Saturday, September 24, 2011

Dr Jekyll & Mr Zaid

Malaysiakini - Kita roadshow for Najib's 'save democracy' reforms

“sent shock waves ...”

Apt description on Zaid Ibrahim’s declaration to organize “... a roadshow to garner support for Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's efforts to ‘save democracy’ by way of reforms of a number of laws”, to wit, the dismantling of the hated and dreaded ISA.

As a blogger who has a soft spot for Zaid, because I see in him a man who wants to practise civilised Westminster politics (antipodal to the feral ‘either you’re with us or against us’ Bush-ism politics of many UMNO and PKR people) I've to admit I too was surprised by his proposal.

Now, after that initial surprise, there are more than one way to react to his rather bizarre plan for KITA, where one of course is to straightaway condemn him outright as an UMNO mole or stooge or stalking horse.

The extreme form of this hostile acrimonious feral approach based on hate or political opposition can be seen on many blogs – let me give you a few examples:

Say, for example, you’re a virulently anti-DAP person, where you would go to any extent, even fabricated ones wakakaka, to condemn Lim Guan Eng or any of the DAP politicians like Teresa Kok, Teo Nie Ching, or Hannah Yeo, you could:

• Condemn Lim GE for his administrative inclusiveness by portraying him as a Chinese traitor for favouring Muslims, and at the same time placed a photo of him conducting a sembileh (Muslim ritualistic slaughter of an animal for consumption) at a mosque.

The photo is of course a fraud but you used a technical word for it (photoshop) which most readers wouldn’t know - & you hope for that. Even if they know what ‘photoshop’ means (very unlikely), the effect would still be what scientists call ‘sublimal’ effect, basically influencing (Chinese) readers (without their being aware) to regard Lim GE as a CM who has ‘gone over’ to the Muslims

• In the aftermath of the ADUNs defection to BN in Perak, the Perak DAP had a poster of the 3 defectors placed on the entrance to a DAP party function for its members to walk over, as an act of disgust against those 3 defectors, a silly one as I had blogged in
Mean-spirited Malaysians.

But it was widely reported in the news (e.g. Malaysiakini) that Lim Guan Eng, the civilised gentleman he is, took very careful step to avoid doing just that, by stretching his stride over the poster so as to avoid stepping on any of the 3 defectors’ face.

But you have no hesitation labelling that photo as “Hee Yit Foong diletakkan gambarnya di atas lantai untuk dipijak-pijak/Lim Guan Eng sedang berjoget”, thus slyly, sickeningly and sinisterly insinuating that Lim GE had not only stepped on the faces in the poster but danced on them as well.

It’s a disgusting political fabrication no different from the faked photo of Lim GE performing a sembileh ceremony at a mosque, to incite hatred and dislike for Lim.

• You could condemn Teresa Kok, Teo Nie Ching and Hannah Yeo for wearing a selendang (to cover their heads) when entering a mosque as evidence of DAP’s abject submission to Muslims/Malays, thus a betrayal of the Chinese, but when you were hauled in by the police for an alleged seditious piece of writing, you proclaimed loudly and with obscene haste to the world you love Malays because you frequently wear baju kurung wakakaka.

• Because some DAP leaders are Christians, you launched an attack against DAP for having a Christian agenda in Malaysian politics (probably on instructions from UMNO), and regardless of inconvenient facts, label everyone you dislike/hate (or secretly lusted after) as Christian fanatics.

You then go on to assert that foreign-based Malaysian bloggers (e.g. RPK, kaytee wakakaka) have no right to comment on Malaysian affairs, while you a chauvinistic Chinese, who's always posting on the superiority of Chinese culture and Chinese events in mainland China, would in the same breath write to condemn DAP MPs and ADUNs, RPK, Haris Ibrahim, MCLM, analyse that TBH's final note showed he probably committed suicide, and praise MCA.

OK, the above are very extreme shameless, unconscionable, disgraceful lies of hatred, deceit - probably sponsored by you-know-who - and hypocrisy and double standards. But they serve to demonstrate what extent unconscionable double standard hypocrisy based on hate or political interests could go, and what could even be twisted to be perceived as ‘truth’, and what would basically be the alternative view (as in lies from truth).

Now, having said all that, what then can we provide on Zaid’s bizarre proposal to run roadshows to garner support for Najib’s reforms such as the repel of the ISA?

As mentioned, we can of course condemn him.

Or, we could wait and see whether Zaid’s move could be one of the following:

• A subtle way to prod Najib from NATO (no action all talk only) into genuine reforms and to the ultimate dismantling of the draconian ISA.

• A bipartisan endeavour to hasten acceptance of Najib’s declaration and expedite its implementation – yes yes I know the word ‘bipartisan’ is a rare bird in Malaysian politics.

Wakakaka – the above will no doubt infuriate my dear mateys Looes74 and Cruzeiro, the latter calling me ‘braindead’ for being supportive of Zaid ;-)


  1. Zaid Ibrahim has a right to his views and his strategy (whatever it is). It is, however, becoming rather obvious that he has very divergent views from the majority of Kita members.

    Zaid Ibrahim seems to be taking the Kita to be a kind of non-aligned, though non-BN party with friendly "sportsman-like" relationship with BN. If BN came out of GE13 with a few seats short of a simple majority or a 2/3 majority, and Kita had won a few seats I sure Zaid would be the first in-line to offer BN the opportunity for a friendly coalition government.

    I can say confidently, that is NOT what most Kita members joined the party to be. Most want a level-headed and ethical Opposition, repeat Opposition. They are steering away from the confrontational, no-holds-barred politics which PKR and DAP engage in, but make no mistake - they are not BN-friendly.

  2. can i safely say this piece is not about zaid?

    i personally dont believe any chinese would perceive dap gone over to the muslims, but many would see dap as no different with mca, but more hypocritical, however, hypocritical is still many times better than corruption.

    i am okay with partisanship, what i distaste is when one trying to claim he is inclusive when in fact not.

    anyway, good read.

  3. Zaid Abrahim is an unpredictable creature in his political life.At best said,he is a rolling stone that gathers no moss.Financially Zaid has made tons of money as a lawyer through his connections from Umno.So he is financially sound and doesn't have to depend on handouts,that is why he can afford on showing his tantrums.

    What Zaid doesn't understand that in politics,sometimes one has to bite one's tonque too.But not to an extent that to let Anwar and Azmin walk over him like they did during the PKR presidential elections.Cheatind and manipulating the party elections.Then outright he should have quit,instead of dragging his feet.

    In politics sometimes to survive,one has to have thick buffalo hide to absorb the shame and embarrassment.Just look at CSL,the porno king of Malaysian politics.He doesn't hide from the fact that he was the actor in that sex tape.In fact he doesn't know or pretend not to know the meaning of shame and embarassment.

    Zaid cannot have everything his way.But when he don't get his way he throw his tantrums,cry,yell and pull his hair off his head.And if he still doesn't get his way then he will quit,and go look for better hunting grounds.

    The only way to have it all your way or no way,is to be the chairman or CEO of a company.But then sometimes even a chairman or CEO cannot have it his way,and the only option is to have the employee fired.If Zaid wants to make politics his career he has to grow up and change his ways.Maybe Zaid has grown up and changed his ways.

    Maybe he finally realised that for him to go far and realised his political dreams,he has to reconciled with Umno.That is for him to hug,kiss and made up with Najib.Maybe Zaid finally realised that there are no permanent friends or enemies in politics.It is after all a game.In other words a marriage of convenience.

  4. KT,

    You screwed up on Zaid. Your 'howlianess' too much to control eh?

  5. Imagine --- If Zaid had won the PKR deputy presidency elections (instead of Azmin). Would PKR be engaged in "unity talks" with umno now?

  6. Strictly going by the literary meaning, Zaid Ibrahim is not a frog, since he wasn't elected to any Parliamentary or State seat, and he hasn't re-joined UMNO (yet).

    There is however ample evidence by now to suggest that if elected under a superficial "Opposition" ticket, he is likely to offer himself and his party in support of BN to tide them over the threshold , all in the name of Civilised Westminster politics, or Honourable BiPartisanship mind you...

    I suppose under certain circumstances, there is such a thing as an Ethical Frog.

    Given there is a possibility BN may well scrape through GE13 a few seats short of a simple majority in Parliament (unlikely but not impossible) or a few seats short of a 2/3 majority (very possible), I think we may well face a Carnival of Frogs soon, with Zaid Ibrahim being the first Honourable Westminster-style Frog.

  7. A Malaysian 3rd Way ?4:33 pm, September 25, 2011

    Maybe I can reframe the argument in a less emotive way, by taking the example of the UK government.

    Is Nick Clegg a Frog ? Not in the strict meaning of the word. The Liberal Democrat Party exists in its own right and (as they claim) they will quit the UK coalition if it is no longer aligned with their basic beliefs and principles(whatever).
    In the aftermath of the 2010 UK election, no party held a simple majority in the House of Commons.
    Nick Clegg agreed to join the Conservatives to form a coalition government "In the National Interest"

    Many Liberal supporters, however, considered it a betrayal of fundamental values and principles, and a subversion of the voice of the voters who had elected the Liberal MPs. "We didn't vote Liberal to get a Tory Government" is often strongly voiced in Liberal constituencies.

    Might sound a bit like Jelapang voters ?

  8. Kaytee,
    Finally, you talk sense though you admit that you have soft spot for Zaid. I am very sure that Cruzeiro would brand you as Zaidista
    Zaid Ibrahim is no David Owen of SDP. Okie lah, I was not from that era. I am Tony Blair's era. Yes, I voted in 1997 UK election. But then again, David Owen is somebody you should admire & reckon with instead. Just watch the youtube to know who the hell (Lord) David Owen is

    It's a bloody insult to the so called Tony Blair's advertising companies to have a makeover for Lajib. I believe Najib should sink right now.
    I Just hope that Lajib would make such mistake of demonising PR

    It did sink Tory party, then carrying the "Torch" party

  9. Kaytee,
    This fellow is an UMNO fella. Very liberal. Seriously, if you have soft spot for him, I would have say bravo. Just read through what he says about Kita as well as Zaid Ibrahim

    Judging between him & you, he's more objective in blogging than you do.....You should acheive this kinda standard as well as well "neutrality"

  10. me too has soft spot for zaid and his political struggle