Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not so sexy

Dear dear dear sweetie Selena Tay, journalist in Free Malaysia Today (FMT). Oh dear, oh dear, oh dearie, sweetie.

We first became familiar with Selena (and thus possibly, her political preference) after her FMT article Pakatan’s ‘shadow cabinet’ list which prompted me to post 'Whispered' shadow cabinet bloated like satiated leech?

In that post of mine, I raised some questions about the reliability of Sweetie's article, such as her claim to have had personal conversations with shadow ministers, their friends or their acquaintances. I had then remarked that there was no shadow minister in Pakatan, other than Anwar Ibrahim as the PM-designate, because Pakatan has studiously avoided having a shadow cabinet for reasons known only to the coalition.

Of course I have my opinion as to why, but the far more important point was my amazement at Sweetie's claim of talking with non-existent shadow ministers ..... unless of course she had the conversation with the self-appointed wet-dreaming shadow Home Minister wakakaka.

Then, in another FMT article The doctor decides …? she claimed to have heard from a 'reporter friend' (but whom kaytee suspects was a PKR source, and wouldn't surprise me if he/she was the the same one as the so-called 'shadow minister' wakakaka) that (extract of her article):

... the doctor has taken over Umno and right now the grassroots reports are being forwarded to him.
But the big news is that the doctor is planning to have the polls held in September. This is because it seems that the doctor has got tired of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s feet-dragging and lack of confidence.
Therefore he now enters the fray in order to have things up and running according to his way.

Of course the 'doctor' was Dr Mahathir, who, according to sweetie Selena, has taken hold of the reins (note: not 'helm' wakakaka) of UMNO and would be going for an election in September.

Unfortunately for the credibility of her source, Dr Mahathir had at that time informed Sinar Harian otherwise, that PM Najib was to be complimented for going the full five year term until as late as the early part of March 2008 before advising HM the Agong to dissolve Federal Parliament and call for the 13th general election.

When the election may be called, provided it doesn’t exceed the constitutionally permitted 5-year term, is, as allowed by the Constitution, the prerogative of the PM.

Obviously it’s in Najib’s interest to delay the election as late as possible given the odds are currently stacked against him, some of which have been caused by his leadership (or lack of) and some by his undermining UMNO warlords including Dr Mahathir.

But, September 2012 to very early March (or late February) 2013 is approximately 6 months or half a year! And we are told a week in politics can be a lifetime. Thus it’s entirely to Najib’s advantage and of course  to Anwar’s disadvantage as UMNO and its apparatus (nudge nudge, wink wink) can do a lot in 6 months to ensure it wins, by hook or by crook, more probably the latter.

For example, we have been clamoring for overseas Malaysians to vote, but now that the EC says okay, that will be done, we suddenly are having second thoughts, because overseas voting can well be another source of phantom voters wakakaka, far better than the military postal votes because accounting for them will probably be far more tricky. And don’t be surprised to discover if there are 5,000 overseas voters registered to vote in the federal constituency of Lembah Pantai and some marginal state constituencies in Selangor, Johor and Kedah.

Naturally it would be to Anwar’s advantage to stampede UMNO warlords into an earlier general election, with each of them greedily and selfishly eyeing their respective prospects within the party. I suspect that was the aim of the source for that FMT article, a discussion reflected in my posting Deceitful Durian of Discord

Now those UMNO warlords are certainly very powerful, cunning, manipulative and ambitious political animals but sometimes one gathers some of them are low brow (like Moo-Moo and Mr Hangman) and might actually believe in such an apple of discord as Dr Mahathir wanting an early election.

Anyway, as if running out of 'whispered news' from her 'Deep Throats', sweetie Sekena has penned an FMT article about Pakatan's sexy 10 wakakaka.

Naturally, now that I suspect the origin of Selena's source, or her political preference or even her political affiliation, I wasn't surprised to read that half of the so-called Sexy 10 are PKR pollies wakakaka. However Sweetie kindly awards poor DAP and poor PAS two places each, while conferring upon PSM one of the Sexy's.

Mind, I don't have difficulty with her grossly unbalanced apportioning (one could quite easily award all 10 places to DAP or PAS) or the personalities she named, save two.

Her 5 sexy PKR politicians are:

1. Anwar Ibrahim (PKR MP, Permatang Pauh)
2. Rafizi Ramli (PKR strategist)
3. Baru Bian (PKR state assemblyman, Ba Ke’la’lan in Sarawak)
4. Fuziah Salleh (PKR MP, Kuantan)
5. N Surendran (PKR Vice-President)

Now, I don't want you readers to jump to the wrong conclusion about the meaning of the word 'sexy' as she intended it, because Sweetie wrote 'sexy' as (in her own words):

The common factor prevalent in all the above politicians is intelligence, guts and having a particular speciality in their cause. Being intelligent is sexy. Intelligence is the new sexy.

Let me tell you why I don't agree with one on the above list, Baru Bian. Sweetie stated that Baru Bian was selected because he fought for the Native Customary Rights issue for a long time, and is the Lone Ranger of Sarawak who has been doing his work quietly for the good of his people.

In a post titled A letter to PKR I wrote of my disgust for Baru, as follows (extract only):

I think it’s high time you guys decide whether your party is a multi-racial one, as you've often claimed, or in fact a two-tier 1Bumi 9Non political organization, not unlike the two-tier BN of 1UMNO 9Others. I ask because your Sarawak state chief has just been pushing the 1Bumi line, arguing that the PR Sarawak state shadow cabinet does not have enough bumis.
If he is so conscious about racial equity, then please be frank and declare your party as one like BN, of 1Bumi 9Nons. But I sympathize with you because its seems Bian can’t make up his mind about his bumi status, as yesterday he challenged DAP to prove its (DAP’s) multiracial credentials.
He wasn't alone in his jealous outburst because I recall that Nik Nazmi, your chief of communications or whatever, had (post-election) jealously sniped at DAP in an article he wrote in The Malaysian Insider, challenging it to stand in a Malay-Melanau majority seat.
Baru Bian, hot one day on multi-racialism and cold the next when he suddenly turned sizzling on ketuanan bumi, not unlike a cacing kena abu or a kera kena belacan, twisting and turning and a hopping around, probably because he wasn't nominated opposition leader, wakakaka.

Baru Bian one of Pakatan's Sexy 10? Pordah dahleeeng!

Now, on to my fave person, dear Mr Manmanlai wakakaka.

There are two reasons why I don't agree to Sweetie nominating Anwar Ibrahim. The first is because of the the literal meaning of the word 'sexy' which his enemies may seize on it make much ado. Besides, it's really bad fengsui to mention the word insofar as Anwar is concerned. And coincidenatlly today we read in FMT of him being involved in allegedly another sodomy.

Anyway, leaving that aside, because that subject doesn't interest me, I do wonder at Sweetie's reason for selecting him as one of Pakatan's Sexy 10, as follows (extract):

Top on the list is Anwar Ibrahim himself. He gets to be in the list for saying that petrol price will be reduced the very next day if he becomes prime minister. Now this is sexy indeed and this columnist is expecting the price of RON95 to be reduced from the current RM1.90 to RM1.40 if indeed he becomes the prime minister. This is a reasonable demand considering the fact that one of Malaysia’s natural resources is petroleum.

Really? To me it's such a pathetic reason to nominate someone for doing better in a Dutch auction on petrol price.

We are all just a wee too familiar with Anwar for promising people the world. We know that he has promised Sarawak and Sabah 20% in oil royalties, which he, when UMNO Finance Minister, rejected appeals from the very same Sarawakians/Sabahans for an increase in the 5% mark.

And what if that promise is financially-economically unrealistic, reckless and irresponsible?

Be that as it may, as we could argue till the NFC cows come home wakakaka, but do we nominate a pollie as 'sexy' just because he promises to lower the price of essential goods?

Let me provide an erudite exemplary example of a sexy pollie. Someone who was willing to risk it all for the betterment and justice of a fellow citizen, someone like Lim Guan Eng who went to prison in 1994 because he spoke out (not about promising lower fuel prices or increased oil royalties) but for the rights and justice of an under-aged Malay girl in Malacca who was statutorily raped, and who said:

If I fail and have to go to jail, I have no regrets. I have no regrets of going down fighting for the principles of truth and justice. And pursuit of human rights, especially women's rights. There can be no women's rights if women rape victims are considered equally responsible, and even detained, whilst the accused remain free.

Lim GE was jailed for 18 months while Mr Manmanlai was a very silent UMNO DPM of Malaysia. Did DPM Anwar say anything about the woeful injustice against Lim GE? OTOH, sweetie Marina Mahathir bravely said of the alleged statutory rape which the government cited as lacking evidence in its refusal to press charges against the alleged perpetrator:

There are injustices in the law which are mind-boggling ... The lesson is clear - choose your rapist carefully ... As a woman, especially a Muslim woman, I am angry, disgusted and ashamed ... As a mother, I now have real fears for my daughter. What protection can we hope for our daughters if, in the interests of politics, a minor can so easily be sacrificed?

And finally, I suppose we can guess who's sweetie Selena's source because, most surprisingly given her iconic status, competency and charm, Nurul Izzah is not even among the Pakatan Sexy 10. Why not?

If you are still guessing (as to sweetie's source), here's a clue, it's someone who's dead set against 'political dynasty', which may mean anything though I would imagine, was directed specifically against Nurul Izzah assuming the No 1 position in PKR should Anwar fall under a truck; yes, someone who sees Nurul as a clear and present danger to his own position.


  1. Didn't I know that you have materials to write about? I thought that this would be even better for you


  2. many items to blog on but ultimately it's the prerogative of the blogger's choice ;-)

  3. OMG, Kaytee......With all due fucking cb respect, as much as I am disgusted over PKRis gluttony over chewing so many seats as well Baru Bian absurb outburst on the composition of the shadow cabinet

    Let us set one record clear, this guy did his fair share in fighting for native rights for sarawak for years

    I don't have to spoonfed you the enormous proof of what he has done unlike your shithead, hiding under psyenonim 3000 miles away from the shore of Malaysia

    What the fucking hell happen to giving the credit wherever it due

    Anwar fucked your sister's cat real bad once upon a time, didn't he?

    P.S : Let us be clear ktemoc is no saint. We must recipocrate the no hold bar session on ktemoc. Time to do a "Jon Stewart" on kaytee

  4. Hahaha, I was laughing my ass off reading this posting.
    Sour Serena is so shallow. Sexy PR men. What's sexiness got to do with the ability to govern the country?
    Sexy is what sexiness does. And none of those mentioned are sexy in physique or deeds. Or morals. Or quality. or integrity. Or honour.
    Sexy Nurul (hehehe) should just throw his father under the bus.
    As long as he's around, there's no hope for Pakatan to be in power.

  5. If there's one common denominator for PKR people, it's their inability to remain civil when they don't like something written against their leaders. They become vile, abusive and threatening - UMNO genes?. We see that in Monsterball, sunwayopal and our dear looes74.

    I have been observing looes74's last dozen or so of his comments, and regretfully he has become more and more abusive which he wasn't before

  6. Baru Bian was a kind of folk hero in the districts that he has worked in, long before he joined PKR. He's certainly done a lot more for the community than many other politicians on both sides of the divide.

    As for the racial mix of the Opposition front-line, its not a pretty subject, but its political reality in Malaysia.
    Pakatan Rakyat is just painting itself into an isolated corner if it shows its face as just a Chinese party. The DAP, like it or not, fair or not, is perceived that way by many people in Malaysia.

    Lim Guan Eng has certainly earned the admiration of many Malaysians.
    However, I hope he understands by now the concerns of many Penangites over the issue of hill slope development and affordable housing. And its not just disgusting Star and NST spin (that it is, of course)

    Yes, Penang people know the hillslope projects were mostly approved by the previous BN administration. Yes, the cost of land in Penang island is expensive.

    No, it is NOT acceptable for the Government of The Day to do nothing on the issues. Pakatan Rakyat and DAP IS the Government of the Day in Penang, and people expect mitigation action to be taken.
    I have relatives who live downhill from one such project. Every time it rains it bleeds blood-coloured silt-laden mud. And Yes, MPPP and the State Government have done nothing to get the contractor to protect the surrounding environment....

  7. Kaytee,
    How about watching this cartoon show? Especially the shooting incident


    Or Jon stewart show on Glenn Beck? Wow, you should join Fox News!


    See the fucking similarity between you & Glenn Beck fantastic logic. Enjoy!

  8. Gerakan Anti-Najib2:42 pm, July 17, 2012

    Ktemoc's blog reaches a new low, spreading malicious UMNO-distributed rumours about Anwar Ibrahim.

    Ktemoc is no better than those UMNO-paid (prostitute) bloggers like Papagomo.

  9. Monsterbaby,
    While Ktemoc has just the Glenn Beck of Malaysia, you understand by now in this era, nobody would blindly agree fully with you
    I believe LGE's understood the environmental consequences by having "uncensored" hillslope development. However, just wander if you have been to Hong Kong before.....One simple question.....Where the hell they build the buildings? Flat land

    Baru Bian just as Nicholas Bawin was with SNAP before they join PKR. Agree that he's done much to the community in Sarawak unlike this fucking cb kaytee just yucking from australia.
    As for the development & actions in Penang, I felt that DAP has done the best. In fact outshine PKR folks including kaytee much "ahem ahem" manmanlai.....whoever fuck he's.
    What we need is tough regulation, monitoring of hillslope development. I suggest one can just learn from our neighbour downsouth

  10. No GAN,
    Ktemoc admitted that BN might have a high possibility of being sunk. However, just like Mohammad El Badarei in Egypt, folks like kaytee saw this as an opportunity on piggybacking this ride to popularity.
    At least, RPK has shown his identity set his records straight. Kaytee.....Fuck you buddy.


    Enjoy watching!

  11. Looes74,
    No doubt Hong Kong was in the past as lax as anybody else on environmental protection, but not any more. If you take the trouble to look, there are still high-end developments on hill-slopes there, but guess how they do it ?

    The contractors clear the land of vegetation, cut the slope to match the building (the engineering terms are biomass removal and slope stabilisation), then they protect the soil, including plant cover, THEN only they start constructing the building. You will NOT get barren hillslope construction sites bleeding mud for months or even years before the building is completed, like in Penang.

    Such protective measures are Not cheap, that's why nowadays only high-end property gets build on slopes in Hong Kong.

  12. Sorry about Lim Guan Eng....but his defence collapsed when the girl himself denied the whole episode ever occured....

    Lim Guan Eng was given a fair trial in an open court, and found guilty.

    Just be more careful what you say and write in future , ya...

  13. I gotta agree with KT about Looes74. I used to read his comments in Din Merican and Looney's blog. He was reasonable then.
    Now he's turning into a carbon-copy of the Ball. Guess if you can't beat them, join them.
    Looes, please revert back to your true self. The one so likeable.

  14. The GE13 timing situation isn't a simple Anwar wants/needs it ASAP and Najib's interest in delaying it, as painted here.

    Najib is in a Catch-22 situation, regardless whether he holds and early or late election.
    His current problems are well known.
    Delaying the polls, possibly to the final Constitutional deadline, presents its own set of intractable problems.
    UMNO doesn't pull together after its General Assembly. The losers will retire and sulk - and will be most unlikely to support the incumbents GE campaign.
    The longer Najib delays, the worse will be the global macroeconomic situation. The goodies Najib is splashing around as if its Hari Raya combined with Christmas every day is unsustainable.

  15. "Looes, please revert back to your true self. The one so likeable."

    Perchance his TRUE self is the one he has let slip recently ?

    I have no truck with such ilk....when things go their way, they can be charming, likeable, jovial, generous, forgiving, giving, understanding, whatever...

    But once they don't get their way, they turn 180 degree....nasty, vile, abusive, threatening, petty, nit picking, unreasonable, unprofesional, illogical... basically, showing their true colour.

    Shiver, shiver....the fanatical 30 percenter in BN and the other 30 in PR is real SCARY.

    Once upom a time, we have great hope for a third force but looks like we are doomed with either the devil or the devil-to-be.

  16. "Sorry about Lim Guan Eng....but his defence collapsed when the girl himself denied the whole episode ever occured...."

    I was there witnessing at close quater in a hotel premise so many years ago.... the grandma (she's so tiny, hardly taller than 4'3") was holding the hand of her grand daughter's hand to give her courage and comfort to help her to face the clicking cameras and attendees while the whole horrendous sleasy story came tumbling out of that oh, so young and vulnerable girl, about her 'ordeal'.

    Notwithstanding her later 'retraction', voluntary or otherwise, that evening has to be one of the most heartbreaking event one could witness....they appeared so pathetically down-trodden and lost, the wizened grandma in her baju melayu and the young girl who perpetually had tears in her eyes the whole evening through, wanting desperately to seek justice among strangers.

    ( Note : I was working at that hotel then and my assigned duty at that time was to arrange for that event.)

  17. Its ridiculous to try to make up Lim Guan Eng as some kind of selfless martyr over the Melaka girl's case.

    The fact is Lim Guan Eng used the girl's alleged case to attempt the political assassination of the Melaka Chief Minister. Which, by the way, was actually successful.
    It is no more principled than PKR's/GAN's despicable use of Altantuya's death to implicate PM Najib.

    Lim Guan Eng used the girl's grandmother the same way Anwar Ibrahim used Altantuya's grieving father, Setev Shaaribu. And in both cases, with no concrete evidence worth talking about.

    What Lim Guan Eng didn't reckon on was that the full force of the law would be thrown against him.

    I'm very clear that he was given a fair trial, a fair opportunity to defend himself, and found guilty of the offence that he was charged with.

    Lim Guan Eng fell on his own sword.

  18. Where is the silly Filipino maid when we need her ?

  19. The sort of remark (immediately above) which tells you why Indon/Filipino maids work here at their own peril, and the sort of remark (then directed against Indians) which saw Monsterball (here pretending to be Anon) banned from SL's blog wakakaka.

    He's not only a vile vicious vindictive venomous varmint but a racist as well wakakaka.

  20. The poor young teen girl in the statutory rape case then sure as hell sound so genuine and the audience must be suckers to believe her ? to buy into her story of being taken advantaged of ? What is her motive, this almost uneducated girl and her illiterate diminutive grandma who wandered into the city to tell such woeful, horrendous tale?

    Must be crazy ya? to attempt to attack a powerful minister with a tall tale, macam a biji telor attacking a hard rock,kakaka.

    So like someone here insinuated, the opposition leader must somehow brainwashed these 2 stupefied women to attack an innocent minister and finally, retracted her accusation after coming to her senses, realising her heinous 'crime'. This is too rich, kakaka. So she is not sued for being the principal accuser in such a case ? So forgiving and generous a minister la.

  21. kt,

    if 'doen not have enough bumi' is not one criteria, what is ur definition of multiracial then?

    let us compare pkr n dap.

  22. DAP is joined by people with free will, not by rejects from another party

  23. Perceptive observers of human nature will understand that there is no built-in absolute advantage or disadvantage, as such, with being someone who joined an organisation right away (so-called "virgin") or came in from another organisation.

    There are strengths and weaknesses one way or the other. Smart organisations will have a healthy mixture of both.

    The term "rejects" is just a meaningless piece of prejudice.

    Just for your edification, Baru Bian is no "reject" from another party. Neither is William Leong, Nick Nazmi or Sivarasa Rasiah or a host of other PKR leaders.

    In fact one of PKR's characteristics, which is both a boon and a bane, is that, more than any other Malaysian political party, it has many socio-political activists. They are often too much of idealists and lack the savvy of professional politicians.

  24. was responding to HuaYong's challenge, to remind him that most or the core bumis/Malays in PKR were UMNO rejects (weren't they?), forced to form a party to work themselves back into UMNO but pretending to proclaim reformasi - that's the sad truth

  25. The unfortunate fact is that most if not all political parties in Malaysia are run by a core group of "Elders" - not necessarily elderly in age - who call the shots and practically own the party.

    Yes, it is definitely unhealthy for the future prospects of any lower rung PKR member to mount any challenge to Azmin Ali. As far as he is concerned, he is a Taiko in PKR.

    Look closely at DAP. Penang DCM Ramasamy found out to his detriment that it can be politically very dangerous to utter any criticism against Karpal Singh. Karpal's call for Ramasamy to step down as Penang DCM was an affront.
    In formal terms, the DCM is appointed by the Penang Governor.
    In practical terms, he is selected by the CM, Lim Guan Eng.
    Karpal Singh was way out of line, but he obviously didn't think so, because he is a big DAP Taiko.

    (P.S. I'm obviously not a Karpal Singh fan).

  26. Okay let us call it a challenge.

    How many DAP Malay MP versus to PKR Chinese MP?
    How virgin is the Malay member in DAP versus Chinese member in PKR?
    Why not many freewill Malay join DAP even the party were exist mush earlier, at least 30 years than PKR, whose start up mainly by UMNO reject, and no one is trying to conceal this fact, but still many Chinese, reject or virgin, choose to join PKR, can you tell the same about DAP?

    Your version of multi-racial is the typical DAPism that DAP Chinese would represent each and every race in Malaysia while the rest is only care about their own, and the best part is DAP only interested to persuade the many Umno reject and elite Malay to join them and ignore the grassroots Malay totally.

    Ask the multi-racial DAP LGE to contest in a Malay majority constituency in Johor, he was born in Johor right?

  27. precisely because it's about free will rather than the "no choice" ex-UMNO rejects wakakaka, and the fact of UMNO demonizing DAP for then last 43 years, very few Malays have joined DAP, but am glad they are now increasingly doing so.

    OTOH, Chinese behave the opposite of above, where they join PKR and DAP because they hate UMNO and are disappointed in MCA and Gerakan.

    So how does one compare the number of Malays in DAP to Chinese in PKR. Not a very clever basis for comparison.

    Why don't we use a Malay-Chinese neutral statistics, like Indians. Tell me please, how many Indian MPs and ADUNs are there in PKR versus in DAP? Eat that!

  28. I think HuaYong's challenge is a valid one.
    Your request to compart Indian MPs and ADUNs between PKR and DAP is not a valid one, because the denominator is totally skewed for DAP - which has zero Malay MPs and nearly Zero Malay Members.
    That alone demolishes DAP's claim to be a multi-racial party.

    The best spin which can be placed on it is DAP is a Non-Malay party.

  29. Indian, okay. Let us talk fact.

    PKR Malay MP = 17 (71%)
    PKR Chinese MP = 5 (21%)
    PKR Indian MP = 2 (8%)

    Is it not aligning to Malaysia population mix?

    Now show me DAP MP number.

    PS/ Read the tale “指鹿为马” (Calling A Stag A Horse)? A donkey is a donkey no matter from which angle u look at it, Look into the mirror before pointing finger at others.

  30. I've already explained the reasons, both historical and the sudden "migration" of UMNO rejects in 1999 wakakaka, for DAP's ethnic membership and PKR's ethnic membership.

    In fact, long long before those UMNO rejects were booted out to take up refuge in KeADILan (if they weren't expelled violently and unceremoniously, there won't be any KeADILan or PKR - reformasi my foot), DAP already had its Malay MP, Ahmad Nor

  31. The Rabid Anti-PKR rhetoric frequently exhibited here, and the occasional anti-DAP response is most unhelpful.
    Pakatan Rakyat needs to get all hands on deck for the strongest possible push to win GE13.

    There is a tide in the affairs of the country. The time is now.

    If we miss this flood tide, due to bitching and inability to get past 20 year-old grievances, we may well have another 40 years of UMNO-overlordship.

    Maybe that is the real intent here...

  32. “Maybe that is the real intent here...”

    maybe, I dun know, but don’t u think we should expose the bloghost biased and prejudiced he represent? how many malays give their vote to dap in 2008 despite umno demonizing? is that not a coalition that worked hand in hand to attain a fantastic result never before? is that fair to liberally interpret dap action while strictly interpret others?

    the chinese can unreservedly give their vote to dap is because of the split of umno that establish an atmosphere and environment that allow the chinese to participate in the reform via an multi-racial platform not like before, a 46 that ideology entirely no difference with it past. this is something we should treasure and look forward.

    so again, u r most probably right in your guess.

  33. ahmad noor? halo, we are not having a discussion of history, anything more recent? shd 3 months back, u might bring out that incredible tunku right? i think this one item, also a old and had been recycling uncounted times, hardly provide a justification that dap is multi racial, i am a generous guy, maybe you’d like to try again? this is the best chance for you to demonstrate how you would wiggle yourself out of that uncomfortable fact.

  34. HuaYong had written "Okay let us call it a challenge.

    How many DAP Malay MP versus to PKR Chinese MP?
    How virgin is the Malay member in DAP versus Chinese member in PKR?
    Why not many freewill Malay join DAP even the party were exist mush earlier, at least 30 years than PKR, whose start up mainly by UMNO reject, and no one is trying to conceal this fact,"

    Now that I mentioned Ahmad Nor, he wants to shift the goalpost. That's the problem with anwaristas, incapable of consistency, which I suspect is because they are not sincere in the first place. Just look at the world's greatest reformasi leader telling the world he's against gays (reformasi?). And then giving BS reasons like his rightwing illiberal stand against gays (deformasi) will protect marriages, though he didn't explain how (because he f* can't)?

  35. Interesting that Ktemoc has been totally deaf, dumb and blind (hear no evil, say no evil, see no evil) over the massacres going on in Syria.

    Looks like he is only upset if cute Palestinian babies are killed by Ugly Jewish stormtroopers.

  36. The following is the transcript of Anwar Ibrahim's BBC interview.

    "We, Muslims and non-Muslims generally believe and (are) committed to support the sanctity of marriage between men and women in Malaysia.

    "But we should not be seen as punitive and consider the archaic laws as relevant. We need to review them. We do not promote homosexuality in public sphere and domain.

    "We will not make apologies towards that... I think to use this sort of legislation to be punitive, punishing innocent people cannot be condoned or be tolerated."

    I cannot find anything wrong with what he said. Coming from a Muslim leader in the current Islamic environment, that has to be one of the most level-headed statements I have heard on this subject for a long time.

    What's your problem ?

    The following is his answer to a lawyer's question in court.
    Firoz: Should the laws of Malaysia discriminate against homosexuals?
    Anwar: Yes.

    In court, you can only answer the question put to you by the cross-examiner , no more, no less.
    I will leave it to Anwar to explain, but its his privilege not to comment on statements made in court.

    Anwar Ibrahim did NOT make an anti-Gay hate speech, which both Muhyiddin and Najib have done - and I don't recall you ever got upset about that.

  37. very typical response when cornered, helen call me a dap apologist n ur way out is to label me anwarista. r u people bn apologist and najib shit carrier?

    reread and see who keep on shifting the goalpost, fyi, urban dic allow u to give a new definition for every word. try *multi* since ur understanding is quite distinct from the rest.

  38. Motherfucker shameless piece of shit.
    Talk cock all he time.
    Clean shit and shut up!!