Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Remembering Sabrina Yeap

The Star OnlineAnimal rescuer Yeap dies

O you left us too soon dearest Sabrina
With nary a goodbye, a smile or a wave
Compassionate sweetie like a bodhisattva
Heart of gold, so kind, loving and brave

It’s not just furry friends who’ll miss you
Wondering why they no longer see Sabrina
We too love you dear, and will be very blue
Though we know you have left for Nirvana


  1. today is indeed a sad day...

  2. Bless her soul. Her good deeds shall always be remembered and may it serve as a constant reminder to us all to be ever compassionate and loving to all creatures.

    Rest in peace, Sabrina Yeap.

  3. Very sad. RIP Sabrina, we will always remember you. God Bless your soul.

  4. A kind soul who deserved longevity and good health compares to the evil Mamak; I wonder where is God ?

  5. Cremation on 20th at Shah Alam Nirvana Crematorium at 10 am.

  6. Dear Aunt Sabrina, may your soul rest in peace and you became my inspiration as I love dogs too and I always had a dream to open a shelter for stray dogs as you did.Your departure is a big lost for stray dogs.

  7. Is there really a God who's watching us??? Kind and good people don't live a long life, maybe God wants them for himself. Instead those who rob, rape, cheat, steal or even kill, will have longer life span. Good example is we have a 86 year old mamak who survived 2 heart attacks but is still actively talking cock to the medias every now and then. Dear Sabrina, may you rest in peace.

  8. The good people will be gone
    The sooner when they have done their work
    On Earth they show the way
    What else we need them to do?

    They give us the light
    They show us it can be done
    We mustn't give up though we may
    When we face the difficult tasks

    Along the way somebody will come
    Quietly the work is carried out
    Then the sparks and the tales
    We are encouraged we know we can

    Not many want to give animals shelter
    The strays of dogs and cats on our streets
    We see them we don't think of it
    Along the way somebody did

    Now she is gone
    As silent as the softly wind
    The furry friends will put up a brave face
    The friendly smile and whispering will be history

    Yet all are not lost
    She left a light for others to do
    Along the way others will come
    The spark is gone but deed will glow