Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Malaysia's most powerful woman

Two women fill me with incredible admiration. They are the very picture of dignity like a lotus standing out of muddy waters, tranquillity like the eye in a raging storm, and calm courage amidst a barbaric horde.

There’s none of the Jean d’Arc-like martyr in them and none also of the Mother Teresa piousness. The young would describe each of them as cool, but to me, they're most importantly down to earth people.

I am talking about Aung San Suu Kyi and yes, our very own Ambiga Sreenevasan. Both are their respective nation’s patriots, not the pariah pompous pseudo type claimed by Perkasa or that alluded to by our world-famous Defence Minister (who first attempted, unsuccessfully wakakaka, to politically stab Dr Mahathir in the back and then like a cornered rat, abandoned the ship named KD Anwar Ibrahim when the going got tough.

I congratulate the Myanmareans for their fortune in having a true patriot like Aung San Suu Kyi, and I have no doubt many Malaysians feel likewise, fortunate to have a new light in Ambiga in these troubled times.

Many have urged her to stand for the coming general elections which I have no doubt will sweep her into Parliament, but I urge her not to. We need her to be the politically neutral she is, to provide balanced and unselfish advice and leadership to us. If she has to enter into active politics then I urge her to stand as an Independent.

The Malaysian political landscape is too acidic, acrimonious and acerbic, with the principal personalities in a Bush-like state of ‘either or’, worsened by individualistic selfish interests that pay little heed to the rakyat’s benefits.

Today I would not be exaggerating to state that Ambiga Sreenevasan is the most powerful and popular woman in Malaysia. By powerful I mean her potential to significantly influence politics. Yes, she may not be popular to 100% of Malaysians, and really who is, but I doubt there is any other female, or even male, who can match her standing in the eyes of the Malaysian public.

Take for example, the UMNO moron who threatened her, no doubt verbally only, but which consequences might have turned the Indians away from BN. This potential outcome has been no better illustrated than by the immediate flurry of condemnations against UMNO MP Mohamad Aziz by the normally-obsequious UMNO-lapdog MIC.

Najib has no doubt torn off more of what is left of his sparse hair at the likely fallout from the very very (politically) expensive stupidity of Mohamed Aziz, that he (Najib) might as well be tonsured.

But what is Ambiga Sreenevasan’s message such that it sends UMNO quaking?

Clean and fair elections.

And what does this message imply in its truest meaning?

Ambiga has called for an election that is without cheating, dodgyness, institutionalized ‘hedging’, threats and intimidation or deliberate marginalization or disenfranchisement, one where each and every eligible citizen is entitled to one vote each.

But it means more than that.

‘Clean and fair’ elections also means no frogological innovations, no money politics, and no covert pacts a la 'The Illuminati’ to change the outcome of the official results of an election to the astonishment and against the choice of the voters.

dead political frogs

There are politicians who ride on the hem of her sari wakakaka, while there are politicians who hate her with a vengeance. But she must disown those who are riding on her popularity but do not subscribe in the least to her message of a truly ‘clean and fair’ elections.


  1. Ambiga has scrupulously kept to her insistence that Bersih - 2.0 and 3.0 is non-partisan.

    However, if you look carefully at major Bersih public announcements and press conferences, Pakatan Rakyat -PKR, PAS, DAP representatives, if not leaders, are alway on board. Hey, many times Anwar Ibrahim was invited to Bersih conferences. Najib would be welcome too, if he weren't so busy trying to demonise Bersih.

    She has made clear that Bersih is not beholden to any political party, but it wouldn't make any sense for Bersih to dissociate itself from coordinating with PAS, PKR or DAP.

    Ambiga understands very well the realpolitik that Bersih's success depends at least in part on Heavy lifting organisation work from Pakatan Rakyat parties.

  2. They say that there three Malaysian heroes/heroine in history, namely :Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat and Hang Ambiga?

  3. Like your description of the political scene here as "The Malaysian political landscape is too acidic, acrimonious and acerbic ..."

    That's 3 A's viz acidic, acrimonious and acerbic. How about awarding it one more A: asinine?

  4. Actually, my bit of survey with the sort of ordinary folks who form the majority of voters.

    The response to questions about Ambiga is more like "Ambiga who?"

    In fact, if the authorities had not set out to single her out for attack, she would have remained an obscure figure.

    Sorry , She is really NOT influential apart from political junkies and the sort of idealists who braved FRU gas in Bersih 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0

  5. Let me make a prediction. As far as can be remembered, in all the previous elections, and without any doubt, in the coming one, too, all those bankrupt-of-ideas UMNO politicians will without fail trot out their favourite threat, namely, May 13.

    This veiled threat is, of course, directed at the Nons, especially the Chingkies. The subtext being: Vote BN. Or else you're gonna be sorry!

    They are like the despicable pimps in a whorehouse threatening the girls, whom they have kidnapped to work as sex slaves, to work harder.

  6. In this world, there are 3 groups of people -

    Those who make things happen,

    Those who allow things to happen,

    & Those who ask - what happened ?

    And guess who are these people in the last group category ? Haha, you guessed right - those who asked - "who's Ambiga?"

    And UMNO intends to keep them in the dark as long as possible. UMNO has rightly reckoned that to run a country this size, all you need are a few hundred mini napoleons and a few thousand beholden bodoh sombong slaves, all properly BTN-ised. And that's why colleges and unis like mara and UiTM are set up to groom these troopers, with an all-english syllabus but of course the Rest Of The Students in the country are urged to attend a 1-School with Bahasa Melayu as the main language of instruction, bwahaha.

    If UMNO has its way, 99% of the population will forever be asking -" What happened ?"....bwahahahaha. Love this country and its politicians who still operate this country like the wild wild west.

  7. Better Marina than Ambiga. At least she's what you see is what you get.
    Ambiga is a she-devil dressed in angel clothings.
    She has an agenda of her own. She is using that Anwar fella. And that stupid man thought Ambiga is for him. Hahaha.
    I agree absolutely with Tanah Melayu. Achi is just an obscure figure.
    The average Malay and Indians dont care two hoots about Bersih series 1, 2 or 3.
    But that butt showing and the faux pas by the MP who wanted her hanged, suddenly turned her into a heroine Malayali.
    Out comes Palanivel and other Indian leaders. Not so much for her but to portray their fight for Indians. To garner some votes.
    Ambiga brought up the racism in us. That was her aim.
    She enjoys being feted and toasted overseas. But she's sad that Malaysians regard us as just another frustrated has-been lawyer.
    Oh how she loves it when Din Merican and his kind dubbed her as Aung San Suu Kyi.
    The EC has blown her cover. EC boss said none of the Bersih demonstrators including Aci and Mat leather king bothered to check the electoral roll now on display.
    He said the display is ending but there were no objections to the names displayed.
    Hahaha, so much for clean and fair elections.
    Like to see Achi contest the GE and lose.
    And Suu Kyi, used to admire her like everyone in the world.
    But yet to see her protesting against the genocide going on in her country.
    She's now drunk in the adulation given her by the western nations.
    It all ultimately comes to self-glory, be it Achi or Suu Kyi.

    P.S. This is my first and last posting. Not responsible for any comments pitting me against you or anyone.
    Please delete postings using my name. You can publish comments against me using their own names.

  8. You can lay all the blame on 'frogology' on the doorsteps of Barisan Najis.

    They can easily pass a law to ban it but they wont.

    They say its not constituitional.

    I say pass a constituitional amendment then. Lets see then if Pakatan supports or not.

    Right now, Barisan Najis is the one that doesnt want to ban it.


    Its Najis Razak insurance policy for PRU 13.

    ktemoc can yelp all he want about DSAI and what he did or did not do but bottomline is so far for DSAI its all talk, the ACTUAL act of frogology was done by Barisan Najis in Perak.

    You are not guilty just by talking up something. You are guilty if you do actually ACT IT OUT!

    Pls try and understand the difference!


  9. "You are guilty if you do not ACT IT OUT!" said "sunwayopal"
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  18. No Ktemoc, you are wrong.
    Malaysia's most powerful woman is Rosmah Mansor, wife of PM Najib.

    Of course, your opposition to the imagined G.A.N. makes her your...gulp...good friend...or was it good fiend ?

  19. Long live AMBIGA !!

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