Saturday, September 24, 2011

Flagging DAP's political cringe

The Malaysian Insider - DAP unfurls six-month ban on Manoharan.

While I admire the editor of TMI for his clever headlines, playing on the word ‘unfurl’ to go together with the topic item, that of M Manoharan’s call for the Malaysian national flag to be redesigned, I don’t the DAP party disciplinary board’s decision to whack Manoharan with a 6 month suspension for what has been Manoharan's very legitimate opinion (expressed on his Facebook page).

Manoharan wanted the Jalur Gemilang redesigned because it shows too much of a resemblance to the national flag of the USA - incidentally an undeniable and, to many, embarrassing fact - an association that today is a not only a stigma, but a dangerous stigma, given the hatred for the USA throughout a large portion of our globe.

Now, on what grounds did the DAP disciplinary board find Manoharan’s comments ‘serious’? That DAP MPs, ADUNs and members must not express their own and legitimate opinions? Sheeesh!

The truth, I believe, is that the DAP has demonstrated it suffers from political cringe, afraid of UMNO’s racist attacks on Manoharan’s alleged unpatriotic call.

I reckon DAP must have felt that in the wake of Mat Sabu’s opinion on a piece of Malaya’s colonial history, it may be too much against the party’s endeavour to win Malay confidence in the party’s Malaysian-ness.

So, Manoharan has to be sembileh (sacrificed as an offering) to the Trimurti (gods) of racism, bigotry and intolerance.

I am truly disappointed, but I want Manoharan to know there are DAP supporters and members who believe he has been perfectly within his rights as a Malaysian citizen to propose a redesign of Jalur Gemilang, which by the way, belongs to every Malaysian and not just UMNO members.

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  1. it's very sad that malaysia and malaysians in general have so little tolerance and respect for free speech and fundamental liberties and so easily inclined to mob-attack any individual who dares to step out of the official line. This reflects very badly on us as a people and our country as a whole. Are we such small-minded petty tyrants with a grudge to bear and an inferiority complex to boot?

  2. DAP is showing itself to be paranoid and petty. I was incensed by Tony Pua's unwarranted castigation of Mano. Who is he?

    There is something brewing within the party.

  3. Any Malaysian stupid enough to be waving the jalur gelombang in afghanistan, somalia, iraq, sudan ect will be mistaken as americans and come under instant attack because of the deep similarity with the american imperialiats' flag. That was why the Bernama cameraman was shot at last month in somalia.If you don't believe me, try go to Jolo island and wave the malaysian flag there.

  4. The disciplinary action taken against Manoharan was not directly related to the merits or otherwise of the Bolehland flag. I personally think the flag is positively ugly. But I'm not an MP or ADUN.

    Manoharan as an individual has the right to freedom of speech on most subjects. As a DAP State Assembly representative, he does not have the luxury of freedom of speech on matters of national policy. And any proposal to change the flag touches on national policy, even though most ordinary people hardly put any thought to it.

    Like it or not, people will take it as representing, at least to an extent, official DAP party position.

    In that context, Manoharan shooting off his mouth on Facebook was positively Stupid. Pardon my directness.

    I have had friends ask me like

    "What the F*k is DAP talking about ?"
    "Is DAP being F*ng stupid ?"

    Notice they didnt't ask about Manoharan, they saw it as DAP making an exceedingly dumb statement.

    Lim Guan Eng has worked very sincerely in Penang to win the trust of people who don't traditionally support the DAP.

    Manoharan has helped damage months and even years of hard work.