Thursday, September 22, 2011

Anwar & Zaid Ibrahim's - chalk & cheese

Should I write about Anwar Ibrahim supporting PAS’ plan to implement hudud laws? Ought I to question his so-called (and quite frankly, very undeserved) title of Asia’s Renaissance Man? Or, perhaps I could write about his complete loss of commonsense when he claimed that rights of non-Muslims (hey, what about Muslims?) will not be affected under a system of law where hands could be irreversible chopped off or people whipped and stoned, especially when we know all too well the quality of our judges?

Asia’s Renaissance Man supporting hudud? Wakakaka!

Or, maybe I should ask whether the DAP is now squirming with such an ally and touted leader of Pakatan? No, am not asking Tian Chua or Eli Wong because those PKR people are utterly hopeless without any spine or independent thoughts, much as I love Eli ;-)

To answer my own questions, alas, no, I won’t because Anwar being Anwar is always tap-dancing around any tulips which would make him personally smell sweet – note his classic evasive weaving 4-face Brahma-nic snake oil salesman talk, with a back door open for escape, where he …
stressed … that PR had not discussed the matter and this was only a “personal opinion”.

What I do know is that dearest invincibly anti-DAP Helen Ang would be dancing too, but in rapt delight at DAP’s undoubted discomfort at the ‘out from the left field’ declaration by its unreliable undermining unconscionable Asia’s Renaissance ally wakakaka.

Sorry, Uncle Lim and Lim GE, can’t help you guys – go see Karpal Singh who will surely have a word or two to say about Anwar’s treacherous pulling of the rug right from under the DAP’s feet.

Rather, I prefer to write about Zaid Ibrahim.

But as a refresher, some words first about Zaid that I had written in
Pakatan must not avoid the unavoidable as follows:

Zaid committed 3 sins in the eyes of PKR anwaristas:

(1) He didn’t show reverence for Anwar Ibrahim, calling a spade a spade. Anwar has attained such a cult status that to criticize him is not unlike committing blasphemy. There’s no reasoning with his devotees as they are no longer logical or rational, and cannot see anything wrong with him, whether it’s Anwar’s anti-reformasi shame of 916 or the greater humiliating shame of chasing potential tadpoles all the way to Taiwan.

Even my dear Eli Wong was complicit in going to Taiwan on that froggy hunt – shame on her! But such has been the demigod status of Anwar Ibrahim that his followers would even believe the corrupt doctrine of frogs being compatible with political reforms.

That same fanatical blind adoration would place only his family members, Dr Wan Azizah or Nurul Izzah, as acceptable substitutes to the Greatest Man on Earth since Moses, who would deliver them out of the BN-created wilderness, regardless of whether Dr Wan or Nurul, sweet as mother and daughter are, are really qualified. Isn't this BN-type nepotism?

(2) Zaid dared to challenge Anwar's Anointed One, first by attempting to get Nurul, then Khalid Ibrahim to stand against AI’s blue-eyed boy, and finally putting himself on the firing line, only to be frustrated in like fashion as was Chegubard, Jenapala, Gobala, etc, which in turn raised outraged voices of people like Haris Ibrahim and Jonson Chong in disgust at the PKR party polling process (but alas, to a deaf Dr Wan Azizah and an equally deaf what’s-the-name-of that-deer-caught-in-a car-headlights?)

(3) Zaid dared to leave the Greatest Party in the World, and then to strip layer by layer of mythological camouflage off the Greatest Man on Earth since Moses, and worse, in a mature, logical and evidential manner.

Thus, in the Pakatan camp (mainly PKR), Zaid is reviled as … horrors of horror … an anti Anwar traitor. And an anti-Anwar person must be (whether by logic or lack of) an UMNO mole, and f* the facts.

Look, they would say, there’s 'proof', didn't Zaid apologise to Najib when the latter declared he’d repeal the ISA? Look, even his own KITA party members have frowned upon and criticised his apology. It’s absolute proof of his UMNO leanings, if not his display of obsequiousness to Najib.

Really, it’s sad and pitiful to hear/read the recent series of unwarranted and ill-informed criticisms and worse, feral abuses at Zaid. I put it to a clash of culture where some (including his own KITA members) do not understand the meaning of his sportsman-like gesture to Najib.

In our Malaysian culture, imbued with an overdose of Rambo-ish hormones of jaguh-ness on steroids, where the brute is prized over the refine, an apology implies asking for ‘forgiveness’, and if in politics, subordinate servility or a hopeless cringe by a loser. There can be no other explanation.

For those low brow people, there’s no understanding of an apology made in sportsmanlike fairness, like
“Hey matey, I read you wrong after all, sh*t man but sorry,. Now, what about a nasi lemak (or in the West, beer)!”

… not unlike losing a non-hostile bet!

But alas, there's no point explaining such to PKR or some KITA people – the culture or etiquette would be beyond their limited intellect.

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  1. 'I put it to a clash of culture where some (including his own KITA members) do not understand the meaning of his sportsman-like gesture to Najib.'

    OI KT where can you find 'sportsman-like' people among UMNO types. Such an animal is genetically impossible among the UMNO types and Zaid for all his KITA bullshit acquired his wealth through UMNO. There is only one way and one way only to look at Zaid's apology. It is his way of getting rid of KITA after almost doing PKR Selanbgor in so that he can free to be 'accepted' into UMNO again.

  2. Malaysians in all the political parties believed in "We are right and you are wrong"
    Malaysians in all the political parties do not believed in "issues" but only party loyalty that matters
    Zaid Ibrahim is too advanced for the Malaysian politics

  3. Pakatan Rakyat consists of three political parties.But in this coalition,only two of these parties can be taken seriously.DAP and PAS are the two parties that can be considered politically conditioned patties,that have survived ups and downs,all these decades.

    And yes,their leaders have been in this rollercoaster ride for better or worse.They leaders seldom do the triple frog hopping.Unlike their other sibling PKR,it is a party of clowns and jokers.And there are a lot of froggies in it too.Most of the leaders of PKR are ex-BN,the people used to luxury and a fully loaded bank account too.

    These are the people who are in politics for their greed and power,the same as the BN robber barons.These are the people who should not stand in the next GE.So if the opposition wins the coming GE,it will be an almost clean and uncorrupted administration.

  4. Err, less than one week after saying he is going to repeal ISA, his personal PDRM arrested Mat Sabu for criminally defaming the dead Malay soldiers acting under British Gomen. And Zaid Ibrahim apologised to Najib for thinking Najib does not have will power to abolish ISA!. Talk is free matey! Lets see what is enacted in place of ISA. You dont need to repeal ISA matey. If you are sincere, you just refrain from using ISA against political opponents. DO I believe Najib.....big NO. Zaid Ibrahim needs to suck up to Najib as his law firm depends heavily on work from GLCs

  5. Is Zaid so "advanced"?

    Or is he just a dumbo propped by UNMO?

    We should not be so tough on Zaid. UMNO gave him a chance and he boo booed with UMNO? So did PKR. He did the same thing. Walla! He finally discovered he is him and formed KITA. His party should just be called ZAID or Nada.

    He fooled a lot of concerned Malaysian citizens. The guy is a bum. His ex company is now defending Taib Mahmud in Sarawak but of course he no longer has association with it and appears so.

    But appearances only are what Zaid is all about.

  6. Anonymous @11:41PM,September 22, 2011 said: Malaysians in all the political parties believed in "We are right and you are wrong"

    Are you suggesting that in the rest of the world outside Malaysia, politicians believed in "We are wrong and you are right"?

    Come on, stop being a moron!

  7. Aiya...

    Hudud is hudud meant for the muslims,
    why non-muslim susah hati? We have civil laws and syariah laws to deal with that.

    As for Zaid, he is a new kind of "1Malaysia" frog species jumping here and there!

  8. While I do agree on the undesrved "mythical" status which many have accorded Anwar, I think you have read him wrong on Zaid.
    Zaid is a forked-tongued snake which will pander to what benefits him- nothing more, nothing less.

    Did you read his article in Article 11 where he whacked all & sundry .... jeng, jeng, jeng ... except UMNO?
    Did you read what he said when he said that he'd "defend" the FC (unlike the PR fellas)?
    Yeah- in the same para, he also declared that he'd make the FC subject to the Quran .... yes- he didn't fail to provide an example- jeng, jeng, jeng ... like IRAN!!

    Adoi KT- you so braindead meh?

  9. Zaid Ibrahim has the hots for UMNO...
    and I think KTemoc finds it very hard to apologise or even admit error about being wrong about someone, one way or another.

  10. Kita member (for how long more?)5:14 pm, September 23, 2011

    For the past 6 months, Zaid Ibrahim has been very vocal about PKR faults (understandable) and largely silent over BN (have to respect his right to remain silent, as they say).

    But when he went on to apologise to Najib and even starts a roadshow to support Najib's "reforms", that's about beyond the pale.

    Its hardly a "sports-man like gesture". Its apple-polishing, to put it crudely.

    I have the concept of an ethical Opposition, which is why I support Kita because PKR and DAP are not providing that. Doesn't look like Zaid is capable of offering that either.

  11. You said it bro- and KITAr members are waking up to the fact.
    Firdaus Christopher is reeling .... and I've been vindicated in saying what I did about Zaid- right from the time he contested on PKR ticket!
    Now the KITAr CEC wants to kick him out of KITAr ...
    Buuuut - KT wants to remain in denial ... even when Zaid goes on a roadshow for UMNO!!!

    What a crying Shame!!

  12. Cruzeiro,
    Just as Ktemoc branded people as anwarista, I guess we can called ktemoc as Zaidista. There is no single word bad about Zaid. Not a single criticism as if Zaid is a saint
    Even brilliant minded Din Merican can see through the Carma Zaid. I don't know what to say lah. Perhaps, Zaid really jumped back to UMNO, he might wake up

  13. The Greatest Man on Earth since Moses is Bijan, who single-handedly created "THE BEST DEMOCRACY IN THE WORLD(gasp!)"

    Moses forgot to bring God's 11th Commandment down from the mountain, which reads "THOU MUST NOT OPPOSE UMNO". So he is not fit to be a great man.

  14. Aiyoo I know its not rocket science but Anwar should ask first laaa why do beer guzzling kataks,kaki baccarat, corporate ah longs,madras mafias, duit kopis and Yang berhormats fear hudud so much ah?

  15. THE MIND-IS-NOT-READY or MENTAL-BLOCK SYNDROME...We are NOT ready for the @-party system becos the Syndrome exists on both sides..We are not being Professional Followers BUT are Blind-Followers,,Into the river mate,says the capt,and they ALL jumped dengan labu2nya..For principled Politicians, what is Right is always Right and what is Wrong will always be Wrong...this is the prinsip without looking at who's talking BUT do we have Principled Politicians here in bolehland..One day it's hudud and the nest its Negera Berkebajikan..One day we all agreed to this and the next its aginst the lets forget politics and carry on being a principled population....