Saturday, July 28, 2012

Treachery, treachery & treachery

In RPK's most recent post The principle behind the stand: the lesser of the evils he mused over Malaysian politics being far more complex than the simplistic low-brow Bush-ism of choosing between black or white, which alas, many Pakatan, especially PKR people are obdurately promoting.


I see their current but muddled concept of 'the end justifying the means and thus the lesser of the two evils' as nothing more than an argumentative salvage operation, and then, only after years of blinkered fanatical belief in a non-existent reformasi.

That reformasi fallacy has finally given way to reluctant and grudging acknowledgement that (blast and double blast!) Anwar and his PKR inner coterie may not be so sweet smelling after all.

Yes, it has been a salvage operation, but not unlike its earlier blinkered fanatical belief in, and without remorse about, the now semi-abandoned fallacy of reformasi, it has taken a new life on its own as a nouvelle mantra, ABU, which, with deepest apologies and respect to Brother Haris Ibrahim, as a campaign in the hands of mindless, moronic and muddled-headed fanatics is alas, equally mindless, moronic and muddled-headed.

But that as it may, let's examine one of RPK's hypotheses in his post, where he postulated a not implausible scenario post GE-13, as follows:

Say Barisan Nasional wins 110 Parliament seats in total. The balance 112 Parliament seats are shared between PKR, DAP and PAS. Say DAP wins 40 seats, PKR 37 seats and PAS 35 seats. Who will get to form the government?
Barisan Nasional, a legally registered party, has the most number of seats, 110, compared to DAP, PKR and PAS who all won less than 110 seats each. You may argue that DAP, PKR and PAS can always combine their seats, which means the total would be 112 and hence more than Barisan Nasional’s 110.

Are you sure? What if they can’t? What if His Majesty the Agong wants to see a Memorandum of Understanding signed by all three parties that spells out very clearly and specifically the terms of the ‘Unity Government’ that DAP, PKR and PAS are going to form?

And what if DAP insists that one of the terms of the MoU must be that Malaysia retains its Secular State status while PAS insists that the implementation of Hudud be one of the terms of the MoU?

And because of this conflict, DAP, PKR and PAS end up in a deadlock and cannot sign the MoU and hence the Agong swears in the new Barisan Nasional government.

If you think RPK is pulling a fast one on the MoU, please recall the situation in Selangor post 08 March 2008 when HRH required a form of unwritten MoU along the lines which RPK has hinted at. HRH had then thoroughly interviewed PKR's Khalid Ibrahim and his allies in PAS and DAP?

Obviously, one of several reasons persuading HRH to resort to that was undoubtedly his concerns that the new Pakatan majority alliance might not quite come together to form a viable state government. HRH's concern wasn't far off track if we can be brave enough to admit that intra Pakatan socio-cultural-religious differences and attitudes had led to, without mincing our word/thoughts, Teresa Kok being denied her due rights to be deputy MB (as leader of second largest component party in Pakatan) because of illiberal prejudice against her 3C's, namely, Chinese, Christian and a Chabor (woman).

But either blissfully or deliberately oblivious of reality like an ostrich overfed, overdosed and over-addicted with anwarista-ism wakakaka, one of RPK's visitors (also mine, though he's noticeably less rude and less abusive with his comments at Malaysia-Today, wakakaka) wrote:

actually the above is the best case scenario possible.

Barisan can no longer ramrod through any piece of legislation they like. They in fact have to take in to account Pakatan's wishes for every single piece of law they want to pass.

And if DAP, PAS and PKR so desires, they can carry a no confidence vote through anytime. They have the numbers mah.

We will then see a much more compliant UMNO PM then. 

Wakakaka. The following will be a more realistic and far more likely scenario ensuing from RPK's GE-13 outcome of 'Barisan Nasional win[ning] 110 Parliament seats in total. The balance 112 Parliament seats are shared between PKR, DAP and PAS. Say DAP wins 40 seats, PKR 37 seats and PAS 35 seats.

In a scenario regarding 'Hudud vs Secular State', if we add on to it the situation of UMNO (and cronies) losing power and dominance, we may safely assume that UMNO will persuade PAS and its 35 MP to join them to form a new 'Islamic Coalition', thus with a clear mandate to rule, though just 3 MPs short of 2/3 majority.

Yes, we may also assume that if MCA, MIC, Gerakan and other lesser creatures form part of BN's 110, these serfs will go along with Tai-Koe's embrace of hudud as the new legislative system. After all, WTF do you think they have been doing in the last 30 years?

Besides, won't Tai-Koe say exactly the same thing to its MCA, MIC, Gerakan, etc cronies that PKR is now saying, which would be
"Let's get into power first, and sort out the religious issue later" wakakaka.

Now, does anyone for one instant still stubbornly believe this new 'Islamic Coalition' cannot 'recruit' another 3 MPs to have a 2/3 majority in federal parliament to bring into effect hudud?

Do you imagine that the PKR's 'inner coterie' will stay aloof? Au contraire, it'll be a bloody miracle if they don't crush PAS underfoot in their stampede to their Mothership, wakakaka.

Believe me, it's not an implausible scenario where PAS will rationalise their treachery to Pakatan as the overriding imperative of a higher calling to do Allah's will. And right alongside PAS, or more probably ahead of PAS wakakaka, PKR's inner coterie will similarly argue that they have to respect the overriding imperative of 'Malay Unity'.

Of course, while PAS may well be sincerely earnest in their Islamic obligation no matter how insincerely treacherous their allegiance to secular partnership, PKR's bottom line will not be unlike UMNO's, where a truism common to both is that it's always better to be on the familiar old gravy train than off it, wakakaka.

Yo matey, then you'll all be back to Square One wakakaka. The most fertile scenario for such an eventuality will be a hung parliament. You won't only lose what you have been hoping and dreaming of, but you will be traumatically broken-hearted.

Now, slightly shifting to a side track but probably a related issue, the above heart breaking scenario is so probably and plausible that I want to be a wee tng k'ooi (ch'ong hei) and ponder over why Free Malaysia Today (FMT), a news media I suspect of favouring PKR (but not friendly to DAP if you ask sweetie Teresa Kok, wakakaka), has recently published articles and letters quite unfavourable to the Great Man himself. Just bloody unusual.

In its article Whose tune is Anwar dancing to? FMT reported:

Unfortunately, that zeal by Anwar, who is PKR “adviser”, to take the country out of the rut of vested agendas was short-lived, lacking the much-needed stamina to fight off the “powers-that-be”.
What started off as a revolution soon turned into political rhetoric, beginning with the Sept 16, 2008 promise by Anwar of conquering Putrajaya; nothing happened and the Barisan Nasional government continues to lord over the nation, having had a hearty laugh at the “all talk no show” promise made by Anwar.
Now, it is becoming obvious that the 64-year-old Anwar has little interest in championing the people’s cause, having veered off to fulfil an agenda of his own. So much for being the voice of democracy!
The irregularities as far as Anwar’s principles vis-à-vis the revolution disguised as reformation are clear. For instance, earlier on, in an interview with British Broadcasting Corporation, he had said that the laws on homosexuality in Malaysia were considered “archaic” and “not relevant”.
But on July 18, during a High Court hearing of his defamation suit against Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia, Anwar adopted a different tune concerning his views on the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.
(Anwar had filed the RM50 million suit in January following Utusan’s front-page report published on Jan 15. The report referred to a BBC interview with Anwar and alleged that he had said that the laws on homosexuality in Malaysia were considered “archaic” and “not relevant”).
The “impressive” image post-the 1998 reformation Anwar resurrected to hoodwink his supporters both domestically and abroad is fast crumbling. […]
Now, how will Anwar explain the decline in respect for all living beings – coming from someone who once claimed to respect the fundamental rights of one and all and now a homophobic overnight? What is Anwar up to?

Too clever by half as I have always viewed him, Anwar fell into a trap of his own making. In his suit against Utusan, he had willingly uttered in court words which completely demolished his global credentials as a leader in political reforms and human rights, mind you, a credential that was questionable in the first place.

Josh Hong, one of Malaysiakini's columnists, said of Anwar and his words, which flabbergasted and broke the hearts of a big chunk of the Great Man's support base, in an article appropriately titled Anwar changing, again wakakaka. What Josh wrote almost mirrored my opinion of Anwar Ibrahim:

I had always been sceptical of Anwar’s chameleon character, but decided to put aside my differences with him because I then regarded the autocratic regime of Mahathir as a far greater threat to Malaysia’s future. My position has remained unchanged over the years: if you have an issue with your opponent, fight him/her in a fair manner and on an equal footing, and safeguard the dignity of his/her family.
Most important, spare the people the ordeal of skullduggery.
Still, one would have hoped that six years of political and judicial persecution might change Anwar, but it now appears that the man is stepping deeper into the morass of unprincipled politics as he gets closer to the corridors of power.

No doubt Anwar was then and there under enormous pressure to look after his own skin, but as Josh said:

... He could have made clear by saying “I disagree with homosexuals personally for religious reasons, but I am more opposed to discrimination against them”. Instead, he went a step further by endorsing those who are constantly on a lookout to portray homosexuality as a root cause of social ills!

But Anwar has never done well under pressure, as he once demonstrated clownishly, making a complete fool of himself, when he scurried for cover at the Turkish Embassy, all adorned in flak jacket, with pompous claims he was about to be assassinated - a stupendously stupid and spurious self-serving piece of bullsh*t.

Sure, once he was punched in the eye by a former IGP but then, being legally & physically restrained he didn't have any choice, did he?

However, when not under any form of restraint but under pressure, Anwar Ibrahim, icon-ized as Malaysia's Greatest Leader Ever, would botch up, twice already as sadly witnessed.

FMT wrote: ... it is a shame, too, that Anwar claims to have great knowledge on subjects like democracy, freedom, governance, Islam and democracy and the need for accountability, for when the push came to shove, it did not take long for this MP for Permatang Pauh to reveal his true nature.

Okay, tell me, has it been Anwar becoming recently a liability rather than the asset he was once seen as, that FMT, perceived as usually favourable to PKR, has taken to chastising him with articles such as Whose tune is Anwar dancing to? and Anwar trying to ‘buy’ over Putrajaya where in the latter we read (extracts):

Anwar has no desire in building PKR in Sabah and Sarawak and his game plan is to woo the current crop of MPs from BN to jump ship and join PKR.
In other words, Anwar does not plan to win the elections in Sabah and Sarawak. He wants to ‘steal’ the BN wakil rakyat after the next general election and form the government via crossovers. […]
Anwar was also in negotiations with Sarawak MPs from SPDP and PRS as well as those in Chief Minister Taib Mahmud’s PBB. And this has infuriated the Sarawak chief minister who suspects that Anwar is trying to do a dirty on him.
Taib’s other concern is that this may end up as Umno’s backdoor entry into Sarawak, something he has been resisting for a long time but may now be possible if Anwar has another deal with Umno up his sleeve.
Of course, if Anwar can pull this off, this is going to be the greatest political coup in Malaysian history. But it is an extremely dangerous game that can backfire and blow up in Anwar’s face.
And for this to work Anwar has to sacrifice the opposition in Sabah and Sarawak, in particular PKR. But the end result would be Pakatan would get to form the next federal government with Anwar as prime minister.”

... and indeed, also letters uncomplimentary to him such as Who and what Anwar is, is still a mystery and Who and what Anwar is, is still a mystery (Part 2).

So, are all these less than the usual flattering articles about Anwar, Asia's Renaissance Man, a result of him been seen recently as a liability rather than the asset he was once, or is it more than that?

More than two weeks ago, in a previous post Rafizi - too little too late in Talam I quoted RPK's post The weak link is getting weaker.

RPK's article had suggested there is an ongoing internecine war within PKR, where Azmin Ali & gang have not only been waging civil war against Dr Wan Azizah's group (Nurul, Khalid Ibrahim, Faekah Husin, etc), but may also be, unbelievably treacherous as it may sound but standard fare in the vicious villainous vipers' pit that is PKR, planning to get rid of Anwar Ibrahim.

That will be truly Kafkaesque for Anwar (one of his fave words, wakakaka) and ironically a déjà vu of his 1998 attempt to remove Dr Mahathir.

Now, after reading FMT's articles and readers' letters which have been so unusually critical of Anwar Ibrahim, I wonder whether the vipers' nest is now writhing with poisonous, treacherous and self-serving interests as the picture of Putrajaya looms bigger in someone's wet dreams, wakakaka.


  1. Hey Dude, did you know that there is a statistically small but significant probability that the entire Human species (and most life on earth) could be wiped out in a few hours by the impact of a 1 kilometer or more-sized asteriod hitting the earth ?
    Its what killed the dinosaurs, and various governments in developed countries considere it a sufficient threat to funnel multi millions of dollars into full-scale surveys of the sky to discover the orbits of such massive asteriods.

    My long-winded way of saying, hey, anything can happen in this world.
    But I make decisions in my daily life on certainties and high probability events.

    Yes, Think before you vote...and here's why I think your conclusion should be to vote for PR, yes PKR if they are the candidate in your area.

    If you are a supporter of reform in this country, as many of you claim to be, a knee-jerk and unthinking reaction to PKR could be - they are a very much flawed party, and the De-Facto leader carries much smelly baggage from his UMNO past. So don't vote PKR.

    Think again.....The certainty we face is the BN/UMNO is a deeply corrupt and racist party with no intention to any real reform. Even the drubbing the rakyat gave them on March 2008 won't budge them from their corrupt ways. The only real road to reform is to kick the bastards out.

    Sure, PKR might turn out to be UMNO 2.0. PAS might turn out to be Taliban Malaysia branch. DAP may be just a nest of closet communists.
    But, again, I don't deal in theoretical possibilities.

    I make my decisions based on reality.

    Vote Pakatan Rakyat.

  2. Rpk article talk nonsense on pr n you whack pkr n Anwar, his latest article talk nonsense on dap but iknow u will have no shame to spin into pas fault. U third rated bloggers sound so similar.

  3. eh ktemoc, stop with your ridiculous nonsense already.

    PAS will join with UMNO over TGNA's dead and lifeless body.

    So long as they have people like Husam, Dzulkifli, Khalid etc around, PAS will never join with UMNO even with a Hudud carrot.

    You think everybody can b bought like u ah ?

    haha, blardi dreamer.


    "The nation will experience economic instability and many will go bankrupt if the price and excise duty of vehicles are reduced.

    Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop said, getting rid of taxes for cars would reduce national revenue by RM7 billion which could affect infrastructural development, especially in Sabah and Sarawak, and in the interior of the peninsula."

    Isn't this the guy who lost tens of billions of our money in the forex market?

  5. For one puritan thinking will always lose. Aren't there Kuli, Shahril, OTK, Pairin etc etc on the other side? so how has that work out by only putting in only the good guys from both side when immediately after 308, all PR were quite united except that pariah Ali. Why they didn't start work immediately by lending weight in voting in Tan Seng Giaw as the Speaker? BN/UMNO will never change!

    You can carry on to be the perfectionist & idealist! As they said dream on, your end does not justify the mean but your end for sure is destined never to be realised. Perfectionist never become great people. I support Monsterbaby, we would rather failed again instead of for lack of trying.

  6. In Europe a former whore and xxx porn actress has been voted into parliament.What say in Malaysia.CSL to stand for an MP seat and let the voters decide.The voters will banged his ass until he falls flat on his face.Hehehe.

  7. Let us stop talking about RPK.He has turned into a pariah.Stop comparing him to Najib,AA or even that porn actor CSL.He is classes below,even when compared to these dudes.

  8. RPK has sunk to the keveis of katak Abrahim Ali,Hassan Ali and that Najib appointee Senator katak ass licker.Forget his fucking name already.

  9. Malik Imtiaz's interview comment on "The Tragedy of RPK", dismissing Raja Petra as now "largely irrelevant" was spot on.

    And Malik Imtiaz is a brilliant lawyer, definitely no Anwarista or PKR supporter.

    So, the 70% of Ktemoc's article which has its premise from RPK, is easily dismissed.
    I'm going to watch the Olympics tonight.

  10. Nurul Izzah for PM.Azmin Ali will be slowly phrased out after the GE.Another discard in the making.

  11. The monster has been banned forever from this blog.Mongster go home and suck eggs.

  12. Nurul Izzah for PM? Great stuff, PKR. Malaysia has always wanted a 31-year old as PM. Thanks for your brilliant recommendation.

  13. Oh how these anwar adorers NEVER ever discuss about his latest skunky behaviours....but will inevitably beat around the bush, blaming and slamming letter writers and article writers who have less than sanguine view of this so-called renaissance man.

    That god's-gift-to-mankind is absolutely no different from his umno brethens at all....all cut from the same cloth. Apa reformasi ? Cakap cakap angin je. going off to an island for some r&r to get away from the madness of politics here.

  14. we have two evils right? So we choose the lesser evil which is the BN. Easy as pie. No think to ruminate at all.
    And Nurul Azizah as PM? What are you thinking off.
    It's like choosing daddy dearest. That he will be running the country.
    Sorry lah, dude.

  15. "And Malik Imtiaz is a brilliant lawyer, definitely no Anwarista or PKR supporter"

    That's why he refused to join PKR but instead will offer himself as one of the MCLM candidates to be fielded for the coming GE? That's why he refused to take instructions from PKR leaders even if he was accepted and won a seat ?

    He trusts Anwar much?

  16. is now getting to be quite hilarious...both sides now claiming for "lesser evil".

    At least there's a silver lining here, if it can be counted as such...that they KNOW and ADMITTED that their leaders ARE evil, albeit not, according to these enlightened folks, the pure, unadultered, pitch black type of evil ( although many beg to differ)

    Now 'lesser evil' is something to be clamoured for and be proud of ?

    Sudah bankrupt ke negara kita ? Bankrupt in more ways than one.

  17. BN will continue to rule Putrajaya,albeit with a bigger majority in Parliament.How big? Between a simple majority or a two third majority.

    PR will collectively win 75-80 seats.PKR and Pas will lose 3-5 seats each.DAP will add 7-10 seats.These are projections based on current sentiments.

    Pas will keep Kelantan and DAP will keep Penang.Selangor,Perak,Negeri Sembilan and Kedah can go either way.

    Anwar's true colour?Ah,as far back as June 2006 I found that Anwar will dump principles into dustbins when such principles are at crossroads with his desires.

    What are such desires? To please his inner circle who are out to squander party contributions.Anwar knows this is how to keep his lieutenants loyal.This is the UMNO garbage that is still his modus operandi no matter how much he attacks UMNO.

    Anwar needs these loyal lieutenants to slog out for his Putrajayaship.

    To Anwar Pas and DAP are just toys to achieve his ambition.Likewise DAP and many in Pas seek to ride on Anwar to win.They are tired of losing and now they are seeking a different fortune.

    PR's performance has not inspired confidence.That's why they cannot win Putrajaya.Anwar's performance as Selangor Economic advisor has been dismal.He has nothing to advise!

    PR need to be reorganised with new leadership that is decisive and standing on solid principled ground.Anwar and his coterie must go.

  18. Can't stand this self-proclaimed voice of conscience people like Malik Imtiaz Sarwar, Harris Ibrahim, Art Harun, Ambiga etc.Also RPK and Zaid Ibrahim.
    They are too good to be true. Assuming themselves as better than the rest.
    I welcome them to contest and see them losing their deposit.
    All loyar buruk who talk only.
    These people are only admired by people in the likes of Zorro and Din Merican.
    Rather a simpleton than these clever by halves creatures.

  19. "Why are the DAP leaders now saying what I said more than ten years ago? What has changed? What is the situation now that was not the situation more than ten years ago? When I say that I get called all sorts of things. But when the DAP leaders say the same thing this is political wisdom.

    I still remember what the DAP supporters said back in 1999. They were downright nasty with their comments. It became so bad that I withdrew from any further debate on the matter.

    Even the late MGG Pillai was disgusted about the whole thing. He told me that the DAP supporters have so much hate in their hearts that they are beyond reasoning. The best thing, suggested Pillai, was to avoid these people altogether and allow them to live in their own little world. Uncle Lee and Mr Chee can probably relate what happened because they were following the debates at that time."

    hmmm interesting, maybe our host can also relate what happened, he is both rpk fan and dap supporter.

    Oh and this from the a pas supporter, the same whatever suits him raje petra:

    "The trouble is you Chinese DAP buggers keep taking a swipe at me without arming yourself with the facts. Then you hide behind 'free speech'. It is time that I hit you back good and proper and floor you in the next GE. And it is going to be my pleasure. You can't keep whacking me and not expect me to retaliate. So now it is pay back time."

    wakakaka the chinese bugger.

  20. Pretty lass Nurul will be PM before she turns fourty,not the big mouth Khairy.Azmin Ali will tend to the cows at NFC.Ass licker Ezam will be senator in charge of public loos,courtesy of the people of Malaysia.

  21. Umno is a goner this GE.It is screwed upside down.It will implode before the GE.Rats are scrambling looking for the exits before the ship goes underwater.Nurul will be the PM after Anwar.Nong Chik will smell dust,after he get a taste of Nurul's heels.

  22. KT,you better write nice things about the princess of PKR,if you want to savour the taste of a PR victory.

  23. During warring state, many strategists apply 合纵连横 (Vertical and Horizontal Alliance) in order to defend and to defect the strongest state, Qin. That whatever suits him blogger trying to play this strategist role and want to unite all the various party and ideology under one roof, which is a good move, however his arrogance and pride make him lack the inclusiveness to win over the heart of his target, and the various party actually have much better idea and approach, and ignore his bs, thus that whatever suits him can’t stand the snub and now take a reverse role to break up the alliance. His move now supported by some third rated brainless bloggers.

  24. Ular is 606.Bayak ular bet 9606 4- ekor.Hehehe.Gd lck.

  25. Please check your account whether your BN controller has paid your July monthly stipend.

    I heard most of the Cybertrooper budget payouts have been Sapu by the "Organisers" or at best only a fraction of the funds finally reach the actual blogger.

    Typical arrangement is each person in the BN/UMNO distribution chain Makan 1/4of the payment. So you'll be lucky if you are ultimately left with 25% of the original payment.

  26. Thanks for the reminder. Buy you a beer once I get my 25% wakakaka

  27. Guys

    Please read a letter written by one Benjamin in Uncle Zorro's blog.
    If Ktemoc and other Chinese especially the DAP think like him (Benjamin), then the DAP can be the ruling party.
    No point hitching on to Anwar or PAS. It's the Malays psyche you have to capture.

  28. Aiya...this monster ball is getting back to his regular mode again ! He just cannot not use words like sh*t and f*cking and itching and screwed.

    I implore friends of Ball,and I think he has many here ( all belonging to the MMM club ) to have a quiet word with with this old windbag to put a cockstop to his nauseatiing diarrhea. Sangat busuk la when he's around...the stench is overwhelming. Sudah tak tahan.

  29. obscenity by dirty old man known as monsterball deleted, because he didn't wear his dentures when posting comment wakakaka

  30. Good Evening, Mr Bond.

    Your mission is to bring about the electoral defeat of the corrupt Bee End regime which has ruled the South-East Asian nation continuously for the last 55 years.

    You may only use legal means, and you are to avoid any incidents which lead to lost of life, limb and property.

    My advice to you, Mr. Bond, is to think and act creatively. Conventional means of public opinion making will never get you to the objective, because the Ruling Regime has full control of all the levers of power.

    And do be careful and watch your backside, James. Your erstwhile friends and allies will be sneering at you all the time from the backseat.

    And some of those who claim to be tired of the Ruling Regime will be spending all their time, energy and efforts berating YOU>.
    Go figure that out.

    And, Good Luck, Mr. Bond. And stay out of jail. We can't be seen to be working with criminals...

  31. Aiyoyo...the Fixed Deposit is looking a bit shaky right now. Never mind its another piece of frogology, its looking very interesting...

  32. He must have forgotten to wear his denture to school and all children laughing at him; thinking that line should make visitors laugh at monty.

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  35. The reality of Malaysian politics is we vote for the party and not the candidate. A vote for a so called principled BN MP like OTK ( personally how somebody who associates himself with a party that has squandered out money , destroyed the civil service and judiciary , divides us racially and keeps favoring cronies over the people can be called principled is beyond me) is a vote for BN to continue with their evil ways . OTK has hardly any power to use over vote for him to the general benefit of Malaysians even if he wanted to . Look how he was replaced by a porn star the moment he brought up PKFZ. Similarly a vote for somebody who turns out a lowlife in Pakatan is one more vote for Pakatan to instigate change in this country . The lowlifes hardly matter and if they do go over the limit , at least Pakatan has showed that they are brave enough to kick them out as they did with zul nordin and Hasan Ali . Of course some low life's remain within Pakatan but there are no political party in the world full of saints . For me , it is about the party , not the candidate . I will vote for anyone from Pakatan who stands against somebody like OTK to give Pakatan a chance to run the country and allow them a chance to rectify their mistakes . After all they have been doing a better job than BN in most of the states that they ate running ESP selangor and Penang . If they don't do well , we kick them out in the next elections. This will also allow BN a chance to renew themselves and allow some of the older tyrants to be kicked out and be replaced with younger progressive voices like Saifuddin . So a vote for Pakatan would not just give a chance for Pakatan to takes us away from bankruptcy and doom that the current regime is taking us to but let BN to go back to its idealistic ways of old before racist opportunist took over the party . I think that is what most people who support ABU want . The bigger picture to look at the direction of the country and government than a narrow view of each candidates pros and cons. Status quo will lead us all to doom.

  36. well said jeyan.

    many thing are fluid, people change, therefore it is common if some choose to depart from one party to join another, as long as money and personal gain is not the causal. shd the defect would impact a change of government, like what happen in perak, i would say this is wrong, i would condemn any camp that did this in either state or federal.

    did petra condemn pkr n anwar in 2008? by reading his many recents articles, who have the habit to make u-turn if not him? wrt pas, dap adopt a policy that is much differ from the past because peoples change, many dap supporter now are more receptive to the pas ideology, and believe that pas will turn to become more inclusive. we call this practical and adapt to change, not sure how petra n some third rate bloggers supporters could relate this to principle?

    we compare apple n apple, we r yet bordering the psychotic mindset to routinely compare apples n oranges, a talent monopolised by some third rated blogger i think.

  37. That bald guy who writes quite entertainingly and who has quite a large readership has shown by his recent writings to be nothing more than a mercenary blogger for hire. The circumstantial evidence looks too strong to be denied.

    At first all that he wrote was strongly in support of X and his side while extremely critical of Y. X refers to the fellow who was alleged to have billions stashed away in several secret bank accounts.

    Obviously X offered to pay Mr Baldy well to write supportive articles while being condemnatory towards Y.

    Y (a party with very deep pockets) very quickly wised up to the situation and approached Mr Baldy to do the same for them.

    Baldy naturally agreed ... who doesn't want money when it is thrown at you so freely like that?

    But Baldy in order not to lose credibility with his large following cannot just make an abrupt about-face and start praising Y while condemning X. Besides why not entertain both parties and enjoy two streams of income?

    So what Baldy does now is to swing like a pendulum, back and forth. In one posting he will be praising X and criticizing Y. But in the next it will be the reverse - this time it will be Y's turn to be lauded and X's turn to be castigated. And so it goes ...

  38. I am a staunch PR supporter and will vote for PR candidates only this GE13 just to ensure that UMNO and their lapdog parties are not lording over our country anymore.

    But I will not tolerate any like-minded PR supporters who resort to rude, boorish behaviours....using foul words like 'chowceebai, fuck, shit, cock, motherfucker' ad nauseum with impunity, besides mindlessly churning out nonsensical abusive attacks not even mildly related to the topic under discussion at all.

    It is shameless that PR supporters condone this sort of behaviour by one of our brethens, keeping deadly silent.....

    If we have a good solid argument to counter, then have your say ( just like what one Jeyan above have done ) and even those who disagree with him will still respect him.

    The rude abusive type, even if he is one of our troops so to speak, leaves a very very bad taste in the mouth.

    He shames us PR supporters and he truly brings humiliation to us PR supporters. We should do more by publicly 'censure' him for his boorishness and utterly despicable behaviour. Silence is not golden in such instances. Note - I believe if not mistaken, some even egg on this sort of crude behaviour. Shameful !

  39. Lim Kit Siang was complicit in the events of May 13...

    Actually, people who were there at the time, tell me there is a certain truth to it.

    Then again, Tun Abdul Razak, father of Najib, had an even bigger hand in it...

  40. " The reality of Malaysian politics is we vote for the party and not the candidate" - Jeyan

    Very true all this while....we have seen how the malays will vote in the chinese and indian candidates endorsed by UMNO. But this was made easier as these lapdogs chinese and indian politicians always toe the UMNO lines and will only ask 'how high' when asked to jump by their Ketuanan Boss.

    But in ths era of internet, the game has changed.

    If people like zul nordin, hassan ali and zahrain were still with PKR, would the people still vote in these candidates if they were fielded again to run ? Would the non PAS people still vote in the current Perlis MB, mcuh as they would like to see UMNO bites the dust ?

    People ( meaning voters ) are only human. When these candidates run down others who are not of the same race and religion, and impose what was deemed as unfair laws and regulations, abusing the 'others' as kaffirs and pendatangs at the drop of a hat, would the people be able to see 'the big picture' and still vote in these bigots and racists ?

    Things get more complicated unlike those days when a tightly controlled MSM rule the day. Political parties now must be more savvy and be more receptive to the sentiment on the ground. And be able to see 5 steps ahead and ACT fast before the sh*t hits the fans. But as usual, PR always act a tad too late and suffer all the damage. And to date, they are still busy trying to recruit these doggies over, buying their way to Putrajaya.

    If Dr Mahathir were for some weird reason (haha) were to join forces with Anwar and become a member of PKR, would you still vote for Dr Mahathir if he were fielded to run this GE13 on PR ticket ?

  41. "If people like zul nordin, hassan ali and zahrain were still with PKR" - r they still in pkr?

    "would the people be able to see 'the big picture' and still vote in these bigots and racists?" - unless u can be more specific who is this bigots and racist, unless of course u r referring those not from pr.

    "And to date, they are still busy trying to recruit these doggies over, buying their way to Putrajaya." - which dog jas join pr and successfully send pr to putrajaya?

    "If Dr Mahathir were for some weird reason (haha) were to join forces with Anwar and become a member of PKR, would you still vote for Dr Mahathir if he were fielded to run this GE13 on PR ticket?" - weird imply that this is very unlikely to happen right? the possibility for anwar join umno is much higher than mahathir to become a pkr member, to answwer u, i cant talk for others, i would continue to vote pr if pr remain no change and mahathir is the candidate, however to suggest such hyperbole is quite meaningless, even for debate among student.

  42. "Silence is not golden in such instances."

    no doubt u r right, but i believe most of us including the host already try our best.

  43. Who is that fucker Anon 6.33PM?
    Come such my cock or shut the fuck up.

  44. "Anon 6.33PM cannot differentiate between a 1st grade blogger from a 4th grade blogger"

    WHO are you to decide for all which blogger is 1st grade or 4th grade ?

    Even if it is 4th grade or 5th grade or 10th grade, it does not call for using abusive language and penning utterly nonsensical garbage here which has nothing, absolutely nothing related to the topic at hand.

    It only make sense for the abused blogger to delete abusive comments and for you to be so righteously outraged about this is so laughable. You have brought shame to us who also want to see a new, better (hopefully) sets of leaders in the next GE.

  45. Yes Hua yong, hypothetical. What if what if what if. What if I were a king, kaytee s a toad. Seenivasagam sunk pop because of what if scenario

  46. I have just deleted some vile obscene and very filthy comments which have nothing to do with this post, but were mere low class (wakakaka, very low class ler) attacks specifically against me. Despite the nonsensical variety of nicks, all those filth were made by one bloke, Monsterball, a disturbed dirty old man who had preposterously dreamed of playing a role here at my blog wakakaka.

    He is infuriated, hence his constant attacks against me, when I rejected his participation, and principally because of his constant use of obscenities and obvious lust for brasseries (can you blame me for refusing to be associated with such a dirty vile & obscene old man?). Susan Loone once banned him from her blog for racist comments.

    As an example of his pariah-ness wakakaka, I have left one of his low class comments above (King Rat 11:52 PM, July 31, 2012) where he shows he couldn't even spell correctly wakakaka, He is truly the BULUM Monsterball wakakaka again.

    But wait, maybe he wrote BULUM because he couldn't utter otherwise as his equally filty dentures are still missing in Hadyaai - so BULUM has been the mumbling consequence of his dirty gum works, wakakaka.

    But I need some disinfectant wakakaka.

  47. Rafizi arrested in connection with banking information he revealed over Cowgate.

    I did mention before he took extraordinary personal risks in exposing Cowgate.

    Saying that Ong Tee Keat is somehow "superior" because he was sniping at BN from the inside is not fact-based.

    If I were a Pandan voter, I would have no doubts whatsoever between Rafizi and Ong , who is a true courageous corruption fighter.

    That Ong Tee Keat has spent the last decade being effective in getting longkangs cleared in Pandan is more a poor reflection of Malaysia's civil service efficiency.

  48. Rafizi has been arrested. Yes. Good, good. Nab the bank officer who leaked the confidential transactions too.

  49. Yo, Buttercup, why the joy and jubilation over the arrest of Rafizi?

    Whatever happened to Malay unity and brotherhood?

    The man arrested is Rafizi - a Malay - not Lim Geng Geng or Kapal Sink!!

  50. Arresting, and even better, convicting Rafizi will turn him into a martyr and a hero.

    When is Bee End ever going to learn ?

  51. "Ktee in really a 4th grade blogger.
    Just look at all his comments"

    Why look at his comments to judge ? Whatever happened to his main postings ? Or are you one of those rare specimens who ONLY read comments in the comment section? No wonder such poor judgement ! Well, it takes all sorts to make up a population.......

    Btw, what's wrong with his comments anyway ? Just because he berates one of his visitors for being totally out of line makes him 4th grade ? Sheesh....

  52. Ktee is truly a 4th rate blogger because of his postings, his convoluted thought process and his selectively shut mind.
    The way he confuses a rigid, closed, thought process with "principles"...

  53. Rafizi is arrested.

    SSM goes after Suaram.

    This kind of action reflects either desperation or vindictiveness on the part of those in power. The general public can see that.

  54. KT oh are now accused of having 'convoluted thought process...rigid..closed..principlesyang konpused, blah, blah and blah.

    KT, see will suddenly be instantly blessed with a clear straight-forward thought process, flexible and open-minded and to boot, a principled man if ONLY you fully endorse AI and AA as god's gifts to mankind and will save malaysians from doom :)

    From 4th grade, you will instantly be promoted to 1st grade, if not super grade. So don't be 'stubborn'....just say you love AI and AA :)

  55. Anon 10.50

    My Malay unity and brotherhood does not include Malay wreckers like Anwar, Azmin, Rafizi and their cohorts.
    Anyone associated with Anwar I do not regard as Malay, just opportunists.
    I think I have stated clearly here many many times that I prefer LGS or Karpal rather than Anwar.
    Never like him from the start. And not gonna like him now or ever.

  56. Nah...never in this lifetime. As I said, its a symptom of Ktee's rigid, shut mind that there is No, repeat No, possible fact-based outcome that can ever convince him the AI is not the Monster (no pun intended) that Ktee makes him out to be.

  57. "Al is not the Monster...."

    Hanya dulu dia monster lah...sekarang dia baik, sayang cina dan india juga, dan lain2 pun sayang.

    Mari kita semua nanyi lagu Rasa Sayang...

  58. People seem to be scared of uncertainty . Uncertainty about how a Pakatan govt will perform. Well , life has no guarantees and all we can do is make judgements based on what we have today . The fact is BN is taking us down the path to doom to be an Asian Greece . PKFZ , cowgate , SEDA scandal , Perwaja , Proton - just too many cases of corruption and incompetence to mention. Not to mention outsourcing of racism to Perkasa , rsing crime rates ( which govt dismisses as perception ). They have shown that they will protect cronies over the people , even foreign cronies ( Lynas and Pengerang). They live lives of luxury while there are among us who can't afford milk to feed their babies . BN have destroyed every single civil service from judiciary , police ,EC , CCM etc , just too many to serve them than the people . All their current policies are just so that they stay in power , not for what is good for the country . They allow Syabas to hold us to ransom . Petronas money has become their money , not the people's . There is no future for our children , if not for us , if we let BN continue this way . Pakatan , though not perfect , have done a sterling job in Penang and better job in selangor . They had their share of racist s and morons but also highly intelligent and capable guys like tony pua and rafizi among others . They have also shown that they will let some among of their racist morons some space but if they step over the line , they will kick them out ( zul nordin , Hasan Ali) . Salute them for that ! Most of these morons made a lot of noise but did not have too much power within Pakatan anyway. The scary thing about BN is the majority of their LEADERS have serious question marks regards to their intergrity . The PM has no mandate from the people and has his name associated with murder , the DPM has proclaimed himself Malaysian second , kerismuddin is a opportunist racist who went to the defense of the racist cow head protestors and also used the Keris to threaten mon Malays . The higher education minister tried to penalize students in his plans to bring down the selangor govt . True anwar is suspect both lost of those things were when he was with BN and seems to have changed from his time in prison. In any case , they have never been able to show that he has been stealing money from the people ( something I think BN would have done rather than use something ridiculous like sodomy) . Anyway , Pakatan is not about anwar as there a lot of other strong personalities with good leadership potential among them ( for the life of me I cannot name a single politician in BN who demonstrates true leadership and integrity except maybe Saifuddin if he is allowed room. That us why I honestly believe we need to have a change of govt for 1-2 terms as the country needs new direction. Kick out Pakatan later of they don't perform.

  59. KT expects perfect behaviour from Pakatan politicians. And you can touch his raw nerve by saying anything positive about Anwar.

  60. We are very fortunate that the conflict in Malaysia between Anwarista Myrmidons, UMNO idiots and Non-Partisan morons is usually limited to verbal and written jousting.

    In Syria, the army is shooting so many bullets and shells at its own people, they can't replenish their ammunition fast enough.

  61. Jerlun parliamentarian Mukhriz Mahathir has urged Kedahans to prove their love for his father, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, by voting BN back into power. ... "If you love Mahathir, don't let him be embarrassed twice,"

  62. UTUSAN published this a few days back :

    "Ke mana haluan akhbar Tamil?
    Namun apa kurangnya pula dengan Tamil Nesan yang diterajui anak Samy Vellu, Vell Pari. Pun sama juga nada laporannya dengan Thina Kural. Malah baru-baru ini pihak atasan akhbar itu menyebut bahawa UMNO bukan lagi abang sulung kepada BN, juga kian membingitkan untuk kita amati haluan serta pola liputan akhbar-akhbar Tamil kebelakangan ini. ... "

    No more a big brother! Wow!