaka) do, while those who can't (like Monsterball) tells people what to do wakakaka.

    He can't spell let alone write, so how to start a blog and even if he can, how will he be able to write a post wakakaka.

    And I have received information that even his family especially his children shun him wakakaka, which has been why he (thick skin) hangs around here even I have told him he's not welcomed wakakaka.

  13. Monsterball's children have written in to thank me for keeping him off their backs. I'm glad to have done my good deed for today, yesterday, and no doubt tomorrow - good for my karma wakakaka.

  14. "Monsterball's children have written in to thank me for keeping him off their backs"

    Hohohohohohoh...I can believe that. He probably spends 4-5 hours late at night on your he'll be too exhausted to do any mischief during the day....

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    Ok, to more serious matter....

    Dear monster, reply to Tanah Melayu's query lah, he's getting antsy that a non muslim even dare to touch on 'muslim' matters, even though that Johore redneck wants to impose Hudud on ALL races, hihihi. Just love these UMNO melayus to death.

    Be warned though, even RPK who is a malay, and is thus a muslim, has been castigated for daring to talk about matters relating to islam religion and stuff, cos it seemed he's not a 'learned muslim scholar' konon nya. So you si sepek, you si botol, you pendatangs sons of dogs and prostitutes, who are just immigrants here no matter how many hundred years you've been born here, just watch your stinking mouth ok ? hihihihi. Love, love the UMNO bumiputras which term was coined just recently in the 70's.

    When the minyak runs out, when the bloated top-dog leeches fly off and escape to other climes when the country tanked like Greece, and when the malay girls have to fly air asia to indonesia and singapore to be maids, baru lah mereka sedar and be less arrogant and eat some humble pie, hihihi.

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  17. hi Anon 1.43 AM all God's laws are good.
    Hudud is God's Law.
    Is it good for Malaysia out-dated, you decide.
    So many Muslims drink and gamble in Malaysia with no fear.
    Do we call then hypocrites or advancing Muslims with times?
    Hudud is used by politicians from both sides to win Muslims votes.
    Sounds good for rural area folks but ignored by urban areas folks.
    China chopped heads and call that more merciful than hanging.
    So did the French.
    Discussing Hudud law will have no end and I prefer to talk about corruptions and murders... with culprits walking freely.
    I am talking on behalf of Monsterball.
    He is my Sifu.

  18. Freedom Fighter1:06 pm, July 04, 2012

    Malaysia is facing countless sins committed by UMNO politicians that need Malaysians attentions to vote them out.
    No one really cares about Hudud law except politicians fighting for votes.
    Don't waste your time.
    Ktee is trying very hard to divert attention.
    This is a BN blog.

  19. Freedom Fighter1:09 pm, July 04, 2012

    No use to talk so much.
    ktee will delete to my comments no matter what I say.
    So read it fast.

  20. "Hudud for All"

    Ktemoc may be right after of these days we may find UMNO, PKR and PAS all get together and agree to Hudud Uber Alles. At that point, DAP may find itself a cornered rat...
    "Over my Dead Body" said Karpal Singh...they might just do that..

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