Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stuff your 'Either Or'!

Poor Ah Jib Gor, sorry lah, no good news for you. According to Malaysiakini's 'BN could lose more than half of Sabah seats', your fixed deposit plus accrued interests have been withdrawn.

You are in that position which the ancient Greeks called Between Scylla and Charybdis, and which the Christianity-influenced Poms naturally termed Between the devil and the deep blue sea. Today, for reasons unknown, the saying is 'Between a rock and a hard place', obviously not as classical or biblical orientated as the former two.

Scylla & Charybdis

Alas, every f* thing UMNO and its MCA and Gerakan vassals has done to discredit or make Pakatan unpopular have backfired. Syabas attempted wet-works, communist behind every pomelo tree and JI infiltration into Buduland, the attempt to make Bersih illegal or demon-ize Ambiga Sreenevasan, the f* list goes on, have all ended with UMNO worse off.

she's wakakaka-ing at UMNO

Do, kena, don't do, also susah.

Apart from bad fengshui, surely there must be a moral behind all these failures. If you haven't gotten it yet, well, may I offer some advice?

Force, lies and negativism aren't in vogue.

The first, using force to get your way, no longer works. Besides, the opposite camp is no longer uni-ethnic like it was 43 years ago. Are you prepared to accept unpleasant collateral damage?

The second, your lies, can be easily countered in today's multi-media news dissemination.

And your negative campaign is not unlike your 'lies'.

You could try good policy promotions, good governance demonstrations (anti corruption), and truly 1Malaysia (rein in your ill-disciplined warlords who have been sabotaging you).

Admittedly you're running rapidly out of time. I suppose you could roll out the tanks a la Tian An Men Square and try Emergency Rule like your dad did.

Of course Pakatan has its own problems, chiefly (a) Anwar Ibrahim - that's all I'm going to say because I've been saying the same stuff regularly since 2005 when I started blogging, (b) PAS' hudud, (c) PKR's internal war.

As a DAP supporter, I personally (I stress, personally, because many Pakatan supporters don't agree with me) feel the ABU campaign is mindless and won't eliminate the corruption the campaign is supposed to target. Why should I vote in someone in Pakatan who is equally or has the frightening potential to be even more corrupt or unworthy of the people's votes?

Brothers against LGBT

For example, would I ever vote in PAS' Azizan Abdul Razak (current MB of Kedah)? Don't know? See my previous post Another Hasan Ali. It's known he prefers to be cozy with UMNO saudaras rather than non-Malay Pakatan pollies.

In fact I would be urging my friends in Kedah not to. Of course voting against Azizan doesn't mean voting against every PAS pollies. It's known I am very supportive of Nizar Jamaluddin.

He supports the BN legislated University and University Colleges Act 1971

It's precisely the moronic "either or" extremism of the ABU campaign that pisses me off.

Another example - would I ever vote against my Gerakan buddy, Hsu Dar Ren (Darren Hsu)? Mind, I'm not sure whether he is still in Gerakan, wakakaka, but if he is, mate, I'll vote for this good man any time. I can only hope he doesn't stand against the DAP people I support.

Darren Hsu

I am not in Pandan but I'll be prepared to vote in Ong Tee Keat, who has been a constant voice, ever since he was a Deputy Minister, against BN corruption and excesses. And that has been why I was concerned that Pakatan has sent Rafizi Ramli to stand against Ong in that federal constituency - see my previous post The political assassination of Rafizi Ramli?

Ong Tee Keat - Hishamuddin's greatest foe wakakaka

If Azmin Ali is so damn f* clever, why doesn't he stand in Pandan and give Gombak to Rafizi?

Also, why doesn't he give Dr Wan Azizah the state seat of Bukit Antarabangsa and take on Sementa, instead of slyly stating the Pakatan grass roots in Selangor (meaning himself) will decide whether the PKR party president can stand as an ADUN in Selangor? How f* insulting to the party president!

from Malaysiakini

The "either or" bullsh*t is mindless, moronic and meaningless, and insultingly, denies Pakatan supporters the right of intelligent choice.

Supporting Pakatan shouldn't automatically translate into a blank cheque of blind support. If any Pakatan pollie has been, is deemed, or seen as an ar$eh*le, he/she shouldn't receive any of our votes. Otherwise, we'll be just exchanging corrupt rubbish for corrupt rubbish.

As an example, voting against Najib in Pekan doesn't mean we must automatically vote in all Pakatan undesirables.

Likewise, voting against Azmin in Gombak wakakaka doesn't mean we automatically vote in all UMNO undesirables.

You have already been buggered kau kau for the last 30 years (The earlier years weren't that bad). So, do you still want more buggeration wakakaka? If you do, then continue your ABU. But on the other hand, if you want a good government from Day 1, then vote wisely, not ABU-ishly.

And don't give me that bullsh*t about voting everyone in Pakatan in first, and then sorting out the mess later. That'll take another 30 years at least.


  1. My sentiments too! I hope the arrogant asses in Pakatan as well as those who want to bury everything lock stock & barrel with UMNO in the next GE will get a good dose of reality from non partisan voters who are sick & tired of both sides' preoccupation with politicking instead of good governance.

  2. Just look at Anwar's fotos. Does he look like a winner? The supposed glow have gone.
    And is he heeding Kitingan's warning that Pakatan do not contest any seats in Sabah.
    Yes Pakatan is doomed in Sabah. And course in Sarawak too.

  3. “That'll take another 30 years at least.”

    Most developed and democratic countries take one to two terms, or 5 to 10 years to elect a new government, only Malaysian and Singaporean that were permeated with racial and daft mind would continue to vote a racist and authoritarian regime for 50 years, and predictably the same racial and daft mind would continue to give their vote to a so called mess government for the next 30 years.

    Ask Hsu why he make a decision to leave Gerakan, I think he realized there is nothing much he can do no matter how he wish and want to, similar to that OTK, what had he done for the last 5 years? His numerous articles that talk about moral and ethic don’t even helps him to survive in MCA, and lost to CSL that proudly declared and proclaimed his unfaithfulness as if he is the most honest guy on earth.

    To criticize fairly is acceptable, but I don’t think it is wise to plead not to give our vote to PR, at least at this juncture when we are not moving into a bi-party system yet, hence the only way is ABU, this is not a blank but post dated cheque and we can always change course in future election, is that not how democracy work?

    But I do agree with Anak Malaka that some non Partisan voters are sick.

  4. Except for the diehard supporters on both sides of the divide, those non partisans are actually in a dilemma. That's why there's this 'undecided' factor, sitting on the proverbial fence.

    We all know that BN is awashed with up to at least 90% politicians that can be described as 'jaga sendiri dulu' type. All their proclaimation Raayat Di Dahulukan is just BS. By voting in those few 5%-10% so-called 'good men' is not going to change anything at all. In fact, it makes us wonder why these so-called 'good men' have so steadfastly stayed put with their rotten parties. It is not as though they could change anything from 'the inside' like someone likes to claim, wakakaka.

    Given the above scenario, one would have thought it is without doubt the fence sitters would unhesitantly give their votes in droves to the Oppostion Coalition.

    But come every election, we the raayat without fail, get to witness how the opposition goes at each other throats....islamic state vs secular, hudud vs secular laws, with ex UMNOs in PKR in turmoil fighting for themselves, their warlordism surfacing for all to see.

    For some, they thought they could see some glimmer of hope when MCLM was formed but this 'outfit' would never work if right from the beginning, they have stated that they are apolitical ( in fact, one of the founders had declared politics is all about power and MCLM is not into this sort of trip ).So how on earth could a apolitical entity work and jell with a political party (PKR in this instance ) and wanting, to boot, to control this party from the outside ? NO politician, especially some one like Anwar Ibrahim, would allow anyone to 'sekat' him.

    DAP needs some true partners...if that party is unable to shed it chinese-ness image. It has good people like Sakmongkol and Aspan Ali but when one thinks of DAP, one thinks Chinese, no thanks to UMNO's propaganda in part.

    So DAP needs partners as unlike PKR and PAS as possible to make it work.

  5. PKR and PAS supporters tell the same, they needs a true partners. Not one that try to shed their chineseness via the recruit of umno reject.

    errata Anak Merdeka not Melaka

  6. UMNO 'rejects' have been those who were forcefully expelled, still screaming and with their finger nails making deep scratch marks on the door sill of UMNO HQs wakakaka.

    Those who left willingly like Zaid Ibrahim are not 'rejects', unlike someone & his cohorts who fall in above category and who still tried to get back into UMNO via the court - pathetic lah wakakaka

  7. Zaid Ibrahim, like Anwar and Azmin would give anything to be back in UMNO.
    Zaid is so very sad that things are so bleak for him to be an MP without help from UMNO/BN.
    Zaid and RPK and Azmin and Anwar would run for it if given the chance to kiss Najib's bum.
    Unfortunately that is Rosmah's sole property.
    That is the truth of the matter. These people know that only UMNO/BN works.

  8. The hope of having ABU, ALI (of Ali Baba fame) will make Ali a changed and better man and perhaps lead bolehland again 5 years down the road if Abu proves to be unworthy.

    a reformed and non racial based Ali might even be very attractive for DAP & PKR to team up

    and to all good bolehlanders keen to practice God's law in daily life, why not all move to the previously non-federated states and with such a strong majority, make that happen and leave everyone else out of the picture.

    Show us how good it is and perhaps by being a good model, others will follow, rather than being imposed upon.

  9. I think we should let PR takes over Putrajaya first and let them rule for 2 terms and also time to sort out their differences - like Hudud issue.

    Just like you marry your wife, you do not really know her till you are married for more than 10 years....


  10. We need a 2 party system in Malaysia. Very badly.
    And we cannot have a 2-party sytem until 2 parties have had the opportunity to run the country at least once. In case you haven't noticed, the current count is Zero.

    It is such a simple concept, I'm almost tempted to dismiss anyone who doesn't see it as either a fool or BN/UMNO operative.

  11. Ktee can stuff his vote into his arse and stop confusing voters.
    PR must have a leader and all parties agreed Anwar should be the next PM.
    Ktee is not helping DAP or PR at all.
    This is his typical style to tell voters to keep their votes open; which can only benefit BN.

  12. KT is a self proclaimed expert to know ans see all things.
    I wonder why he was never involved in politics at all or was he deep in it but everyone is avoiding him like avoiding Raja Petra.
    However , RPK has a face and real name.
    KT speaks like RPK but is a ghost.
    The only thing common between them is that both speak 3000 miles away from Malaysia.

  13. ZA, AA, AI whereabouts is of little concern to me, which is fine should they choose to join us, and that is also fine if they choose not to be with us, life goes on. Democracy under the two party system frameworks is about the people right to choose a better government, and not about politician.

    Beside turning back the clock and lecture the readers his definition of reject, the host basically said nothing about everything.

  14. KT knows Dr.Hsu gave up politics and resigned fro Gerakan, and he participated at BERSIH 3 rally and yet he talks about him a possible political Gerakan candidate.
    Compare Dr. Hsu and ktee's characters, the are miles apart.
    The good doctor posts are clear and always exposing BN corruptions and convincing voters to vote for change.
    Go view "Dr.Hsu" blog and compare to ktee's.
    Will these two people trust each other?
    Similarly, he talks so much about Susan Loone letting readers know, as if, he is so pally with her which is totally not true too.
    He has never met or talked to Lim Kit Siang and yet he wrote as if they know each other like friends.
    This is how ktee project himself.
    He is a bullshitter.

  15. "the host basically said nothing about everything" says it all.
    He is trying to confuse voters.

  16. He is not out to confuse voters.
    He is a deep cover BN agent

  17. Thats where ktemoc is dumb blind and stupid all rolled into one.

    he says we are exchanging one corrupt for another corrupt?

    How stupid is that?

    everybody knows Pakatan is not perfect!

    We are exchaging one less corrupt and kicking out one that is TOO CORRUPT!

    what an idiot not to see this. ktemoc must b some useless Barisan Najis spinner trying to pull wool over some dumb fellas (as can b seen above).


  18. "And don't give me that bullsh*t about voting everyone in Pakatan in first, and then sorting out the mess later. That'll take another 30 years at least." - Ktemoc.

    If Pakatan Rakyat proves incapable to govern or just as corrupt, it will not survive beyond 1 term. Once the Rakyat understand they have the capability in their hands to use their vote to change to government, there will be no turning back.

    The central dynamic of Malaysian politics is thus...

    Barisan Nasional rules and continues to rule by virtue of the enormous power of its 55 years incumbency, and its perversion of all supposedly independent institutions of government in order to become mere lackeys of UMNO.

    Pakatan Rakyat does not have , and will not have this kind of extra-constitutional power in its 1st, or any single digit length of years in power, assuming voters chose to vote it into office at the Federal level. Just as Lim Guan Eng has found in Penang, and Khalid Ibrahim in Selangor you'll be lucky if Pakatan gets just bare-bones basic cooperation from UMNO-fied public servants to execute government policy.

    Ktemoc is proposing a Recipe for BN/UMNO to rule "forever"....or perhaps that is the intention.

  19. Anti-ABU people are missing the most important thing about ABU- the change of govt will show all politicians from both sides that people will change the govt if they have to . The politicians will behave knowing that people will kick them out at the next election if they continue with BN style corruption and self enrichment . Right now the situation has become so bad because we gave BN a blank cheque to rule that they became arrogant and did not care what the people thought as they were voted into power no matter what they did . In fact , even the PM was voted in by UMNO warlords an not the people . That is why it so important to change the next govt . Nobody is perfect and of course there are bad apples in Pakatan esp PKR. But they have been doing a very good job where they have been given the opportunity like in Penang and selangor . In any case , Pakatan will know they will be kicked out in the next election if they don't . That is why for me I say ABU, ABU , ABU!

  20. I agree with most of what you say. We all want a better Msia, better govt and better folks in govt. However, if we continue to vote for the personality rather than the party, in view of all the gerry-mandering and vote fixing and postal voting, and non-Msian voters, will we ever have a chance of any change in govt? if those good folks you mentioned are indeed "good folks" they shld have left their present irrelevant parties and become at least an independent, or join the other good folks. just my dua sen

  21. wakakaka

    The opposite of ABU is anti ABU; likewise, the opposite of anti ABU is ABU.

    Both are moronic "either or" extremism.

    And precisely because of the above extremism, I disagree with just voting for the party regardless of the candidate - that would be plain mindless. For example (already given) why would I ever vote for Azizan Abdul Razak.

    As one of my posters said, "Before voting, think!"

  22. For or Against become extremists.
    Both are morons.
    Stay undecided is the best.
    Last time, all vote for the BN party, he never complaint.
    Now BN is weak, he advised vote right candidates.
    "Before voting, think" should have been said long long ago.
    Time to change the government and you need one smart ass to tell you "think".
    We are all MORONS except ktemoc.

  23. "And don't give me that bullsh*t about voting anyone in Pakatan in first, and then sorting out the mess later." said Ktemoc.
    Have we ever heard him saying the 35 years massive corruptions and mess Mahathir got Malaysian into?
    "You have already been buggered kau kau for the last 30 years....blah blah blah, So, do you still want more buggeration wakakaka?"
    hi IDIOT!!
    We are ready to be buggered by PR.
    People Power is control not PR or BN.
    Do you understand that, MORON?
    How any friends do you have in Kedah that you can influence their votes??
    Talk big, talk cock, you are the best.

  24. No wonder, he hates freedom fighters, especially one.
    All know him too well.

  25. A moron who does not know Dr.Hsu resigned from Gerakan and is now a freedom fighter is teaching all how not to be morons.

  26. KT said : "And don't give me that bullsh*t about voting everyone in Pakatan in first, and then sorting out the mess later. That'll take another 30 years at least."

    What makes you think it will require 30 yrs again ? The last time it took so long is because the landscape was different.

    If you are waiting for the perfect candidates in Pakatan, you will wait forever.

    In this imperfect world there will be some undesired elements especially when it comes to politics.

  27. "UMNO 'rejects' have been those who were forcefully expelled, still screaming and with their finger nails making deep scratch marks on the door sill of UMNO HQs wakakaka." said KTemoc

    I could not have put it any better myself ! LOL...the picture in my mind the way KT puts it..'still screaming ..with their finger nails making deep scratch marks on the door sill of UMNO HQs' is just too delicious. Imagine a cartoon drawing of AI being dragged feet first, with his nails bloodied, and the next pic showing the UMNO door with deep grooves from the nails, blood dripping.....oh mine...hahahaha lol..hahaha

    KT, you have a very wicked sense of humour and expression. I thoroughly approve lah.

  28. Imagine this scenario....

    PR made it through to Putrajaya, with a very narrow margin.

    The 'jaga sendiri dulu' from BN ( esp the UMNO members ) will turn into jumping frogs and it is to the interest of AI to accept them, and he's not adverse to this....heck, he's been doing this sort 'recruiting' ever since he was kicked out screaming with bloodied nails from UMNO, kakakaka

    So who's to say PR will not turn into UMNO Baru 2, and will rule for the next 50 to 100 years.

  29. The alternative, as I see it, is between definite UMNO rule, or a possibility that PKR may turn into a reincarnation of UMNO Baru.

    Hey, almost anything can happen in this world. But in the real world, we make our choices based on the balance of probabilities vs. certainties.

    I'll vote for PR almost anytime, unless the candidate is a proven idiot.

  30. Me too.....I will rather destroy my vote than to vote in the current MB of Kedah, Azizan Abdul Razak !

    Hanya controlling one fut of a mini state sudah cakap macam Tuhan...his fatwas cannot be challenged at all or be questioned ! Is it true that all his colleagues in PAS diam diam saja, except for a few making some useless protesting gestures ?

    Don't malaysians live in interesting times ? Turn left, you get bold as pirates plunderers who threatened your very lives if you don't give in to them. Turn to the right, you get these religious cavemen who thinks only their god's laws should be the main laws in a multi-racial multi-religious society.

  31. "So who's to say PR will not turn into UMNO Baru 2, and will rule for the next 50 to 100 years."

    sure they could be. just like you can always imagine pigs “could” fly. but i believe that’s rather unlikely. if you can’t grasp the concept of odds…well, i can’t possibly teach you everything.

  32. No one can teach him anything.
    He can teach...judge and insult anyone he chooses.
    We insult back, but he is faceless and nameless!!!
    Has anyone seen any blogger worst than him, minding Malaysians politic 3000 miles away?
    He is a paid BN agent.

  33. "... you can always imagine pigs “could” fly. but i believe that’s rather unlikely. if you can’t grasp the concept of odds…well, i can’t possibly teach you everything."

    We all know why PKR stuck steadfastly to their fictatious membership number in their party....seemingly the biggest among the opposition coalition, and hence 'justified' their demand for the most seats to contest in elections.

    Imagine this scenario again....PR won by a slim majority and managed to limp through intact the first term. But in the meantime, PKR membership swelled to the millions, all mainly from froggies from UMNO who's licking their wounds and plotting revenge come-back. But the froggies will naturally hop over to the victor (particularly PKR in this case ) to ensure that the freebies and handouts are not completely cut off.

    Come GE14, PKR with a party membership 5 times or even ten times the size of either DAP or PAS, guess how many seats PKR will demand or rather elbow their way through? Then AI will not be mouthing - you tak suka, balik tongsan. Instead he will retort - lu tak suka, keluar dari PR.

    UMNO BARU 2 here we come ?

    Keep your shirt on...this is just one of the scenarios lah. See the odds ? Will pigs fly ? Yes siree.

  34. UMNO BARU 2 here we come ?

    Hey dude, UMNO Baru is Already running the country, and screwing it up big time. Want another 50 years ?

  35. KT
    I have quit Gerakan on the third anniversary of 308, on March 8 2011.

  36. perhaps you may want to imagine loudly a unity government and dynasticism? the reality is we were screwed left right up down TODAY.

    btw, you merely repeated the same comment while changing a few words…that’s what kids do. kids also imagine martian take over malaysia by 2020.

  37. PAS's dilemma is actually similar to the Spiritual vs. Temporal debates in European countries in the 14th to 16th centuries.

    If you truly believe that God's laws should be followed on Earth, then there is no question that religious rules need to enforced by the State, with criminal penalties if necessary.
    Democracy didn't even come into the picture then. Almost all of Europe was ruled by autocratic monarchs.
    Ultimately, civil laws won over because the Kings wanted to rule in their own right, and steadily limited the Church's power to spiritual matters only.
    The Church vs. state debate in Europe was over by the 18th century.
    With Islam, it is still an on-going argument, with those advocating rule by Religious law seeming to gain influence.
    I will always insist on a balance of power between the Pakatan parties. In Kedah, unfortunately, that balance is broken, with a very closed-minded Azizan adding fuel to the fire. I'm aware many PAS people are equally exasperated by his antics.

  38. all these stupid idiots above who says PKR might do this lah when get power, PAS might do that lah when get power, DSAI may do this lah when get power etc etc etc dem kaw idiots!!

    they dont even realise that all of this is 'MAY MIGHT MAYBE!!'

    And they dont even realise TODAY in the HERE and KNOW UMNO is ALREADY fucking their backsides upside down!!!

    and u r scared of tomorrow maybe get raped but dont realise today u r being shafted upside down.

    Just like the idiot ktemoc, worry about today but dont realise today itself what u r loiving with!!

    bloody idiots


  39. wakakaka, sunwayopal is typical, an anwarista given easily to anger (or, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least, violence).

    did I say that we will vote in UMNO? In this, you can see how blokes like sunwayopal try to put words in my mouth

    now, what I did say has been, vote out UMNO but don't vote in UMNO clones like some PKR people, wakakaka

  40. Vote out MCA as well - and that includes Ong Tee Keat, if he stands as an MCA candidate.

  41. "now, what I did say has been, vote out UMNO but don't vote in UMNO clones like some PKR people, wakakaka" - Ktemoc...

    It Doesn't work that way. There is no proportional voting in Malaysia.

    The moment of truth...GE 13, sometime Q4 2012 or Q1 2013.
    You are in the voting booth.

    There are three candidates names on the ballot paper, with three party logos.
    - Barisan Nasional
    - Parti Keadilan Rakyat
    - Kunci (Bebas)

    Which box do you put the X ?

  42. Every vote counts...and every seat in Parliamnet counts even more.

    Ong Tee Keat, assuming he gets reelected as BN MP for Pandan would be one more seat helping to keep UMNO in they can continue to plunder the country ?
    Certainly one more seat to pass laws which BN uses to oppress the rakyat.

  43. Vote PKR candidates like Zul Nordin, Zahrain Hashim, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu etc wakakaka

  44. Not all UMNO fellas are bad.
    Take that Dato' Saifuddin and Khaled Nordin.
    Both very progressive fellas and work more than the rest of the cabinet.
    Unfortunately UMNO still old school of plundering.

  45. "Both very progressive fellas "
    ...and bloody useless at making any change in UMNO's behaviour and the way the country is being plundered.

  46. Zul Nordin, Zahrain Hashim, Jamaluddin Mohd Radzi, Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu etc are unprincipled and unworthy individuals, and a big mistake for PKR to have fielded them in GE12.
    But PKR's fault in having them still pales in comparison with the systemic and systematic mega corruption being carried out by UMNO and its lackeys....

  47. For the good of the country, Anwar Ibrahim should just fade away and PKR dissolve itself.

  48. Najib gains Chinese support...

    Very smart moves made by Najib.
    Bravo !

  49. Ktemoc is a bullshit artist

  50. We want Monsterball !

  51. fcuk u ktemoc.

    dont cast doubt anymore. umno is going down. the whole bn must go down. otk. hsu dar ren. everyone must go down.

    bury umno first. the rest of them goes down naturally.

    later, when the dusts settle, u can save otk if u want to.

    at this juncture, 100% abu. no ifs no buts. even if pas chopped off my hands, i'd still vote for them at the juncture.

    the single greatest evil is umno. u know what, but u r paid to cast doubts here.

    we are reaching climax, no coitus interruptus. we climax with umno and bn dead and buried.

    damn u, u para-evil. damn u.


  52. Why are we talking here of some party ruling for next 50 yrs or so ?

    As long as the constitution guarantees that we vote every 5 years we can kick out whichever ruling party that is misbehaving.

    We can even have a rotation of 5 yrs BN - 5 yr PR - 5 yrs BN - 5 yr PR ...

    That way both of them will take turns to rule BUT with the threat of their misdeeds exposed in the next term...

    After all, the rakyat is the boss. And make sure there is no 2/3 majority to alter the constitution.

  53. "even if pas chopped off my hands, i'd still vote for them at the juncture."

    precisely what I said, MINDLESS wakakaka

  54. As usual ktemoc the cinapek has no solutions except attack everybody. so confused for an old apek. the best part of him must have rolled down his mamma pussy and formed a stain on the matters. kesian.


  55. Ktemoc,
    Watch this clip. It's fun

    Just as what Jon Stewart say, why do you need to argue with the whole world? I know you have brains though you might have a nut case. Why can't you agree to disagree? Else, seriously, you may turn into Vincent Van Gogh.
    Seriously, I am more worried about you rather than Monsterball. Well, going against the world is extremely tough. Especially when you are proven you are wrong.
    Heard about Harris Ibrahim's rebutral on RPK. RPK has gone bongkos over his plan B. I am from Ipoh. Heard how devastating SP Seenivasagam when he made a wrong choice. Read this!

    At least SP Seenivasagam sunk himself with the plan B very very similar to what RPK has proposed. Unfortunately, RPK's proposal would be a tragedy to Malaysia as a whole if followed....(You can still follow your sifu....Hahaha.....). Just read RPK's proposal (I guess you never whack RPK just as you never whack Zaid Ibrahim, your lover boy)

    Haris's objective comment.

    Please don't be a Glenn Beck. I love Jon Stewart's take on Glenn Beck. Don't be so delusional

  56. Kt,
    When whatever you plan for does not work, and EVERYTHING just seems to go against you, in times gone by it is a clear indication that "one's divine rights to rule has come to an end" or what the Chinese saying "qi shu yi qin". Looks like we have finally reached the "tipping point" after more than 5 decades!

  57. "Darren, thanks for update"
    Darren aka Dr.Hsu left Gerakan more than one year ago, he does not know; yet want to talk politics?
    Who is MINDLESS?

  58. Ooohh these Anwaristas.....

    You read one of them, you read 'em all - same same old drivel -

    PKR no angel but a thousand, no a million times better than the former party they came from,

    put PKR in Putrajaya first and we sort out later the problems of these ex UMNO whose DNA that cannot be changed,

    Anwar MUST be PM,

    we not happy with the new king and his cohorts, we can kick them out after just one term ( btw, how easy is it to kick out UMNO ? pleeese someone enlighten ?)...blah, blah, blah

    Now who's the kid who likes to roll out the same old same old without even having the grace to change a single word, kaakakaka.

  59. Actually these Anwaristas are doing PKR a huge disfavour.

    You will find these loud mouths are just a handful of the usual suspects roaming the cyberspace to pump up their captain and his cohorts.

    Their arrogance and sweeping disdain, their refusal to even give pause to listen to other voters' views who in all likelihood could be the ultimate king-maker, their crude rudeness and potential for violence, their hypocrisy and their extremism......these could all add up and is NOT doing PKR any favour at all, not that PKR is not doing all it could on its own to shoot itself in the foot.

  60. It call warming up exercise and out to clobber BN left, right and center.
    We are not Anwaristas or doing PKR a huge disfavour.
    We are People Power who wants change, not because we like PKR more than BN but because BN is a bunch of racists politicians, crooks, ball carriers and hypocrites, plus it is time to change and let someone manage the country.
    People Power decides!!

  61. "btw, how easy is it to kick out UMNO ? pleeese someone enlighten ?)..."

    It's simple... if you understand Why it is so difficult to Kick Out UMNO....then you'll understand why PR will not have such power, most certainly not in its first time.

  62. It was difficult in the past because there was not a very strong Opposition. It was always PAS& DAP combination.
    Out came keDAILan and we saw what happened at 12th GE.
    13th GE will finish the work what 12th GE did not, and so we are having more than 3 years delaying the 13th GE.
    You do not need a rocket scientist to tell you why.

  63. rarely has someone said so little with so many words, and again reveal his “understanding” of democracy to be fairly non-existent by asserting silly statement like not easy to kick out an incumbent, seem like no matter how many words he change, he merely continue repeating himself going around in circles like a dog chasing his tail, fun to watch i suppose.

    kakakaka can never conceal his incapacities to put forward a coherent argument. pity.

  64. Yeah, yeah and yeah....continue on with your smug fatuousness, oh Anwarista bunch, hehe.

    Just remember the non partisons do have eyes and minds of their own. For example, we do admire and in fact come to love Nizar Jamaluddin but we love not his PAS party. We have ample enough evidence time and time again to our utter disappointment those ex UMNO leaders in PKR are a useless bunch mostly, the type we categorise as 'jaga sendiri dulu'. All the pr of these PRs ain't going work if their actions don't go with their talks.

    Just because we don't put on blinkers when we look in critically into those PRs activities, does not mean we WANT to vote in BN/UMNO. Like the headline of this posting by the blog writer....stuff your 'either or' ! Take your bush-ism and stuff it in you know where, kakakaka.

  65. KTemoc said...

    wakakaka, sunwayopal is typical, an anwarista given easily to anger (or, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least, violence).

    did I say that we will vote in UMNO? In this, you can see how blokes like sunwayopal try to put words in my mouth

    now, what I did say has been, vote out UMNO but don't vote in UMNO clones like some PKR people, wakakaka

    10:50 AM, July 27, 2012

    dont put words in your mouth?

    So in a seat where PKR is against UMNO, vote who then ?

    u bloody nincompoop! u say things which dont make sense, vote out UMNO but dont vote PKR???

    in an election which is expected to b the dirtiest ever and which every seat counts, u seem to think Pakatan has the luxury to pick and choose.

    Let me give u a secnario , if it ends exactly in a stalemate and the final parlimentray seat is Azmin Ali vs some doongoo from UMNO, lets say their best even, lets say its Saifudin.

    U will say vote UMNO and let them rule ???

    there is no perfection!!!


  66. Who said the non partisans do not have eyes and minds? Again who said you can’t being critical to PR? Gosh, if people like you could only debate what i said, rather than what you hoped I said, that would be grand. Too much to ask, I guess.

    I’m not sure how much more specific I can be. Seems like a pretty straight-forward topic on should we give our vote to PKR/PR, alas, not much of an answer from you as yet, now even ask me to refer to the headline, dude, we’ve been through this few rounds already, are you with me halo?

  67. Is it easy to kick out UMNO?

    Just before the last election, Khir Toyo boasted that he is going for zero opposition.

    Come election, he became the opposition!

  68. Amazing...the one who lost the plot of the argument but have the audacity to be so condescending and yet at the same time shamelessly patting himself for being the 'genius' that he delusionally thinks he is ? WTH lah these Anwaristas, kakaka.

  69. By the way, Malaysia doesn't practice Proportional the act of Voting is a Zero Sum act....

    You either vote forthe non-BN guy or you support BN...unless you don't turn up to vote or draw a Mickey Mouse cartoon on the Ballot Paper...yeah, I suppose the "Non-Partisans" will likely do that...

  70. Ya lor...these Non-Partisans are showing up as the brainless, unthinking ones...

  71. Rafizi going against OTK is like commiting political suicide.Maybe Azmin wants to get rid of him as he is getting more popular.If Rafizi loses he will be out of the political scene.A premature end to a promising career.

  72. Ah Jib Gor is Najib.And Najib is Ah Jib Gor.

  73. "Rafizi going against OTK is like commiting political suicide."

    No. Difficult, maybe, but not suicide. Ong Tee Keat held a relatively small majority in 2008 against a totally Unknown PKR candidate.

    Rafizi has a good chance of wiping out that very modest majority.

  74. Do me a favour. Could you respond to a point with something that is actually responsive? Are you not capable of the common courtesy of reading before speaking/writing? Or I am writing to one that cannot read and speaking to one that cannot hear?

  75. Ktemoc is basically making a case for Personal politics. If he looks like a good guy, vote for him even if he's UMNO or MCA.

    As other posters above have pointed out, its not really applicable in the Malaysian Parliamentary system.

    It makes sense with the US Congress. An American Senator or Representative is largely free to vote according to what he sees as the best interest of his constituents or his conscience. Of course, a persistent maverick may likely get sidelined in terms of influence and leadership positions in the party, except for Prima Donnas like Joseph Lieberman or John McCain.

    In Westminster, the party whip still applies, for both Labour and the Conservatives/Libs. Currently there are many Liberals who are very uncomfortable with the direction of Conservative policies, but they mostly still toe the party line as part of the Coalition government.
    The UK parties have sometimes allowed open votes on matters of conscience, but those are exceptions.

    In the Malaysian Parliament, I do not know a single case of an open vote in Malaysian history. Severe party discipline applies for any MP/Assemblyman who deviates from the Party whip.
    I took the trouble to check the voting record of So-Called Good Guy Ong Tee Keat, who has never , ever voted against the BN/UMNO party line......please think again whether he is worth voting for in an election.

    As I have said, I will not vote for a PR candidate if he is a known Idiot or Crook.

    Other than that, I will vote along Party lines, because that is the reality of how Parliament functions in Malaysia.

  76. Why always Ah Jib Gor.Why not Rosmah Kor Kor.Or Rosmah Ah Goh.Or Aunty Ross.

  77. Rafizi has an outstanding chance against OTK if the latter stands under the MCA flagship. One of the main reason is that many Chinese want to teach MCA a lesson they will never forget.
    Rafizi's profile is growing each day since he pushed Sharizat into the cow's arse. Even CSL Jnr accounting credentials took a huge blow when Rafizi backed Tony Pua in rebutting MCA's TALAM alleged RM1b scandal.
    OTK's profile is so tainted today that he will never amount to anything as long as he hides behind MCA. Rafizi, on the other hand, is a shining new Pakatan pin-up boy with Ministerial status written all over him.
    And every Malaysian is waiting for his next expose except Najib.

  78. "Could you respond to a point with something that is actually responsive"

    What baloney ! Get to the point yourself ! And do us a favour here....cut out that nauseating condescending attitude.

    These Anwaristas...if they are not having violent tendency when they find that others don't subscribe 100% to their thinking, then some will even go down the sneering patronising mode. Ego much ?

    Conclusion - dealing with them is a waste of time and effort. Podah.

  79. agree u shouldn't waste your time here, your feeble attempts to counter any argument so far is laughable and infantile. stay as a silence reader, that is a role that suits u better.

  80. You mean stay as a SILENT reader ? Polish up your engrish before you try the sneering mode ?

    If you can't even READ or COMPREHENTLY correctly, how to even counter intelligently ? Get to know the difference between "dealing with them is a waste of time..." and wasting time here. Not nearly all visitors here are like you, bar one monstrous old bag. Nincompoop much ? kakakaka

  81. Apology - spelling error -for 'comprehend'.

  82. "Best is Monsterball"

    Self praise is no praise. Dei monsterball, forgot your medicine again? Don't you have other places to go to besides KTemoc ?