Monday, September 19, 2011

Jalur Gemilang approved by King George VI

Low brow ethnic pseudo-warrior Muhyiddin Yassin has condemned a DAP Selangor ADUN, M Manoharan, for showing disrespect to (what Muhyiddin termed) as ‘national heritage’ when the ADUN called for a redesign of the Malaysian flag.

National heritage?

Really, any commonsense understanding would tell us that a national flag, while a symbol of national identity, pride and belonging, is not exempt from changes, as shown by a number of countries.

For example, Canada has made one of the most improved changes to national flags to enhance its Canadian identity – see below and understand how the maple leaf design stands out remarkably and uniquely as Canadian, making the Canadian flag renowned as one of the best flag designs – a design which came about through deliberate change.

And like Canada, it’s only a matter of time before Australia and New Zealand will change theirs as well.

Spain on the other hand has switched from and back to its original royal flag, abandoning its Republican motif.

Estonia is now preparing to change its flag, which I suspect is a political move to be more identified (politically, economically, socially??) with its neighbouring Scandinavian countries.

Incidentally, the Jalur Gemilang (leaving out its several minor modifications following the merger of Malaya with Sarawak, Sabah and Singapore, and the subsequent expulsion of Singapore) was – NOW GET THIS – approved by King George VI on 19 May 1950.

And you can bet George VI certainly wasn't the Sultan of Bolehland.

For those who still don’t believe Malaya was a British colony (de facto or otherwise), eat that fact.

The Malayan/Malaysian flag was designed by Mohamad Hamzah who was said to have borrowed and then modified the design from the flag of the British East India Company, a rapacious trading organization.

Even the name Jalur Gemilang came only into being in 1997 when then-PM Dr Mahathir picked it from a list of proposed names for the flag. Wasn't that naming a change in itself?

Manoharan has been absolutely correct in calling for the redesign of our national flag. Let’s follow the Canadian example, but most of all let’s get rid of any association with the British colonial empire, King George VI and the terrible British East India Company.

As for the low brow ethnic pseudo-warrior, who accused Manoharan’s proposal as likely to lead to changes to the Constitution, let me remind that beetle the Constitution has been changed a couple of hundred times already, by his UMNO.


  1. Nice one! Lotsa good info here :)

  2. I just don't understand why we have a pea size brain as DPM!

  3. It's a shame that I-am-a-Malay-first man who is our DPM and will be (God forbid) doesn't know history but talk through his stupid, hollow, and empty pea-sized brain. Calling a person unpatriotic without even checking the validity of the historical fact in truky disgracing and unreflective of him a DPM.

  4. Friend is it King GeorgeIV OR VI CONFUSED

  5. This is a good one and enlightening.
    Yes, correct it is King George VI, the one who appeared on the 10 cent coins.

  6. Well, what do you expect from a stupid UMNO minister. To them whatever was brought by their colonial master is good enough. They don't have enough brain to think and change a few things on their own. There's only one thing we ought to do now ... get rid of UMNO/BN. Only then we can a nation without our colonial influences.

  7. Padan muka kau!
    position dpm but talk like retard.

  8. KTemoc, don't be stupid and forget to add that the EIC borrowed and modified the design from the Majapahit flag (

    Red and white stripes are common to the flags of countries in this region - just look at Singapore's, Indonesia's and Thailand's. So why is it necessary to change ours? So that we can spend/waste more money republishing official letterheads, producing new flags, and etc?

    Look no one is upset at calling for its redesign. It's the timing of the a55hole's call for change. It was deliberately done on Malaysia Day and was replaced with a stupid rocket flag (as if a "d1ck" was the more acceptable identity). Plus all the criticism on Facebook - was it necessary? Just call for change lah...

  9. Nothing is permanent in this world except God and His Hell and Heaven.

    Someone proposed that the malaysian flag be changed to reflect more of our national identity. What's the big deal and why the brouhaha? If you agree just change it and if you don't, then that's the end of the matter. Only stupid malay Umno idiots will call people treacherous just because he mooted the idea of a change of the flag. To me the flag is akin to the color of your house. If you don't like it just change it to a better color which is palatable to the taste and sight.

  10. Lots of info but not enough.

    Ktemoc didnt mentioned that
    Majapahit and most of nation states in this region prior to WW2 uses stripes of red and whites.

    Manoharan said Jalur Gemilang is a copy of US flags. and looks more BN than Malaysia. And he proposed for a change.

    Let us not forget most of Malay states prior to formation of modern countries, ie Indonesia and Malaysia shares common traits.

    No problem a prposing to change the flag, however the basis of why of changing the flag is not rite.

    Manoharan was a stupid as the DPM.

    I believe Manoharan is having a bigger concern than changing the national flag. He got an issue of possiblity of DAP not fielding him as a candidate for the next GE.

    Possibility of him aligning with HINDRAF. But DAP still needs him to balance the Indian - Chinese balance of power in DAP.

    Furthermore any publicity is a good publicity.

    I am not sure if King George V approved it. If so, I think its fair for us to know where is the source.

  11. Muhyiddin Yasin = Minister of Education

    He should get himself educated first. Yo Mr Moo-Moo, there's this thing called Wikipedia in case you don't know!


  12. manoharan was incorrect to say the JG looks like the BN flag, but his call for change to JG shouldn't be politically demonized by muhyiddin. This is the problem with UMNO and to an extent, some PKR core members, where any proposal by the other side would be deliberately demonized. Just treat such proposals on their own merits and don't automatically, with knee-jerk reaction, condemn them.

    incidentally, the oldest "state" flag (dating back to the 13th centuury) is that of Denmark, so the claim that the Mahapahit Empire had red and white stripes as its "state" flag may not be correct; yes, it may be possible such flags were flown by Majapahit soldiers but not necessarily as a "state" flag - likewise with ancient and medieval China where flags were flown by armies and royalty galore but I doubt as "state" flags


  14. 14 equal horizontal stripes of red (top) alternating with white (bottom); there is a blue rectangle in the upper hoist-side corner bearing a yellow crescent and a yellow 14-pointed star; the flag is often referred to as Jalur Gemilang (Stripes of Glory); the 14 stripes stand for the equal status in the federation of the 13 member states and the federal government; the 14 points on the star represent the unity between these entities; the crescent is a traditional symbol of Islam; blue symbolizes the unity of the Malay people and yellow is the royal color of Malay rulers
    note: the design is based on the flag of the US

  15. KTemoc,
    Nobody cares about DPM. Anyone in his shoes, including you, would take a swipe at the opposition. Remember the moral story of the scorpion and the frog? It's the nature of the politicians and yet so many stupid Malaysians call it out like they are so surprised or so disappointed - BODOH punya olang.

    Like I was saying earlier, if your intentions were noble to propose for change, go ahead, but do it nicely and justify without having the need to vilify. Politically condemning the previous flag is all I heard this a55hole shout on his FB.

    Not only that the a55hole MM, circulated pictures of "d1cks" as the replacing identity. How not to be pissed off at this fella?

    I have high hopes of the opposition being better reps and statesmen, and being more concerned about the welfare of the people and yet again I'm frustrated by these useless idiots talking about communist heroes and flags... none of which will improve our daily lives.

  16. KTemoc,
    And if my previous posting doesn't resonate with people because I asked our reps to be nicer, better people, then think about this.

    Try to find out how much it cost Petronas to amend it's logo just because some minister said it looked more like the PAS logo. I hear it was close to half a billion ringgit.

    Now try to amplify that amount of money to what we would need to spend to replace materials so that we exhibit the new flag country wide. Is the economy so great and positive right now for us to use TAX payer money?

    Think properly... Jangan allow idiots in the opposition cari peluang sia2 kan duit. Belum ada kuasa lagi...

  17. nice write-up. i think it's time to revisit the founding of this nation, after 54 or 48 years of establishment. I gues if a Malay suggested to change the flag, not much noise, but alas an Indian did. But dont put the number 1 on the new flag pleeeeeeese

  18. Both Manoharan and Muhyiddin are being exceedingly stupid over this issue.
    Hokkien say "Eat too full"

  19. Good stuff!As far as the pseudo ethnic warrior is concerned,he's as thick as he looks!National heritage?
    Yeah right,just like UMNO is,he would have us believe.Bunkum!jactfor

  20. How about Negaraku?

    Itu lagu ciplak Mamola Moon, Terang Bulan.

    Everytime I hear our national song, I don't feel proud at all because of the above.

  21. DAP prefers "The East is Red"
    Much as I dislike Barisan Nasional, I still cannot see myself as a DAP voter.
    They may chatter about democracy, transparency etc. but DAP's core ideology is an anathema to me.

  22. ;-) Anon of 5:26 PM, September 19, 2011, not "eat too full" but "chnea par boe eng" meaning "ate to full satisfaction yet still want to be busy" or 'cari susah' wakakaka

  23. land grabber. remember johor. until he was sued.

  24. Thanks to British, they unite all negeri2 into one country = Malaya. Before that negeri2 are each own country. negeri2 also didnt have its own flag except its Sultan and his poor peasants. Before British , tanah Melayu is lacking of cities except few small towns..seriuously....:p U all better dont forget British contribution here. So let British heritage kept forever in Malaysia flag. Jalur Gemilang actually is nice to look rather than Sang Saka Malaya that looks more like Indonesian wannabees.